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Men’s Grooming for a Formal Event

Dress to Impress

No matter what the event, you should always dress to impress. However, if you think drenching yourself in aftershave, or putting on ripped jeans to a formal event is the way to go, then you’re on the wrong track. I usually attend a lot of corporate and work-related functions, so looking my best is essential. You need to grab attention for all the right reasons.

Before going through the humiliating ordeal of having other people tell you, let me guide you on what I think is essential in order to groom for an event.

What You Should Do: Trim or Shave

A beard that is about two inches thick looks trendy and stylish only if it’s maintained though. If you don’t have time to maintain it, then skip the beard and shave. Try not to do it on the day of the event, just in case you get skin irritation.


What You Should Do: Impress With Your Attire

I’ve been to many functions where men seem to go for the baggy look. Nothing worse than a suit that doesn’t fit right. Clothes and suits that fit perfectly elevate your style and compliment your physique. Your suit must fit correctly according to the shape of your body and make sure your shoes are polished.


What You Should Do: Find A Haircut

All you require is a simple clean-up so you can look smooth during your meeting or event. Unlike a pair of ill-fitting pants, you can’t remove your hair. So choosing the right hairstyle is vital. Speak to your barber to advise you on a hairstyle that will suit or compliment the shape of your face. Maybe browse through a few magazines and show your barber an example of a haircut you would like him or her to replicate.


What You Should Do: Keep Some Mints With You

Nothing worse than engaging in a conversation with someone who has halitosis. So make sure you always have some mints in your pocket. Before engaging in a conversation, pop a mint in your mouth, especially if you have eaten something with on overpowering taste.

What You Should NOT Do: Sweat

As men, sometimes our sweat glands tend to be overactive. The stress to reach the event or meeting timeously or trying to achieve certain expectations can increase the amount of sweat you secrete. The only way to combat this is to buy a 12 or 24-hour deodorant or roll-on so you can feel fresh throughout the day.


What You Should NOT Do: Drench Yourself In Cologne

While it is important to smell nice, you need to make sure you don’t use too much cologne. When you approach someone at the event you don’t want them to be gasping for air because your cologne is too overpowering.


What You Should NOT Do: Wear Accessories

You should not wear any metal embellishments or accessories when you are wearing a suit or formal attire. A stylish watch should be the only addition you need.


What You Should NOT Do: Wear Ripped Jeans

Don’t wear ripped jeans and t-shirts to a formal function. Wearing ripped jeans to a causal event or party is perfectly fine, but give this a miss if you are attending something a bit more formal.


5 Rules for Formal Dressing - Men's Style Guide