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Best Men's Cologne for 2015

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Best Mens Cologne 2015

Fragrance Gifts for the Man in your life.

Fragrance Gifts for the Man in your life.

Gifts for Men

2015 Cologne for Men

What gift to get your man for Christmas, for his birthday or for Valentines day has never been easier. With so many extraordinary colognes out there, I can assure you that there is a cologne to match every man’s personality. Maybe your guy is a are a nature lover, and if so he will love the fragrance Versace cologne with its sexy blend of modern notes and a classic vibe.Mens cologne the perfect gift when you want to say you love him.

Not always easy to figure what to get your man for Christmas and even harder when it comes to giving your valentine a present, so here is your answer as these colognes by top designers will be one of the best gifts he could ever receive. He will definitely feel special especially in this season of joy. love and gift giving. To give you Christmas and Valentine giving ideas here we have the best mens colognes, a lovers Gift for Him in 20145.

Mens Fragrance

2015 best gifts for men

2015 best gifts for men

Mens Gifts

For Valentines Day

Maybe is one of those guys who doesn't really make it vocal when the season comes,and you are racking your brains what yo get him. Men and cologne, cologne and men it just works. And the best part is that this is one gift that will work for you too, all year long. With some of the most delicious and sensual fragrances from the top designers of the world creating these wonderful scents, your only task is to pick which cologne to get for your guy. Tis the season to give and a bottle of cologne is one gift that lasts the year!
So, here is a list of my favorite mens fragrances for 2015.

Acqua Di Gio by Armani

Acqua Di Gio by Armani

AQUA DI GIO by Armani

AQUA DI GIO by Armani

5 Stars for Giorgio Armani

Acqua Di Gio by Armani

Acqua Di Gio by Armani

Aqua Di Gio

A resolutely masculine fragrance born from the sea, the sun, the earth, and the breeze of a Mediterranean island. Transparent, aromatic, and woody in nature Aqua Di Gio Pour Homme is a contemporary expression of masculinity, in an aura of marine notes, fruits, herbs, and woods.

Aqua Di Gio Cologne

  • Notes: Marine Notes, Mandarin, Bergamot, Neroli, Persimmon, Rosemary, Nasturtium, Jasmine, Amber, Patchouli, Cistus.
  • Style: Transparent, modern, and masculine

Versace Pour Homme

Versace Pour Homme - A Woody Oriental Fragrance

Versace Pour Homme - A Woody Oriental Fragrance



Gift Pour Homme

Mens Cologne

One of my favorite new colognes for men comes from the House of Versace. With the simple name "Versace Pour Homme" this fragrance is a blend of the most essential ingredients of Mediterranean origin. It reaks of knowledgeable and self-confident for the man that knows and can live in harmony with the natural world. It is about a man that is Dynamic and entrepreneurial, the Versace Pour Homme man knows how to communicate and he does so with his forceful and passionate character through this decidedly masculine fragrance.

versace homme

Versace Pour Homme the Fragrance

  • Notes: Bergamot, Neroli, Citron of Diamante, Bitter Orange Leaves, Geranium, Clary Sage, Blue Hyacinth, Cedar Wood, Old Wood, Mineral Amber, Tonka Bean, Musk.
  • Style: Strong. Virtuosic. Unique. Exotic. Sensual.

Personally speaking this is a very nice, subtle and smooth fragrance. Would fit most men's taste making it a great boyfriend gift.

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Ralph Lauren The Big Pony Fragrance Collection

Ralph Lauren The Big Pony Fragrance Collection


The Big Pony Collection by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Get In the Game With

The Big Pony Collection

Inspired by the classic Ralph Lauren polo shirt, with its bold colors and oversized Polo Player logo, here is a new team of fragrances. Ralph Lauren while continuing in his American tradition of redefining style while bringing choice and modernity to a new generation of men. Each of the colognes comes in a flask bottles in one of four bold colors. Of course each cologne represents a fragrance that evokes your man to "Get in the Game."

