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Big is Beautiful, Plus Size Women's Clothing Stores

Big Has More to Be Beautiful About

Who decided that beauty is as limited as what we see with fashion models? It's so unfair, isn't it, when most of us can never look like that in even the best of circumstances?

Beauty and people both come in all shapes and sizes. Taste is a personal choice, and beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

Beautiful, curly hair..

One thing we know for sure is that beauty isn't measured in pounds. Plus size clothing stores designed to meet the needs of women who are more robust and fill out their clothes with curves respect the difference.

Big Glamour

Big and Soft as a Butterfly

Big and Casual

Public prejudices are changing

Just as we've learned that big women can be fit women, we are more aware than ever that they can be just as stylish and ought to be free to demand clothing that fits.

Stores, new and established, are now catering to the needs of plus size women. You can walk in the door and shop, or each of the stores featured here offers handy online shopping for all their fashions.

Amazon, also, offers a range of stylish looks you can order from home and enjoy the convenience. Let's take a look.

Online All The Time, Amazon for Plus Size Women

As with most things you can find in stores, Amazon offers ease and economy in a variety of plus size apparel for women without enough time to shop.

More Plus Size Fashion From Amazon

Plus Sizes for Professional, Casual and Just Plain Fun

The first store of it's kind I became aware of was Lane Bryant when my girlfriend went to work for them in Buffalo. It was the 1960s, and it seemed like every woman wanted to be skinny. But there were cracks in the prejudice.

In Creeque Alley (The History Of The Mamas & The Papas), John Phillips bemoaned the group's poverty with this lyric: "No one's getting fat, except Mama Cass." Cass Elliot was a much-admired, energetic singer.

Once, on the Ed Sullivan Show, in an appearance by The Supremes, one of the more shapely singers (can't remember which) teased their skinny lead singer Diana Ross, "Thin may be in, but fat's where it's at."

Fat is so stigmatized now, it's rarely used as a compliment, but maybe it should be, now that we know a robust individual may be just as fit as a thinner person.

Store like Lane Bryant were ready with an attractive line of plus sizes that help women look as good as they feel. Lane Bryant sells on line as well as in a chain of stores nationwide. It presents itself as the more conservative option for dynamic women.

Catherine's, likewise, has a 50 year track record of service to plus size women. Their appeal seems more toward the young and playful. Like all their main competitors, Catherine's sells online as well as in a chain of retail stores.

More Stores For Fit Women With Curves

Among the youngsters in the marketplace is Avenue. With its slogan, "Avenue yourself," this retailer accents a colorful, casual appeal. They have retail stores across the country, but they offer online only specials you might want to consider.

When considering what's best among many resources, online and off, it's important to remember that online stores, without the physical space demands of brick and mortar, can offer a much larger array of styles in stock. Of course, the trade off is that walking into a store means you get to try it on before you buy it, returns being far less likely.

Another popular store, Ashley Stewart fancies itself a fashion trendsetter and outwardly shows off a sexy, voluptuous look. Ashley Stewart wants their shoppers to be proud and a little sassy. They have over 100 stores nationwide, anchored in Harlem and complimented by a popular website.

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Torrid and Traditional

Full Figure Women Get More

As a fashion trendsetter for plus size women, Torrid is just what the name says, whether it's online or in-store. Torrid is hot. And they're determinedly modern. They push their Instagram presence and feature the telling tag #wearwhatyoulove. Not just models, but the webpage shows off a gallery of their attractive customers from Instagram.

Finally, I couldn't resist adding the always reliable dressbarn. dressbarn is decidedly not plus-size only, but they are such a reliable source for the everyday woman who wants to dress well without being too flashy, they have to be considered. And they do offer an extensive line of fashions for sizes 14 to 24 and a department on line that is fully dedicated.


A world that has an open door for people of all sizes, colors, ideas, needs and ages is what we all seem to want.

The recognition of more curvaceous figures as things of beauty to be treasured has become more common. It's refreshing and healthy for all of us.

© 2014 David Stone

What do you think?

David Stone (author) from New York City on March 28, 2015:

I couldn't agree with you more, Elsie. Thanks.

Elsie Hagley from New Zealand on March 27, 2015:

Like this article very much. I would sooner see big and beautiful that skinny and ugly.

Lets face it being thin is not attractive, even on the catwalk they look as though their bones are collapsing in high headed shoes.

David Stone (author) from New York City on February 12, 2015:

Thank you!

Joy56 on February 06, 2015:

Hey..... You got it right......

David Stone (author) from New York City on December 07, 2014:

You bet!

DREAM ON on December 06, 2014:

I never had a problem with my weight but some who do struggle with it all their lives.Finding clothes and shoes that fit. Dealing with going out to eat and trying to sit in a movie theater can become troublesome.

Barbara Tremblay Cipak from Toronto, Canada on May 24, 2014:

beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, (yeah cliche) but still true - people in my family come in all shapes and sizes (life everyone else) but I prefer to measure a person by the size of their heart :)

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