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Ombre Hairstyles


Ombre Hairstyles and Hair Colors

Ombre hair is a very hot trend, popular with celebrities like Rachel Bilson and Olivia Wilde. "Ombre" refers to something that gradually changes from one color to another; hair that gradually changes from brown to blonde, or from blonde to red, is a good example of this type of hairstyle. It's also sometimes called a "dip dye" look.

You don't need super-long hair to pull this look off. As long as your hair is at least chin length, you should be fine. You don't have to limit yourself to one color, either; some people dye the ends of their hair a more intense hue of the color they have in the middle of their hair, creating a gradient effect.

If you just want to try out an ombre look for a party, you can use colored hairspray to get a very cute ombre look that will last until your next shower. If you're looking for something more permanent, I recommend finding a hairstyle you like and going to a beauty salon for a cut and coloring. If you're really experienced with dying your own hair, by all means try it yourself, otherwise leave it to the professionals!

Lauren Conrad with ombre hair.

Lauren Conrad with ombre hair.

What is Ombre Hair?

The word ombre (pronounced om-BRAY) refers to anything that gradually changes from one color to another. An ombre dress, for example, might gradually change color from blue to white.

Ombre hairstyles don't dramatically change color from brown to gold; instead, the hair gets lighter and lighter as you travel further down the roots.

Reverse ombre is when you dye the top part of your head a different color and leave the ends of your hair their natural color. If you're a brunette, you might dye the top of your hair blonde and have dark ends to your hair. We'll cover that a little later down on this page.

There are "subtle" types of ombre hair, where the hair color might not change very much, e.g. from light brown to caramel blonde. You can also have ombre hair in purple, red or even rainbow shades.

Scroll down to find the hairstyle that's right for you.

Ombre Hairstyles for Dark Brown Hair

Dark brown ombre hair.

Dark brown ombre hair.

Dark brown hair is a great color for trying out blonde or red ombre hair. Pretty much any shade looks good with dark brown hair. Whether your hair is curly, straight or permed, you should consider one of the hairstyles below for yourself.

Brown to blonde ombre hair is very trendy. If you're looking for something a little more unusual, try a red or even a purple ombre hairstyle. Scroll down to see some more pictures of different hairstyles that can work for you.

Blonde Ombre Hairstyles


If you have blonde hair, you're in luck. Ombre hair is pretty easy to get with blonde hair, since dye shows up well on light-colored hair. There are many different ombre hairstyles for blonde hair, either straight, curly or wavy.

If you have golden blonde hair, you might consider getting a platinum ombre look, or adding some pink ombre for a party or a weekend out. You can also try a reverse ombre hairstyle, with red hair at the top, and the tips of your hair are your natural blonde hair color.

Kool Aid Ombre Hair

If you want to get pink or blue ombre hair, try using kool-aid to get a brightly colored dip-dyed look.

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Warning: this look may be permanent. If you only want temporary hair color, scroll down to see how you can use hairspray or hair chalk to get temporarily ombre hair.

Reverse Ombre Hair


Reverse ombre hair is when you color the hair at the top of your head, and leave your natural color at the tips. It's a very hot look that's been worn by stars like Beyonce and Gwyneth Paltrow. This style can be a bit challenging to do yourself, so I recommend going to an experienced hairstylist to get this look.

Red to Blonde Ombre Hairstyles - Perfectly Hip Look for Redheads (Natural and Bottle)


Red to blonde ombre hair is a very hot look with a slightly hipster vibe. Bright red hair with blonde tips looks great on almost all skin colors and undertones. If you're a natural redhead, consider dying the tips of your hair blonde or using blonde hair chalk to give yourself a temporary ombre look.

Temporary Ombre Hairstyles

Pink ombre hair.

Pink ombre hair.

If you want to try ombre hair for a night or two, consider using some colored hairspray on the ends of your hair. These colored hairsprays wash out with shampoo, and they come in all different colors of the rainbow, from natural colors (blonde, brown, red, black) to alternative colors (purple, blue, green, pink. and more).

Watch the tutorial video below to find out how you can get ombre hair with these colored hairsprays, then pick out the color you want for your own hair.

This video tutorial will show you how to get an ombre look with colored hairspray.

Natural Hairspray Colors

Try out a natural ombre look before taking the plunge with hair dye.

Hair Chalk for Ombre Hair

You can also use hair chalk to add color to your hair. This is a great way to experiment with different ombre looks that wash out. It also makes it easy to get a multicolored rainbow ombre look.

Watch the video tutorial below to learn how to use hair chalk to get ombre hair. In the tutorial, the young woman uses purple hair chalk, but you can try it with any color you want.

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