So why not really go all for him and this Christmas get him all 4 of these sensual fragrances.

Ralph Lauren Sports Collection

A Fragrance for every Man in all different shades and colors

#1 - Blue is for the Sporty Guy that is always up and ready for a game of any kind

#2 - Red is for the Seductive male that can bring the excitement to any activity.

#3- Green is for the Adventurous man that is ready for anything that comes his way.

#4 - Orange for the Stylish gent that knows how to dress in the latest fashion.

Burberry the Beat

Burberry Mens

Burberry Mens

cologne for men

cologne for men

Beat For Men by Burberry

The Burberry brand, created in 1856

The Burberry brand, created in 1856

Burberry the Beat Cologne for Men

Cologne for Men

The Beat For Men

Here is cool polished gun-metal bottle that has an intense black check pattern which was created to go along with this hit mens cologne and the man that wears it. Burberry has come up with the fragrance called The Beat For Men. Quite an addictive, woody scent that has a pulsing energy classic of the British mans edgy attitude. A burst of freshness with a vibrant cedrat, black pepper, and viole. The noses behind this fragrance are Olivier Polge and Domitille Berthier.

The Beat for Men was introduced in 2008 and in 2015 it is one of the hottest cologne for men this Christmas.

  • Notes: Leatherwood, Vetiver Bourbon, Energy Accord.
  • Style: Dynamic. Modern. Sexy.

Davidoffs Mens Cologne

Davidoffs Cool Water cologne is the perfect daytime scent for  men and the perfect gift for 2013 Christmas

Davidoffs Cool Water cologne is the perfect daytime scent for men and the perfect gift for 2013 Christmas

Cool Water

Cool Water Gift Set

Cool Water Mens Cologne

From the sunny Mediterranean yacht to the woodsy Tuscan villa, Davidoff cologne & perfume conjures the great outdoors lived luxuriously. Sample the good life without spending a fortune for your valentine. This is a number one mens fragrance that is sure to make the man in your life happy and more in love with you than ever before.

  • Notes - Signature blends involve citrus & sweet spices, often with woodsy or floral undertones
  • Style - Flexible day-to-night scents for casual occasions, plus select romantic evening fragrances

Le Male

Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier for Men

Jean Paul Gaultier


This strong, fresh, traditional and sensual scent is the perfect gift for that special man in your life.

The pleasure of smelling good differently. And fragrance the flouts convention and plays its two ways between tradition and audacity, freshness and softness, strength and sensuality.

Gifts for Him

Gifts for Him

For More Gifts for Him

Mens Cologne click here

Cologne For that Special Guy

2014 Best Gift for Men

So this is my list of the best mens colognes you can get for your Dad, the special guy in your life, your significant other or maybe the man you just want to get a special Valentines gift for him in 2014. This list is just the beginning of the colognes I love. If you want to see some more Christmas colognes for men click here.


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Shari (author) from New York, NY on August 08, 2011:

Calvin Klein does make some fabulous mens colognes, follow my hubs and you wont miss any of these great reviews on all the best fragrances for men and women!

perfume on August 08, 2011:

these r some great perfumes but u missed eternity,guess and ferrari

therains on June 16, 2011:

Great info. i love perfume.

diesel_1988 on April 21, 2011:

those are easy to find. every one wears those fragrance. I like to wear tom ford private blend, Creed , Bond no9, van cleef & Arpels Midnight in Paris.

M on April 13, 2011:

Missed one...Yves St Laurent - La Nuit

ken on March 16, 2011:

giorgio armani smells so great

Shari (author) from New York, NY on February 27, 2011:

Acqua di Gio is just about my absolute favorite! And you do know it is really a unisex fragrance!

