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Makeup Trends to Keep Your Face Primed and Ready for Action

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The Face. The first point of contact for the eyes, the first impression for the lenses of the world. Our faces are very important in the grand scheme of the world’s magnifying glass because it tells a very important tale about our appeal and our disposition. Plus, its always good to make that vital and often ignored first impression; an impression that could define what kind of attention we attract. This brief telling will show you some of the makeup trends and tips that you need to smother that first impression.

1. Keep that Face Clean!

Over the years, we've noticed many women have started to trail the direction of a natural, fresh face as opposed to the overly contoured, heavily made up appeal. Of course, make-up is a necessity in most cases, but it's worthy to note that a fresh, clean, clear face takes the crown on the majority of occasions. A little gloss and glam, some nice, eccentric lashes and some mascara never hurt anyone, but with the recent rise of celebrity ‘naturality’ and brand advertisement of ‘the natural way, all the way’, it's easy to tell that natural is the new make-up. So, make sure you keep your face clean and clear; it could be all the make-up you need.

2. Bold Eyes ONLY.

Let’s talk about those eyes! One make-up trend spinning the world today is the Bold eyes, Natural skin duo. The point is to draw attention to the eyes using some glitter, mascara, and liner, but keeping the make-up on the other parts of the face as minimalistic as possible. This means minimal puffs, no highlights and hardly any foundation. Just the tone of your natural skin complementing the bravery of your eyes. Chic, isn’t it?

3. Applying Multiple Highlighters.

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Who says you need to use just one highlighter? The answer: No one. There’s absolutely no reason you have to stick to using just one highlighter on your face per makeup look. Experiment with different highlighters on various spots of your face or if you fancy, mix a couple of highlighters to produce a unique shade and apply the result on your face. The results would be a stunning glow capable of rivaling that of our very Sun! It is important to target your cheek bones, brow bones, inner eye corners and jawline to produce a mesmerizingly stunning effect on these contours.

4. Monochromatic Makeup.

A brilliant simplification to the makeup realm. The whole idea of monochromatic makeup is to use similar shades of the same color codes of makeup in different ways. The rule basically says. ‘USE SAME, but DIFFERENT’. The beauty in this trend is that it makes every part of your face light up like a disco ball. Using different shades of the same color, creates a contrast effect that mimics and complements your face in a breathtaking fashion. Think of it like a “50 Shades of Black” effect.

5. Metallica!

I don’t know about you, but every time I think of (or see) metal, the phrase ‘shine bright like a diamond’ pops right into my head; and that’s the entire atmosphere behind Metallica. Using metallic highlight and metallic colors like silver, grey, and touches of black creates a sort of sharp, shiny appeal to your face. The most dramatic effects strike a balance between natural skin and sharp contours, highlighting the cheeks, eyes, jawline and nose, whilst maintaining an overall skin minimalism. Effects like these are to die for and would definitely have you running head over heels.

That's it! You're set to go ;)

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