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Palm Tree Tattoo Ideas and Designs

Palm Trees

Palm trees are a major part of cultures around the world, not primarily because they're unique and unusual tree to the majority of people, but because of what they represent: fun in the sun.

We're talking of course of vacations and the highly anticipated relaxation and enjoyment which we all think of when contemplating palm trees and the nearby ocean waters. It doesn't get much better than that, even if we're living in areas where the closest palm tree is more than a thousand miles away.

For that reason, many people decide to get some permanent ink of a palm tree to either remind them of a prior vacation and the palm trees they remember swaying from the ocean winds, or to keep the idea in their mind that one day they're going to take that vacation.

I mean shades of Jimmy Buffett and Margaritaville; you may even meet the old pirate if you show up somewhere where the palm trees are swaying.

And if you don't you can do what so many others have done: get a palm tree tattooed on you to bring that illusion to a closer to you in hopes it'll become a reality.

Now let's look at some awesome palm tree tattoos to get some ideas flowing.

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Palm Tree Tattoo with Shadow

We'll start off with this interesting palm tree tattoo, which includes a full shadow of the tree shrinking as the light of the sun passes overhead.

The shading done with this palm tree design is also nicely done, and its cool to see the little grouping of coconuts in the midst of the branches.

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Palm Tree Foot Tattoo

Here we have a cute palm tree foot tattoo, which while focusing on the shape of the tree, rather than the detail, looks very nice for what it is.

Just think. Every time you look at your bare foot, or someone else does, you'll be reminded of a past vacation, or future desire for one. Either way, it'll give you a sense of relaxation in a stressful world.

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Palm Tree Blowing in the Wind

Now all of us like to think of the calm ocean breezes lightly hitting the palm tree while we sit with a drink in our hands, but that's not always the experience we get, as depicted by this palm tree getting battered by high winds.

That's not to say this can't be an awesome site, as it is when the winds aren't so high people can't be out in them without being in danger.

I like the way this palm tree tattoo was designed, with the very realistic branches being separated under the pressure of the ocean winds.

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Palm Tree with Sun and Calm Ocean Background

With this palm tree tattoo we have the closest image to what most of us imagine as we relax in on an island paradise.

How much more relaxing can it get then a calm ocean, a setting sun, and lazy clouds hanging in the sky. That beautiful portrayal of the sun hitting the water is also done very well.

Now this is the tattoo design for anyone wishing to capture a moment in time on an exotic vacation.

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Palm Tree Tattoo with Skulls for Coconuts

This is a very cool palm tree tattoo design that appears to have a horror theme. The most obvious object conveying that probability is the skulls being used in place of the coconut.

The woman in the image also seems to be some type of enchantress of some sort, or maybe a witch doctor, It's hard to tell because there is so much detail it's hard to make it out

Now this palm tree design is definitely not one you think of when contemplating a summer vacation.

  • Gothic Tree Tattoos
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  • Cloud Tattoo Designs
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Awesome Full Back Palm Tree Tattoo Scene

From the looks of this guy, he must be a surfer dude, or at least live somewhere where that could be the way of life.

This is just a super tattoo design of a tropical paradise. The palm trees are extraordinary, and the way they bend over on the back is really amazing. It also looks great how the foliage at the base of the palm trees was included, giving the impression you're peeking through the plants and trees to take in the wonderful scenery.

Finally, the ocean itself, with the shimmering of the sun tinting it, is extraordinary as it extends out to the horizon. Just a terrific palm tree tattoo design.

Palm Tree Tattoos

Looking at most of these tattoos sure gets me in the mood to pack up the car or get a plane ticket to hop quickly somewhere to take in some rays and scenery. I'm getting relaxed just thinking about the prospect.

Alas I can't, and neither can most of us. So the next thing could be to permanently imprint a palm tree and, if appropriate for you, a scene that takes in what we imagine a time in the tropics to be.

As you can see, there are a lot of fantastic palm tree designs and scenes you can choose from to make that a reality.


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I am a palm tree fan! This is so inspiring! Thanks...

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