Cd53108 on January 19, 2011:

Ladies buy your man some John Varvatos and control yourselves

antonrosa from USA on January 13, 2011:

Great Hub!! I love Acqua di Gio. It is my signature scent as a man. Thanks

Shari (author) from New York, NY on November 23, 2010:

rob zone - I have to agree with you especially with Calvin Klein. It is why any of the CK fragrances are always on the best selling perfume and colognes lists. Thanks for the thumbs up and on behalf of all the women in the world. . yes we love when men smell delicious!

robs zone on November 19, 2010:

You can never go wrong with Lacoste or Calvin Klein in my opinioin! It's always nice when us guys are noticed for smelling good! Nice hub :]

Debra Allen from West Virginia on September 27, 2010:

I also grew up with my father wearing Old Spice, but now Avon has a large line of Men's Cologne too and I wrote a hub on their top ten's for men and one for women. I voted your up and useful.

Raymond D Choiniere from USA on September 27, 2010:

Okay, Men's Cologne? Hmmm...I am not so sure about that anymore. It seems so 80's. LOL! I haven't worn Men's Cologne in ages and when I did, I'm sorry to say it isn't anything you have on your list, due to the fact that I found a unique Men's Cologne that had great appeal to women when it blended with my own scent, and it's not on your list. You do however have some of the best Men's Cologne that is mostly common for use. Another nice hub. :)

Shari (author) from New York, NY on September 25, 2010:

wvierra- I love the way you always talk about your wife. . it is really a refreshing change. She is one lucky lady - I hope she gets you one of these delicious scents for Christmas!

wvierra from Collinsville on September 25, 2010:

Well, Now here is something useful, Some of these colognes I have never heard of. I might try one or two of these and maybe find something to make my wife's heart flutter 8o)

Shari (author) from New York, NY on September 25, 2010:

Lady_E - you are right I love Hugo Boss especially the mens fragrance Element and Hugo Man!

Shari (author) from New York, NY on September 25, 2010:

PDM - it really smells good around here now that you came by!

Shari (author) from New York, NY on September 25, 2010:

Sam - so so very nice to see you :) Cool Water is one of my all time favorite mens colognes. . its so good I can even wear it (what can I say, I prefer most mens colognes to womens fragrances any day!)

Elena from London, UK on September 25, 2010:

Some great names/perfumes here. I'm surprised Hugo Boss is not here but I'm glad you've introduced me to some new ones.

Thanks, I'm glad you showed the prices too. :)

Shari (author) from New York, NY on September 25, 2010:

lisa- i am sure that the man on your Christmas list will be so happy to get a great cologne in a flask!!

Shari (author) from New York, NY on September 25, 2010:

Boomer - me too and the funny thing is that I like mens colognes so much more than any womens fragrance!!!

prettydarkhorse from US on September 25, 2010:

Beautiful of course and this hub smells good, I am smelling men now hehe, Maita

samboiam from Texas on September 24, 2010:

Shari, some great choices. Cool Water is my favorite.

Great job. Keep up the good work.

lisabeaman from Phoenix, AZ on September 24, 2010:

Some great ideas here! I really like the flask bottles. I'll have to check them out for Christmas :)

Boomer60 on September 24, 2010:

Like others here my father and husband are akin to Old Spice. But I do like the sounds of the Cool Water. Just a hint of cologne is all I want to smell. Nothing heavy!

Shari (author) from New York, NY on September 24, 2010:

msorensson - you just took me down memory lane. . as my dad always wore Old Spice (and Tabac) and I could almost just smell it! And like you I am very sensitive to scents, so it is hard sometimes when a cologne is too strong. . so as you can see my choices are all pretty light!

Hope your son agrees with me on the best colognes!

msorensson on September 24, 2010:

I am very sensitive to I rarely ever like for me or the men to wear anything in terms of perfume.

However I grew up with most of the men in my family wearing Old Spice so that smell I am used to and does not bother me as much. I also liked Paco Rabanne.

These days my son tries all kinds of perfumes so I will let him read your hub. You have good choices. Thank you for sharing.

Shari (author) from New York, NY on September 24, 2010:

Pamela - and I know you have many men in your life, cologne is always a great thing to give each and every one!

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on September 24, 2010:

We all like our men to smell good and I think you have shown us some great choices.

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