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Rockin' Raven Tattoos

Anyone interested in having an edgy look with their tattoo will meet those expectations when deciding on a raven as their theme of choice.

There is no doubt Ravens are considered a symbol of a dark force in the world, and whether alone or in a group, there is an ominous sense of foreboding when looking at this untrustworthy creature.

This of course adds up to some enticing material for tattoo artists and those wanting that type of symbol seen on their skin.

When you have a single raven sitting alone, you get the feeling it's watching you on behalf of another, or if it's flying, it's on a mission to report what it has seen.

Mythology in stories presented in books, TV and cinema has created this image of the raven, and it's doubtful the bird will ever get a reprieve from his perceived role in the world. Creative people are just fine with that.

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Flying Raven Tattoo

A flying raven is considered one looking to find someone or something on behalf of an evil master, or as having already found who or what they were looking for, and are winging it back to report the information.

The raven in this first photo is a good example of that, as it's head looking sideways gives the appearance it is looking for something. I do like the way the tips of the wings are portrayed.

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Raven, Skull Tattoo

In this raven tattoo is seems the artist is saying the raven is bad and doesn't care. Arrogantly sitting on top of the human skull is definitely sending a message that is clear to the onlooker.

The disproportionate eyes on skull are a nice touch. My only criticism is the feet appear to be facing one way and the body another. That could be from the lack of showing any legs on the bird.

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Perched Raven

Overall this is a very good depiction of a raven. The bird itself is extraordinary, and the colors magnificent in how they portray the bird. The detail of the head and the shadow are well done, and the feet very realistic.

Also of note, to me, is the way the light and dark of the body of the bird work together to produce the well done tattoo. I can't help but wonder why the red in the background. I think the raven would have looked much better without it, standing out more.

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Raven and Nine Worlds Tattoo

The tattoo below is one showing raven wings with the mythological nine worlds symbol. While appearing simple, this is the type of tattoo that is difficult to design because of the way the lines intersect the dark color.

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Skull and Raven Tattoo

I'm not familiar with this particular tattoo theme, and so don't know if it's representative of an unknown story or not. It is a very busy design, full of all sorts of parts to look at. Pretty interesting seeing, what appears to be, the raven having fate turned against it, caught by the skull in its grip.

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Raven Tattoo on Neck and Face

You have to be bold, or possibly unwise, to place any tattoo on your neck in body, especially one that is this size. Most on the neck are made smaller so they can be hidden by the hair or the collar of a shirt or blouse.

As for the tattoo itself, I really like it. The raven looks great, and the proportions are done nicely. The blue color of what appears to be a big branch or log clashes some with the color of the raven, taken a little away from what was otherwise a quality tattoo. The branches below the ear look cool as well. Just wish it would have been placed somewhere else on the body.


Tattoo Depicting Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven"

There's a like to like about the tattoo below if you don't mind the subject matter. The olive green is very unique in my estimation, as I don't remember ever seeing that color so vividly in a tattoo before.

To me, it's incredible when someone can take a design and tell a story with a few images. This one is done quite well in that regard, and the work itself has quality to it.

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Raven Tattoos of DJ Ashba

Guitarist DJ Ashba has the best raven tattoos I've seen, and they're displayed on his chest where everyone can see them.

The detail on these are amazing, and the very different positioning of the ravens facing away, and looking at the head of DJ, gives you the creepy feeling they're hungry and are about to enjoy a meal - consisting of DJ's head.

Also giving a sense of foreboding are the limbs the ravens are sitting on, adding to the overall uncomfortable feel they're up to no good. Nice tattoo for the genre.


While ravens are a niche tattoo (most are), for those who find them compelling and fitting the statement they want to make, they are definitely a cool choice that artists can take a lot of liberty with, and creative license, as you can see from these examples.

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