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Men's Haircuts: 9 Hair Styles Trends for 2020

Wanting to revamp your look in 2020? So you're in the right place because today I've put together nine male haircuts. Just choose your favorite one; take the photo on your next visit to the barbershop, and you will feel like a new man. From role models to actors, from influencers to athletes learn about the hottest hairstyles of the moment.


Let's start with the textured bangs, where the hair is tossed forward / sideways, using an ointment to give the hairstyle a "carefully messy" look. The hair size may be longer or medium. This is now the darling cut of several male models. Male fashion models like Lucky Blue Smith and Raf Miller adore this cut,


The buzzcut is nothing more than the classic hair shaved. But in its modernized version, it has side fades. Actor Michael B. Jordan is one of the supporters of this cut, which gives a very masculine image to those who wear it. Another (distinct) advantage of buzzcut is it is easy for daily maintenance. You only have to go to the barber every 2 or 3 weeks to keep the gradient right.



In a literal Portuguese translation, falling quiff would be something like "tuft in fall." And what is the reason for this name? Imagine your tuft after a long day. As much as you try to keep it upright, some strands will start to fall on your forehead, correct? The idea of ​​falling quiff is precisely that, with the difference that is not accidental but intentional. The goal is to give a touch of relaxation to the look. Actor Chris Hemsworth, known for playing Thor in Marvel movies, loves this hairstyle.



Crew Cut, in Portuguese, could be translated as "crew cut." What are its characteristics? Shaved sides, with optional fade, and low top, trimmed in scissors. David Beckham was recently photographed with a crew cut. And if it was approved by him, we couldn't miss it on our list, right?



Now a specific suggestion for those with afro hair: the top dreads. It is an updated version of traditional dreadlocks, with strands of woven hairs. The idea is to undercut the sides - and throw the hairs up with a side drop. Who remembers Michael B. Jordan in the movie "Black Panther"? That's what we're talking about.

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Remember we talked about falling quiff earlier? That is not the only style of tuft that is on the rise. A popular choice among men's fashion influencers - such as Rowan Row and Stefano Tratto - is to adopt this classic textured haircut. That is, nothing to do with a very straight hairstyle, as Elvis Presley used in the 1960s. The idea is to create moving hairs, preferably using a matte effect fixer.


If you want a haircut more "tidy," so to speak, consider the long side part. The idea is to comb the hair back/side. It gives a vintage look, reminiscent of the time when the gel was used instead of wax or ointment. If the traditional side part uses shorter hairs, here the idea is to keep them longer. Who loves this look is actor Chris Evans, who plays Captain America.



With a foot in the 1990s, the middle part is coming back from everywhere. The idea is basically to split the hair in half, with a front/side fall. The strands should be longer and messy, to give a touch of rebellion to the look. The top model Cameron Dallas is one of the main precursors of this look.


To lock our list with a golden key, we could not forget about the long (middle) hair, up to about chin height. Remember that it is important to keep a good amount of "movement" on the hairs and not leave them too straight. Two men's fashion influencers that are booming on Instagram - Jay Alvarrez and Renan Pacheco - are adept at this cut.


Sajal Ghimire (author) from Nepal on October 28, 2019:

Thanks for the appreciation @Tess

Tess from Hawaii on October 28, 2019:

Really nice hair trends here. I've always been a fan of the top dreads. Nice article.

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