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Ryn Shoes | Toning Footwear with Greater Stability

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Ryn Toning Shoes - Rocker Bottom Toning Shoes without the Instability

Ryn Toning Shoes - Rocker Bottom Toning Shoes without the Instability

Ryn Shoes | Toning Shoes with a Stable Rocker Bottom

While many footwear brands have produced instability inducing toning shoes to get the lower body working harder when exercising, Ryn shoes are building up a growing following for their revolutionary design which adds the instabilities to get the muscles working harder, yet uses a design which is perfectly stable to ensure that overall balance is not affected.

The awards and positive reviews are really starting to stack up for Ryn shoes, with the footwear now building up legions of fans for the comfort and highly stable design, as well as great wellness benefits.

Whilst Ryn toning shoes are not cheap - the brand is firmly at the upper end of the price scale alongside the likes of Chung Shi and MBT - what you do get is exceptional quality, and a design which will far outlast other toning shoes, and if you are serious about looking after your lower body, as well as getting it in shape, there is no better choice of wellness footwear that Ryn toning shoes, and they undoubtedly give excellent value for money in the long run. As they say, you get what you pay for, and with Ryn shoes you are assured of quality.

Ryn Shoes Styles

The Ryn Trail - Off-Road Toning Shoes

The Ryn Trail - Off-Road Toning Shoes

The Rocker Bottom Came From MBT Right?

Well, actually, this statement is not true, despite it being a commonly held belief. Whilst MBT were the first company to actively market the rocker bottom design in the United States, Ryn toning shoes were developed around the same time in the 1990s.

Despite the design being worked on throughout the 1990s it was not until 2002 that the brand, and the shoes, were officially released. The delay was due to Ryn perfecting the design, conducting their own extensive research and making sure that their product was as good as it could be.

When Ryn toning shoes were first released, it was only in their native South Korea where they built a strong reputation for quality, as well as for the wellness benefits which come from wearing the shoes - more about that later. Ryn toning shoes only started to be exported around the world about 3-4 years ago, and even then they only made it to Europe and Japan,where their reputation for high quality wellness footwear was confirmed.

You may not of heard of Ryn shoes before, but that is because they have only just started exporting to the United States, first being released back in 2008; however since then they have been building up a strong fan base. Without the marketing might of MBT and expensive advertising agencies, they have been plodding along and wining fans the hard way, that is, solely from the benefits and comfort rather than employing celebrities at 6 million USD a year like some rather well known toning shoe companies. However, this appears to have paid off, as gauging by the current feeling from the people who have tried out Ryn toning shoes, they are fast becoming one of the preferred brands for toning and wellness, and with good reason. They are sure to become best sellers in 2011, and you can expect to hear a lot more about Ryn toning shoes this coming year.

The reason why Ryn toning shoes are winning such high praise and picking up their fair share of awards is due to their innovative design which offers that halcyon of toning footwear, namely, toning shoes which are highly stable, comfortable and look good. Something which has never before been available in the same toning shoes.

Ryn Shoes Technology and Design

There's more to Ryn Shoes than EVA alone

There's more to Ryn Shoes than EVA alone

The Ryn Toning Shoes Design

According to the manufacturers of Ryn shoes, their footwear will "Rock Harder" than the competition, which comes from the degree of angle in their rocker bottoms. A good comparison is with Chung Shi shoes, which offer their Comfort Step design with a 15º angle, and their Balance Step for maximum toning with a 20º angle. Ryn toning shoes have a 45º angle, and the greater the angle is, the greater the toning benefits.

In contrast to most toning shoes on ther market that get their cushioning from soft and squidgy EVA foam rubber, Ryn shoes have a different design which offers far greater stability and doesn't collapse underfoot. It is worth noting that MBT too opt for a more stable design, however Ryn shoes take this further still. The soles of Ryn toning shoes use a 7-part design to provide cushioning, robustness and stability which helps to give far greater energy return, whilst still giving all of the great benefits such as lower body muscle strengthening and improved muscle tone.

The key to the stability is that the shoes do not deform under the weight of walking as the EVA foam rubber models do, instead they use a cushioning system similar to many modern athletic shoes, with an air cushion to take out the shocks from walking. Termed the Air Tunnel system, it offers maximum cushioning with excellent stability, so much so in fact that they can be used for off-road walking. Most toning shoes are only designed for use on hard flat surfaces, however with Ryn shoes you can head off road, power up hills, take on downhill walking with greater confidence and even use elliptical trainers in the gym. The design is far less restrictive for a much more varied and enjoyable workout.

