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Ozzy Osbourne Tattoos

Ozzy Osbourne Tattoo Fingers Music 24x18 Print POSTER

Ozzy Tattoos

When one thinks of Ozzy Osbourne, usually it's in regard to excess, and that isn't far from the truth, if not the exact truth.

His wild and crazy persona and lifestyle was reflected in his stage presence and music; as he put on a wild and pulsating show in his day.

That of course is fantastic material for someone seeking a tattoo, and a tattoo artist wanting the challenge of putting a permanent reminder of the rock star on a fan of Ozzy.

When it comes right down to it, what is compelling about Ozzy is his face and the way he expressed himself while entertaining. That's no different with tattoos, as the vast majority of them are of his face, with an occasional exception.

That's as it should be. After all, his face and crazy and wild expressions are what make people remember him.

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Ozzy's Tattoos

This is an article primarily about tattoos people have inked on them of Ozzy, and not of Ozzy's tattoos themselves. Even so, we'll start off with a couple of pictures of the rock legend just to whet our appetites for more.

Unfortunately the top photo of Ozzy had so much light, as it somewhat fades the tattoos on his arms. But at least you get a good picture of the tattoos on his forearm and chest.

Below that the image has great lighting, but we're only able to see the outer forearm and shoulder tattoo. But the shoulder tattoo looks awesome.

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Tattoo of Ozzy's Wild Face

This tattoo of Ozzy looking wild is what we remember if we've ever seen him perform in the day. If nothing else, Ozzy would give it his all; and it was infectious to his fans.

Those moments are captured well in this design.

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Ozzy Tattoo Showing That Evil Eye

Here's another great Ozzy Osbourne tattoo where the artist caught his look almost perfectly, especially those evil eyes when he was entertaining in that crazy way he did. Excellent likeness of the rock star and his persona.

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Weak Ozzy Tattoo

I can see what the tattoo artist was trying to do here, but he missed it by a lot. It could have been from the placement of the tattoo which forced everything to be crunched together more. Whatever the reason, it isn't something I would have wanted to have inked on me.

Look at the attempt to make they eyes of Ozzy below, and then look at how good they are above. They aren't even close in exactness and capturing that unique Ozzy look.

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Ozzy Vampire Tattoo

The funny Ozzy tattoo of what seems to be a vampire and Hulk design mixed with Ozzy. I don't have a clue to what that flickering tongue represents, but is definitely a mixture of several elements. Unique.

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Ozzy Eating Dove Tattoo

This is a tattoo design copied from the famous photo of Ozzy appearing about to take a bite out of a dove. Very high quality piece.

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Ozzy Drinking Blood Tattoo

Ozzy looks amazing here as to the quality of the art. The shadow, light reflecting off his glasses , and the blood dripping down from his lips is very well done.


These were an interesting group of tattoos. I like that they, and most other Ozzy tattoos, focus primarily on his face, as that was, as mentioned, the part of his body everyone remembers.

It was the intensity of his look and how he could make you feel it while he sang that brought you into his high impact, entertaining show. He couldn't leave unaffected, no matter which way you felt about it.


Lance Eason on March 25, 2012:

The one that appears to be a "vampire Hulk Ozzy" is actually the image from the cover of "The Ultimate Sin", which was done by the legendary Boris Vallejo.

Greg Johnson from Indianapolis on February 02, 2012:

Very cool pictures, loved Black Sabbath back in the day! Thanks for the remembrance.

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