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Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Review

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Basic Benefits of Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo

Moroccan Argan Oil is making it on all types of beauty lists these days – just pick up any beauty magazine to see for yourself. Anything with this previous oil is an absolute must-have, according to modern day beauty experts.

Argan oil can be found in hot oil treatments, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, body oils, and even certain types of makeup. But the real secret with this “new fad” is that it isn't new at all. Argan oil has been used for centuries in the Mediterranean for a wide array of both health and beauty purposes.

In addition to basic daily use on hair, skin, nails, and lips, people in the Mediterranean have also used this essential oil for bug bites, infections, and rashes. But what is all the hype about?

What Is Argan Oil Exactly?

Argan oil, sometimes referred to as “liquid gold,” is only grown in a 3,200 square mile radius in a rural Moroccan area. The oil is extracted from the fruit grown from Argan trees. It can then be either cold pressed or solvent extracted. The trees themselves are special.

The combination of deep roots and small leaves allows the trees to have a very high resistance to both winds and water loss from the hot sun. This, in turn, gives the Argan fruit a unique oil profile with a high nutrient concentration that is so good for your hair, skin, lips, and nails.

While this unique oil is great for so many different things, today we're going to focus on just one product which can really up your daily beauty routine: Argan Oil Shampoo.

Check out the most basic benefits this oil-infused shampoo has for your hair and scalp.

Argan oil

Argan oil

1. No Oil, No Dryness

Argan oil has anti-sebum properties, which basically breaks down to mean that it helps dry out excessive oils on your scalp. This keeps the hair from getting that greasy, lank look.

No excessive oil means your hair will look fuller and healthier. Unfortunately, most drying shampoos tend to over dry if used for long periods of time, leaving hair looking brittle. That isn't the case with Argan Oil Shampoo.

The high content of essentially fatty acids keeps hair follicles hydrated, and hair shiny. So no oil, no dryness – you're left with a salon fresh look every time.

2. UV & Free Radicals No More

A unique feature of Argan Oil – one that makes it particularly good for your skin, but is just as useful for your hair – is it's protective qualities. High in antioxidants, essentially fatty acids, and Vitamin E, Argan Oil has the ability to protect your hair from UV damage, while neutralizing the effects of free radicals.

3. Treats Split Ends & Tames Frizz

Treating split ends and taming frizz is yet another benefit your hair can reap because of Argan Oil's high nutrient content. Although most people reap this benefit through hot oil treatments, using an Argan Oil Shampoo everyday can actually fix the problem before it ever starts. It is much better (and cheaper) to maintain healthy hair than it is to fix dry, damaged hair.

How To Reap The Most Benefits

If you want your hair to reap the most benefits from a Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo, there are a few tips and tricks you can use.

First and foremost, nearly all modern day beauty experts suggest skipping a day (or two) between hair washings. Over washing your hair can be a bad thing, even with the best shampoos.

Another tip is to pair your shampoo with a conditioner which also contains Argan Oil. This gives the oil more contact with your follicles and roots, allowing it to work it's magic to a more noticeable degree every type you shower.

Depending upon your preference, you can use either a wash out or leave in conditioner. Both have the same great effects for your hair, but what type of hair you have may be a considering factor.

Those with dry hair may want to opt for a leave in conditioner, because it will allow hair to soak up a little extra moisture. Those with naturally oily hair may want to opt for a wash out conditioner, as leave in formulas may cause the hair to become a little greasy as the day wears on.

Try out other great Argan Oil products to round out your routine. What a lot of people don't realize is that your entire beauty regiment must work together. If your hair is oily, your face becomes oily, which causes breakouts. If your skin is dry and irritated, it can cause rashes.

Grabbing a good Argan Oil infused lotion or a little bit of organic essential Argan Oil for your skin can help leave your entire body looking and feeling as fantastic as your hair.

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The Healing Effects of Argan Oil Hair Conditioner

You've probably heard about Argan oil before, which is also known as Moroccan oil. This precious oil is derived from a fruit tree called Argan, which grows in southwestern Morocco which the Berbers (the ancient inhabitants of Northern Africa), also called it the "Tree of Life".

Argan oil is in many ways a beneficial and traditional preparation that helps women around the world treat different problems, especially hair problems and this true nectar of beauty has been used for centuries in beauty rituals.

Many companies that sell cosmetic products decided to use this incredible formula that provides the best results. In fact, no other formula can compete with this one.

There are so many different cosmetic products you can find about skin care and hair care that contain Argan oil. But the most important thing is to find the right one that contains pure Argan oil.

That way you will make sure that you got the right product that will help you solve the problem that many women experience at least once in their lives - split ends and damaged hair, that can occur due to various different reasons.

Argan oil "liquid gold"

Argan oil "liquid gold"

"Liquid Gold"

Argan oil is produced in Morocco, where it is called liquid gold, and is used for centuries. In other countries, people use the names Argan oil and Moroccan oil. This incredible product has become one of the most wanted natural resources for beauty.

Argan oil, would be of great importance in diet but because of its high prices for now, however, it can rarely be found in dishes. You'll be surprised to learn that Argan oil has been proven as an efficient solution to prevent prostate cancer and high cholesterol levels according to some studies.

The natural ingredients of this oil, which include tocopherol, squalene, sterol, etc. can have healing properties and anti-aging properties. Since it can be purchased almost in every country around the world, there is no need to despair because this truly wonderful product can restore your hair completely.

When it comes to hair care, Argan oil hair conditioner can easily be applied after washing on damp hair. This incredible product gives the hair softness and shine, restores damaged parts, and may improve its growth.

Vitamin E is contained in the Argan oil hair conditioner which directly affects its healthier growth because it contains antioxidants, which influence the creation of new cells.

Argan oil penetrates into the pores of the hair follicles, so that affects the elasticity of the hair and nourishes it. The healing effects of Argan oil on hair can immediately be seen, because the hair becomes brighter, and easier to brush. The Argan oil hair conditioner does not irritate the scalp and doesn't even contain harmful chemicals that damage the hair.


Can Be Used by Individuals Who Have Problems with Damaged Hair

The Argan oil hair conditioner can be used by individuals who have problems with damaged hair and split ends, because it gives a feeling of softness, and a silky and shiny hair. When treated with Argan oil hair conditioner you are preventing a further damage of your hair.

Argain oil hair conditioner is easy to use, simply apply a few drops of it on your hands and apply it evenly on the hair. The easiest way is to do it after washing, when the hair is wiped with a towel and just a little dry.

The deep regeneration that this product provides will make it your new favorite hair conditioner. The best thing about this oil is that it is fat free and you can even use it to style your hair.

What you can do to check how effective it is, is to apply it on your hair before you go to bed and wash the hair in the morning. Be sure that you will be amazed by the results. There is no way that it won't satisfy your needs. If you are a person who uses hair straighteners or hairdryers every day, consider using this product.

It is something that your hair needs in order to be protected from all the heat that can damage it permanently. It has the ability to restore even the most damaged hair with the help of the high concentration of Vitamin A that will gradually repair the damaged parts.

Safe For Color Treated Hair

Hair coloring can cause a huge damage to your hair and is one of the main causes of split ends. It makes the hair fragile and lifeless. But you can now solve the problem permanently and you can still continue to color your hair.

With this incredible product you will not only prevent damage to the hair, but will also extend the life of the color. It is rich in omega 3 and omega 9 fatty acids, which nourish the hair from the roots to the tops. It improves hair strength and prevents split ends, so why waiting? Start using it today.

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