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Beauty and Fashion

Avorodisa writes to her pleasure and always will. She is a native Russian speaker who adores English.

They are beautiful: Why Not You?

Many people nowadays seem to confuse beauty and fashion. While some would agree that beauty is only skin deep and would not judge others by their appearance, others would feel depressed as they look through fashion magazines or social accounts. This has to do with men's and women's body and face image created by fashion and beauty industry. People want to be taller, thinner, more muscular. They want to have a tanned flawless skin, a bright smile, longer legs, a bikini body or thick shiny hair. And very often they would spend a fortune on beauty enhancing products and cosmetics, clothes, beauticians and hairdressers. On the other hand, different hair salons, spa centers, beauty salons flourish and try to attract more clients. They make people believe that it is possible to become perfect and gorgeous if you just come there. They offer colorful hairstyles, entertainment, seminars and free services to keep their clients, become famous and stay popular. They make people look better and feel better. And you think you will look more sophisticated if you wear one of those coats or dresses that you see at fashion shows. But because it's just impossible to look like all these fashion and photo models and all these celebrities, why not embrace yourself and love yourself just the way you are? On the long run what really matters is your uniqueness. Instead of hunting for new fashionable clothes and having new treatments why not take care of your health, stay an active person, go to the gym and work out - but not to have an ideal body, just to be fit? Why not try to have your own style without buying so many new fashionable clothes?

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