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Polymer Clay Jewelry - How to Make Beautiful Polymer Clay Jewelry at Home


Polymer Clay Jewelry - How To Make Gorgeous Jewelry From Home - Polymer Clay Jewelry Making

Welcome to a portion of my ShooShoo Jewelry's Polymer Clay Jewelry site!

What a wonderful time I've had creating this polymer clay jewelry site! I started it about 10 years ago and I try to keep it updated with new tips and ideas on how you can make your own beautiful clay jewelry. Of course, I welcome questions at any time.

This newelry site was created for the "just-getting-started" crafters or artists out there wanting to learn some of the ins and outs of making beautiful polymer clay jewelry. While polymer clay is a versatile and easy to use art medium, there are LOTS of tips and tricks I can offer, links that I can send you to, that will make it easier for you to start making stunning polymer clay jewelry from home.

There has been a huge up-swing lately of people wanting to learn how to make polymer clay jewelry and I'm hoping that this site will help those with the drive and passion to make it happen. There are so many resources out there, but not everyone knows how or where to go looking for them, so I'm hoping to point you in the right direction when it comes to finding the best sites, videos, and articles on how to make polymer clay jewelry from home.

Polymer clay, beads, wire, and mixed media have taken over my life in the last decade! I now have a workroom dedicated to creating beautiful clay and wire jewelry from home and try to learn new techniques every week to keep my creative processes fresh and alive.

I don't answer the phone, listen to the radio, or watch TV when I'm in my room . . . It's just me, the polymer clay I start warming up in my hands, the clay colors all laid out in front of me, and the world fades away as my mind starts telling my hands what to do.

Some people are talented enough that they can paint, some sculpture . . . I am lucky enough to be able to create jewelry using mediums that I adore. I start with some polymer clay beads I made, add some wire and sometimes some purchased beads that complement the piece I have building in my mind.

I have received many requests from people in the past asking me how I learned to make the clay and wire jewelry I create. They ask what tools are absolutely needed to start making jewelry, the clay brands, the resources, and the list goes on and on. This site will be dedicated to the ones just starting out making jewelry, the ones with the questions about where to turn to for help.

While I have MANY tools and "extras" in my workroom, I didn't start out that way. After all, who's got the money to start out with all the jewelry tools and equipment available when they start learning a new craft?

I mean, isn't that why some of you want to start making jewelry? To make money, right? So, I'll give you my take on what you really NEED to have and then suggest the things that would be NICE to have when you have a few sales under your belt and can re-invest in your home business.

This polymer clay jewelry site is a living and breathing thing! I'll add to it when I can and let it breathe on its own, too. There are lots of creative polymer clay artists out there with unique styles sharing ideas and tips and great resources, lots of which are free. I promise I'll try to keep pointing you in the right direction(s).

If I don't have an answer for you, I'm sure I know the right people who CAN!

So, please, send me your questions about polymer clay jewelry and let's work together, OK?

If you click on my name (below), it will take you to my Facebook album page where you can check out some of the polymer clay projects I've tackled. Make sure you have a little bit of time to look, because I have a LOT in there! (Just to show that, yes, I have been making polymer clay jewelry for quite some time now)

I hope you enjoy looking at some of the polymer clay jewelry pieces I've made and are interested enough to want to start making some pc jewelry of your own! Enjoy!


Using Wire to Add Sparkle and Substance to Your Polymer Clay Jewelry - Silver Wire, Copper Wire, Brass, Gold and the List Goes On . . .

Polymer Clay Jewelry - Using Google

Polymer Clay Jewelry - Using Google

For Polymer Clay Jewelry Research - Just Use Google - Find Great Jewelry Making Tutorials For Free

Free Polymer Clay Jewelry Videos and Tutorials on the Web - You Just Have To Look For Polymer Clay Jewelry Videos

While ShooShoo Jewelry plans on providing lots of polymer clay jewelry making links and resources, there is also an almost unlimited supply of information on the web about how to make polymer clay jewelry if you learn to use your Google button.

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I get new inspiration every time I use the Google search bar to research new techniques, the "in" color, different styles, or just to see what kind of jewelry is being made out there. I've met the most talented people online who create absolutely exquisite pieces of jewelry at home by taking the time to research online. It's how I found the Polymer Clay Tutor link that I am still a part of today.

