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Unique Puzzle Tattoo Designs

Puzzle Tattoos

When looking around for some new tattoos ideas it surprised me when I came across unique puzzle tattoo designs, as it's something I had never seen before or thought of as an option.

But after viewing a large number of them, they are in fact a very cool choice for those looking to add some body art to themselves that differentiates from others.

There were a surprising number of puzzle tattoo designs out there, but for this article we'll look at a few of them that stood out to me for various reasons.

I left out those that were simply made in the shape of a puzzle piece but with little else included with them that were interesting.

To me, when you're using a unique design like a puzzle or puzzle piece, the overall look should include something unique as well. Those included below have that characteristic in my opinion, and should provide some inspiration for those looking for something a little different.

  • Rebirth and the Phoenix Tattoo
    The tattoo of the Phoenix is one of the most fantastic to work with, and whether you do it in dark ink, bright colors, or in some cases the combination of both, you've really got to have a poor tattoo artist to screw this one up, as the body and...
  • Kat Von D | Taking Tattooing to a Whole New Level
    Kat Von D has in a relatively short time rode to fame on the back of the tattooing industry, becoming well known first in Miami Ink as one of the featured tattoo artists over a two-year period. What's funny about doing some research on Kat are the...

Variety of Puzzle Tattoos

What is unique about this first puzzle tattoo design is first, the number of tattoos employed to create the image. Second, it's that each individual puzzle piece has a unique design within it. It looks good to me.

The idea of that many puzzle pieces, along with individual designs within each piece is a great idea. My favorite piece is the one that is hard to see on the far left which has the four suits of a deck of cards in it.

Puzzle Tattoos on Shoulder

  • Dandelion Flower and Seed Tattoo Designs
    Dandelions, for most of us, were a big part of our childhood, as we'd grasp the flowers when they were going to seed, and shutting out admonitions to not blow on them because they would produce more of the unwanted flowers, we puffed out our cheeks,.
  • Heartbeat or EKG Line Tattoo Designs and Meanings
    Almost all of us have seen someone we care about hooked up to a heart monitor while we watch the irregular EKG line scrolling across the screen, reminding us of the preciousness of life. A number of people have taken that emotional moment and...

Tattoo of Earth Puzzle Falling Apart

It appears this is a statement tattoo of a puzzle of the earth which is falling apart.

Because it has blue and green as the color of the earth and puzzle pieces, it must be a nod towards saying we need to take better care of the earth.

The missing pieces imply the artists or recipient of the body art believes there are some things in motion that are already too late to stop.

For someone wanting to attract conversation over these types of issues it provides a starting point when someone asks what it is the tattoo represents.

Earth Puzzle Tattoo

  • Iris Flower Tattoo Designs
    In modern times the iris flower is very ubiquitous and popular, making them a favorite among many artists because of its variety of colors and unique shapes, and translate well to tattoo designs, which a growing number of people are choosing to have.
  • Hourglass Tattoo Designs and Meanings
    Even though the practical use of the hourglass - other than a novelty item - has long been removed from the pages of history, it continues to remain a powerful symbol of time, hundreds of years after it became obsolete. That means artists continue...

Blank Puzzle Piece Tattoo Design

What is fantastic about this tattoo design is that it's constructed in a way that make it appear someone carved out the skin in the shape of a puzzle piece in order to see what was underneath it.

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Pretty good idea. The problem is it should have been done in a more three-dimensional way in order to make it more easily understood what was going on with it. At first I thought t was a pair of puzzle pieces rather than one that had been made to look like it had been removed from the skin.

There's a slight shadowing to give the impression of 3-D, but it's very difficult to make out. It probably show better in a real-life situation, but it's something to consider when deciding on the tattoo design you want.

Tattoo Puzzle Piece on Neck

Exposed Flesh Puzzle Tattoo

This is a play on the ripped flesh look. This time designed in a way that makes it appear the pieces are being removed one at a time in order to look at the exposed muscle underneath.

It's actually similar to the piece above, except it's done at a much higher level. There is no doubt what you're looking at when viewing this tattoo.

Making the outlines of the puzzle pieces red was a nice touch, as are the connecting parts of the puzzle which retain the natural skin look.

  • Cow Tattoo Designs
    Cows, or cattle and cowboys, seem to have been joined at the hip for as long as we can remember, and that has extended to our culture overall, making cows an interesting choice for tattoo designs; as they're not only considered a food source, but in.
  • Stallion and Horse Tattoos
    A stallion isn't just any horse, it's a horse that hasn't been gelded (castrated). That means that the testosterone inherent in stallions results many times with better looking and thicker necks, as well as a much more muscular structure in...

Back Puzzle Tattoo

  • Cobra Tattoos
    Cobra and King Cobra tattoos are amazing if you like snakes and that fascinated hood the cobra has. It's a great motivator for tattoo artists wanting to create great designs. While cobras are placed in a variety of places on the body when inked...
  • Fishing and Fish Tattoos
    Even though my days of fishing have, for the most part, fled behind me, that doesn't keep the fond memories of fishing in my youth from coming back over and over again, as the great battles with fish over the years I continue to recall with delight..

3-D Foot Puzzle Tattoo

This is easily my favorite of the puzzle tattoos I found. The three-dimensional aspect of the image is easily detected, and that cool pool of water underneath the puzzle piece looks fantastic. I also like the way the piece overlays the opening where the piece was removed.

You can just see the person with this tattoo sending the message that they would rather be swimming. Wouldn't all of us?

Foot Puzzle Tattoo

Puzzle and Puzzle Piece Tattoos

Some of these puzzle tattoos were really attractive, and would work as great conversation starters in a variety of social situations.

While it wasn't shown here, I think a puzzle piece would also work really good as a complementary part of another tattoo theme. All you have to do in some of those cases would be to design the puzzle piece as part of the tattoo design you chose to have inked on you, as the first tattoo above showed.

As for standalone puzzle tattoos, I think the ones that were three-dimensional were easily the best looking, and among the top choice for those seeking an interesting alternative to tattoos designs you've already seen plenty of.


Catherine Taylor from Canada on October 01, 2012:

Hmmm, I never thought of getting a puzzle piece tattoo, but after reading this hub I might have to get one. I especially like the ones that have the removed puzzle piece reveal what's inside.

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