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Three Basic Rules to Wear Pants Modestly

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Loose pants

Loose pants

Dressing modestly requires that you dress without exposing too much of your body. It also requires that you wear clothes that are not too tight. When it comes to pants, I have come up with three basic rules to wear them in a modest way.

Although some people find that it is best to avoid pants altogether, for me, that is not a choice. This is why I came up with ways I could wear them without exposing too much. The following rules have helped me, but feel free to adjust them to your needs.

Pants and Long Shirt Dress

Pants and Long Shirt Dress

Rule #1: Layer

Dressing modestly often requires that you wear different layers of clothing. This is especially true with pants. By layering, you can make sure you cover those areas you don't want to be exposed. The types of pants you can use with layers are tights and tight-fitting pants. However, you can basically wear any type of pants with layers.

How to do it:

  • Make sure you have plenty of long shirts or dress blouses, long vests or sweaters.
  • You will wear the long/short shirt followed by your long vest or sweater.


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Rule #2 : Choose Loose

When purchasing pants, opt for styles that are loose-fitting. This is the perfect way to avoid wearing too many layers. You may still choose to wear a long blouse on top of your loose-fitting pants. If you are petite, make sure you get the right length. Also, when wearing loose pants, make sure you wear high heels that compliment your style. Don't make your pants the centerpiece of your style.

Rule #3: Wear Pants With Short Dresses

My third rule is to wear pants with a short dress—my favorite option of all three. Sometimes you find cute short dresses, but you can't wear them because of the length. Wearing pants eliminates the problem of showing too much of the legs.

In the photo below, you will see how I paired some lovely black tights and boots with a short dress.

I have done this with jeans as well. Don't be afraid to try this option, as it is super easy.

Short Spring Dress

Short Spring Dress

Your Choice

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Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on March 24, 2017:

I would never think of wearing a short dress over pants, it's a cute idea! Thank you...

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