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The Air Tunnel system has been developed in four models, each providing different characteristics for the different footwear types. With Ryn shoes you have, sneakers and sandals, as well as dress shoes and off road performance footwear, with each offering the full compliment of wellness benefits.

Ryn Toning Shoes | Don't Walk, Ryn!

Benefits of Ryn Toning Shoes

Benefits of Ryn Toning Shoes

Ryn Shoes for Overpronators and Supinators

One of the main benefits from the stable design of Ryn toning shoes is that they cut out any side to side movement when walking, and help to prevent the inward rolling of the feet termed pronation.

Overpronation is where the feet roll excessively inwards from the outside of the heel to the inside of the foot and the big toe, which whilst common, can place the feet under an increased strain. Ryn toning shoes prevent this and ensure a healthy heel to toe roll, and are great for overpronators, but are also well suited to supinators, or underpronators.

Underpronation is common with people with high foot arches, who require highly cushioned shoes with good arch support. Ryn shoes feature a rigid arch to help support the foot arches for greater comfort, and really help to get the feet rolling through a healthy heel to toe motion.

In contrast to many footwear brands, Ryn toning shoes have a generous fit with a wide toe box to give the toes room to move, and have enough room to accommodate a custom orthotic for maximum support.

Whilst some footwear brands claim toning as well as pronation control, most lack the stability and use excessive EVA foam rubber in the design. Whilst this does have its merits, over time, as the EVA breaks down, the shoes lose their stability. With Ryn shoes, the design is robust so the shoes continue to offer support and pronation control, long after cheaper brands have become something of a liability.

Ryn Shoes for the Summer

The Ryn Irin - Toning Sandals

The Ryn Irin - Toning Sandals

Ryn Shoes Quality

Whilst many toning shoes have a great design, a lot still have that "cheap look", even though they carry a heavy price tag. With Ryn toning shoes you really do get an exceptional quality of construction which makes for a much harder wearing shoe. EVA foam rubber breaks down after heavy use, and whilst the uppers of many toning shoes will still look fine after 12 months, when the foam breaks down the shoes need to be replaced. With Ryn shoes, the quality of construction ensures that you get far more use out of the shoes, and the footwear should last for a good many years.

South Korea is known for its high quality craftsmanship when it comes to footwear, and should not be confused with Chinese cheapness which you get with many knock off shoes. The materials used in the shoes is top of the range, with a highly technical design. The shoes don't scrimp and save on cheap materials and give an excellent performance thanks to tried and tested technology such as Sympatex fabric used in Ryn shoes for the trail and off road walking. Few toning and wellness brands offer a design which has sufficient stability to cope with highly uneven off road surfaces, however the inherently stable design of Ryn shoes means heading off the beaten track can be taken in your stride.

Sympatex is a weatherproof fabric which provides total waterproofing, whilst still allowing the feet to breathe. The micro-fine weave of the fibers is too small for liquid water to pass through, but smaller steam molecules can escape unimpeded and air can get through to help keep the feet cool. This means that your feet can breathe and stay cool, dry and comfortable even under heavy exertion and power walking. The material is comparable to Gore-Tex and eVent fabrics for its waterproof and windproof protection.

As such Ryn toning shoes with Sympatex are perfect for wet weather walking, and what's more, the soles do not absorb water making them perfect whenever the ground is wet, as well as for taking on off-road terrain.

Ryn Shoes for Formal Occasions

Ryn Babylon - Toning Dress Shoes

Ryn Babylon - Toning Dress Shoes

Industry and Readers Awards for Ryn Shoes

Ryn toning shoes, despite only being in the US for a short time have already started to win high praise from athletes and walkers keen to get more out of the exercise they perform. Ryn toning shoes are sponsoring the South Korean Olympic team and are due to be showcased at the upcoming London Olympic Games in 2012.

Closer to home the shoes have received FDA accreditation, the first toning shoes to win the accolate, and have been getting rave reviews in an impressive tally of magazines, newspapers and websites.

The shoes have recently been awarded with the Readers Award in the Fitness Walking category, where the shoes have gone head to head with traditional athletic sneakers and have won top spot, and have received high praise in The New York Times, Footwear Plus Magazine, Footwear Highlight Magazine, Porthole and many others. Of course, there s also the almost universal great reviews from the growing army of consumers who are rating the shoes higher than even MBT!.

If you want to have toning shoes which maximize stability, will give you great value for money and a long lifespan, and will give every step a great boost to wellness whilst helping to get your lower body in shape, you really cant go wrong with Ryn toning shoes. And if you pronate or have foot problems, they are the best choice by far!

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