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Makeup Products of Rivaj Uk


Every girl has her own choice in makeup some makeup products are good as well. Now, here I tell my favorite makeup product.


My Experience

I went to the market two years ago to buy some makeup. At the make-up shop, I asked the sales girl to show me the best lip pencil. She showed me a lip pencil in orange. I checked the color. I really liked this product and I bought it. I tried it. My experience with this product was very good. A few days later I checked this brand on Google and saw its products. Everything in this brand is amazing, lipsticks, lip pencils, blushes, eye shadows are all great. The brand is great not only in make-up but also in terms of skin care products.

Black Charcoal Mask

If I talk about this brand of skin care product, I would advise my friends to try the black charcoal face mask which is really great and I really like this mask. I apply it on my face and remove it after 15 minutes and then it is almost dry, so when I start peeling it starts to make my skin smooth and pink. The mask removes my blackheads and softens my skin. Surprisingly, the charcoal mask is for all skin types. It is soft on all skin types. My face is oily, but after using this mask, I have managed to control my oily face which is very good for me. Okay, so I advise all my friends to try this mask and see what the result is. I hope you all enjoy this mask ad you will start to love this mask after use.

Vitamin C Serum

I ordered Vitamin C Serum from this site and I had a great experience with it. I used this serum at night before going to bed, and in the morning my face was refreshed and after 2 weeks my face became a little different. And this serum also hides my acne issues. This serum smells just as good as orange. I also advised my friends to try it and see the magic on their faces.

Whitening Cleansing Milk

Now, if I talk about this brand of whitening milk, it's really, really great. It shows amazing results that not only cleanses the face, but also removes make-up. I recently bought this cleansing product and I used it. I have no words. I really like this brand of product.


The sunblock of this product is also good. It contains SPF 60 which prevents the sun's rays from entering the skin. I have a lot of products of this brand of which Sunblock is one of them. When I went to college, I used to apply it on my face 15 minutes before going out of the house because if we apply it and go straight out, it makes our face look like oil and proper It doesn't work properly, so if you want the right result, use it wisely. Applying it first absorbs it into your skin and then you go out wherever you want. I used to apply this sun block all over my face before going to college and when I come home my face looks as fresh and cool as the morning.

Blush on

My mother bought this brand blush on which is in light colors pink light brown. I use this when I go to the function many people admire me and I personally like these shade the pink. The lipsticks are also amazing. Matte lipstick is so wonderful, all colors are so beautiful. I don't have words to admire this brand of makeup.

Face Wash

Amazing, amazing product. I have used 2 face washes of this brand so far. Every time I wash my face with it, my face opens up a lot. It's amazing. Its fragrance is so good and beautiful. It softens and softens my skin and makes my day cool and fresh. I also recommend my siblings to use it as it is a very light and good product.