To give you a real life example, I bought my own findings (clasps, toggles, connectors, etc.) for quite a while when I started learning how to make polymer clay jewelry from home. Then there came a day when I was making a necklace and I didn't have any more lobster clasps in stock in the metal color I needed. Instead of getting in the car to go 1/2 hour away to purchase a $2 package of clasps at Walmart, I Googled "how to make a necklace clasp" and OMG! There are lots and lots of links that have either video or photos showing you how to make everything from a simple hook and eye clasp to fancier swirled clasps that are easier to make than they look.

Now I'm not saying that all of the links you'll find will necessarily be 100% quality links; many of the videos are rough at best, some of the photos may not be very clear, some of them are just plain confusing, BUT . . . I am usually able to come away with "something" of value from each link I view. It may be only a comment like "you can use different wire gauges in your pieces" (and you can!) or it may be the way a person holds a specific tool that makes looping wire easier for your wrist . . .

All I'm trying to say is that there will come a time when you have something specific in your head about what kind of jewelry you want to create and you'll have a question about how to accomplish it. By typing a specific query into a search bar on your computer, you have access to lots of answers and solutions. And let's face it, it's online. If you don't like the link you clicked on or are confused, click out of it and go on to the next one. Yes, it's that simple.

Pinterest is another wonderful resource for inspiration and guidance! I'll just warn you right now though, once you jump down this rabbit hole, you'll be dazzled by the originality and talent you will find. I have lost myself in this amazing site for HOURS at a time, but the ideas you will have swirling in your head will boggle your mind. Do yourself a favor and jot down some of the ideas you see there, because you'll have so many, you'll have a hard time recalling them later on.

Another online idea to learn more about polymer clay jewelry is to head on over to Facebook and type in "polymer clay groups" in the search bar. Join one or two of the hundreds of groups available there and get ready to start creating. It is my experience that most of these groups are wonderful when it comes to sharing information and crafting tips, however, if you aren't totally impressed with one, try another. I have made many friends and learned so much by others who craft for a living and truly have a passion for what they do. These people LOVE to share their passion for creating with others and you can truly benefit by sharing some of your time with them.

And best of all, most of it will be FREE! :) Have fun with this, Folks, because it is totally addicting!

**The focal bead in this photo was created using Cindy's "flower petal cane" tutorial. Making polymer clay jewelry is NOT hard to do, but you do have to have patience and be willing to learn new techniques often to keep your polymer clay jewelry fresh!

Polymer Clay or Glass Beads - Easy Bracelet Bangle Tutorial

Put Some DIY Polymer Clay Jewelry on Your Wrist

Polymer Clay, beads, and wire go hand in hand with so many jewelry projects. It's pretty hard to just limit yourself to one style of medium or technique; there are always new things to learn!

Here's a VERY EASY to follow tutorial on how to make your own coiled wire bracelet bangle. While the bangle is shown with beads, it would be so easy to feature a gorgeous polymer clay focal bead or a fancy wired bead instead of the glass bead.

The photo shown here is the bangle I whipped up using this tutorial in just 25 minutes! How cool is that?

Polymer Clay Jewelry Kindle Book - What Technique(s) Would You Like To See In a New Kindle Jewelry Book?

Your Opinions Will Make A Difference on What Kind of Jewelry Book Gets Written

ShooShoo Jewelry is entering into the Kindle book arena and looking for suggestions on what kind of jewelry book to put together. You know what kind of books are out there and what you would buy. Is there a particular style, technique, "something" that you would like to see offered as a How To Jewelry Book?

Please post your suggestions or comments at the bottom of this site in the Polymer Clay Jewelry Guestbook section.

As always, thank you for visiting my Polymer Clay Jewelry site!

Polymer clay jewelry - Christmas Mistletoe Bracelet

Polymer clay jewelry - Christmas Mistletoe Bracelet

Polymer Clay Holiday Jewelry Sets Available

Polymer Clay Jewelry Sets Made For Any Occasion

While my ShooShoo Jewelry business gets lots of requests throughout the year for designer or one of a kind polymer clay jewelry sets, a very nice percentage of custom requests occur around the Holidays. And not just the Christmas Holidays, but the smaller ones throughout the year.