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10 Best Nuneaton Barbers

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If you want to get a proper haircut in Nuneaton, then you probably want to focus on choosing somewhere that really pays attention. This means looking for a barber with an eye for detail and a clear understanding of what matters. For that kind of cut, then, we recommend that you check out at least one of the following options for Nuneaton barbers in town.

Here we are going to break down the following Nuneaton Barbers:

  • Headcase Barbers
  • Mr Anderson’s
  • D&A Barber Shop
  • Scissorhands Barber Shop
  • Mardin Barbers
  • Gents
  • Zak’s Barbers
  • Hair Monkey Barber Shop
  • Nino’s
  • Edwards

#1 Headcase Barbers

Phone: 07483 327298

Address: 1-2, Abbey St, Nuneaton CV11 5BP

If you are someone who prefers to book online, this is a good little barber shop to start out with. They really make it easy to get the time that you want, and we recommend you book online as they are usually very busy. If you want a slot with your usual choice of barber then booking online ensures you get who you usually use.

#2 Mr Anderson’s

Address: 30 Newdegate St, Nuneaton CV11 4EU

Don’t worry, they aren’t run by Neo out of The Matrix. They are a good local barber shop with a focus on attention to detail and precision. If you want a barber shop that really makes it clear that you get the look you are searching for, then come here. They can simplify the experience of finding the cut that most suits you personally. Consistency guaranteed!

#3 D&A Barber Shop

Phone: 07455 287334

Address: 1b Stratford St, Nuneaton CV11 5BS

We love this little barber shop because they focus on blending together price and quality into one perfect little mixture. You get what you pay for here which is a very considered, professional cut. Show them the style you want and we more or less guarantee that they can match up the look that you are searching for without any issues. Excellent atmosphere inside, too!

#4 Scissorhands Barber Shop

Phone: 07403 083336

Address: 92B Queens Rd, Nuneaton CV11 5LE

If you enjoy having a barber shop experience that is very laid back and fun, then come here. They make it easier for you to just sit back and let the experience unfold. Simply tell the barber what you are looking for and they have a great reputation for giving you what you have asked for. Great fun and highly satisfying, especially for newbies and for people who do not know what they really want.

#5 Mardin Barbers

Phone: 07400 526130

Address: 4 Coventry St, Nuneaton CV11 5SZ

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These barbers seem to really know how to listen and focus on what you asked for. They are a general grooming expert, too, so you could come here and enjoy a highly gratifying barber shop experience. Very much the ideal choice for friendly and endearing Turkish barbers who can go the extra mile when grooming.

#6 Gents

Phone: 07838 630454

Address: Harefield Rd, Nuneaton CV11

It feels like every town has a Gents barber shop. This particular Nuneaton barbers, though, get s a lot of praise for their attention to detail when it comes to getting just the right cut. Very friendly and charming barbers who understand the focus is on what you have asked for, not what they think you want. Great for getting a cut you know is what you desired.

#7 Zak’s Barbers

Address: 184 Church Rd, Nuneaton CV10 8LH

Zak’s is a barber shop that makes a lot of sense for people who are simply searching for something different. They are friendly, ambitious, endearing, and very much capable of giving you the cut that you are looking for. They understand the importance of precision and honesty, too, making sure you can get exactly what you are searching for. If they cannot cut your hair precisely as asked, they are honest enough to let you know.

#8 Hairy Monkey Barber Shop

Phone: 07830 610793

Address: 36a Coleshill Rd, Nuneaton CV10 0NY

If you want a barber shop that is more of an experience in grooming, be sure to try out Hairy Monkey. They have a great focus on listening to the customer, ensuring that you walk out the store knowing that you have just gotten the exact cut you have asked for. Ideal for anyone looking for a style that is outside their usual selection.

#9 Nino’s

Phone: 01706 825615

Address: Ramsbottom, Bury BL0 9ND

Nino’s has exploded as a choice for a local barber shop for various reasons. For one, they really have a targeted focus on making sure you get a cut that feels applicable to you. Another benefit is the excellent prices and tremendous customer service. If you have something specific you need, they do everything they can to ensure you get exactly what you have asked them for.

#10 Edwards

Address: 6 Edward St, Nuneaton CV11 5JZ

A friendly and endearing local Nuneaton barbers, Edwards is one that we recommend to most people in the town. They very good prices so if you do not want something too outrageous they can fit you in no problem. Very friendly staff who are professional, engaging, and endearing. A great barber shop to get to know if you want someone you can trust to meet your standards.

Which of the above Nuneaton barbers, then, do you think would be able to give you the best choice in terms of look? If you have any other barbers in Nuneaton that you think should be on this list then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to check them out and we will do our own research too and if we like them enough we will be sure to add them to the list above.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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