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New Balance Rock & Tone Trainers and Sandals

New Balance Rock&tone shoes

New Balance Rock&tone shoes

New Balance Rock & Tone trainers have just been released to the market and have enjoyed two months of high sales in the United States. It seems like the natural move for a company renowned for its running and walking shoes to finally offer an extra boost to toning . The shoes allow you to get more of a workout from everyday activities, and make walking more of a muscle toning and fat burning workout.

New Balance is well known for its sleek and attractive styling and this is evident throughout the Rock & tone shoe line. They are instantly recognizable as New Balance, but not instantly recognizable as toning shoes, thanks to the low profile rocker sole.

The idea of the shoes is to put some fun back into exercise and getting fit, and to keep a toning session going throughout the day. The shoes offer a quick and easy way to tone muscle, lose weight and improve body health. They also reinvigorate the feet, and the toning effect is only noticeable at the end of the day when you can feel that you muscles have had a great workout!

They are a great boost to a toning shoe market which has previously been accused of being somewhat lacking in style and they are sure to be a hit with fans of New Balance, as well as offering a more stylish option than many of the other toning shoe brands

New Balance Rock&Tone Sneakers

New Balance Rock&Tone Sneakers

What are the benefits of New Balance Rock & Tone Shoes?

  • Muscle activation is increased by up to 27%
  • Increased calorie burn up to 8% to help with weight loss
  • Returns the foot to a more natural walking gait similar to walking barefoot in soft sand
  • Correct the posture and returns body to a more healthy and upright position
  • Greater toning provided to the calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, hips and abs
  • Generates a smooth heel to toe motion for the foot and creates an efficient stride
  • Absorbs the shock waves of the heel strike with Acteva Ultra LITE
  • Helps to reduce pain in the legs by cushioning the joints
  • Design more like a standard trainer than a toning shoe
  • Stylish appearance looks make it easy to combine
New Balance Rock&Tone Sandals

New Balance Rock&Tone Sandals

Rock &Tone Sandals

Whilst specialising in sneakers, New Balance have produced a sandal style perfect for the summer.

The synthetic upper is great for the beach and the textile lining and underfoot cushioning make them exceptionally lightweight and comfortable to walk in. Whilst many flip-flops wear down easily, Rock&Tone sandals have a hard wearing EVA rubber sole which maintains great traction and ensures a long lifespan.

One of the problems with flip-flop style sandals is the annoying flip flopping noise when you walk. If you step in a puddle you can guarantee dirty water will get sprayed up your back too.

With the Rock & Tone the straps keep the sandals aligned well on the feet and they feel secure throughout the whole stride and wont make a noise when you walk.

Rock&Tone sandals start at around 55 USD a pair


How the New Balance Rock & Tone trainers work?

New Balance has opted for a rounded rocker sole design to do their toning dirty work, with the trainers similar in style to the popular New Balance running shoe designs. The principle of action is the same as MBT, Chung Shi and Skechers. The rounded sole generates a smooth rolling motion with the foot moving efficiently from heel to toe. The shock waves from walking are reduced and the force of the heel strike is absorbed. By changing the walking gait the shoes help to increase muscle activation by up to 27.

The shoes were tested for their fat burning properties, and New Balance claim that the trainers will increase oxygen consumption, and therefore fat burning, up by 8% compared to standard shoes. My guess is that all rocker sole shoes will do the same, however none of the other manufacturers have measured it!

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The trainers feature web and mesh uppers to keep them light, whilst being breathable to keep the feet cool and dry when exercising. They are really comfortable, and start at around $80 a pair making them a shade cheaper than most brands of this style of shoe.


Do New Balance Rock & Tone really work?

New Balance Rock & Tone were developed after studies from rehabilitation centres were analysed, which clearly demonstrate that there is an important advantage to be gained from wearing shoes with rounded soles when recovering from injury or surgery. The shoes have also been demonstrated to increase the burning of calories, to ease joint pain and tone the body faster than ordinary shoes.

Dr. Joseph Hamill analysed and tested group data at the New Balance Research Laboratory and found that Rock&Tone shoes increased muscle activity in the legs up to 27% and calorie burning up to 8%.

The trainers are one of the most comfortable models produced by New Balance and you are given excellent cushioning and a snug fit without feeling tight and restrictive. The soft EVA midsole offers great cushioning from impact force. The trainer styling and low profile soles are less conspicuous than many toning shoe brands on the market, so you need not stand so tall and announce to the world that you are toning up your butt!

Since the shoes have not been on the market for long it is difficult to gather a really accurate picture of how women feel about the toning properties. Toning always takes a few weeks to really be noticed, however the initial feedback suggests that New Balance have got it right, with excellent comfort and women being able to feel the extra work at the end of the day, especially in the bottom, hamstrings and calves.

Holly Perkins from Exercise TV claims, “In my experience I have found Rock&Tone to be the most comfortable rocker bottom on the market. In fact, this might be hands down, the most comfortable shoe of any kind that I’ve ever worn”.

Well, she is their ambassador for the brand so I would be quite worried if she said anything else. However women who have been wearing them from a month are backing up Holly's claim, and they appear to be incredibly comfortable toning shoes which really do tone your body as you walk.

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michifus (author) on October 14, 2010:

You may hear about the True Balance 1442, or the new Balance 1442 and think that it looks remarkably similar to the Rock & Tone. That is because it is the same shoe.

michifus (author) on August 23, 2010:

Also have a look at New Balance True Balance. They were released this month, and look great! I have added the link above the voting buttons above.

revrave on August 23, 2010:

I am curious about these rockers, i don't usually wear them, but i may change my mind, sending this hub to my daughter, from new hubber

Lyria on July 18, 2010:

I love the look of the New Balance Rock and Tone sneakers. Once summer is over and I put away my toning flip-flops, I'm going to purchase a pair of the New Balance rockers. Great hubs!

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