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Best Braids Hairstyle for Your Face Shape (Women's Edition)

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I love fashion! Hairstyle is so important for women. The right hairstyle can make you look younger, more attractive, and hide imperfections.

Common Types of Braids

When we think of braids, there are so many different types. Let me list some of the common braids out there so that you can mix up the different braids to come up with different looks.

  • Classic 3 strand braids
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Fishtail
  • Twist or rope

Inspired by Greek Goddess - Perfect Braids for Oval Faces

This braid is so pretty that you will look like a goddess instantly. The braids show off your perfect oval face and draw attention to your face. Pair this hairstyle with a little dress to bring out more of your feminine charms. Also, pair this up-do hair with some statement earrings. Your date won't take his eyes off of you.


Up-do Dutch Braid Hairstyle is So Perfect for Oval Faces

The oval face is so versatile and can pull off all braided hairstyles. However, this up-do Dutch braid hairstyle is perfect for the oval face only. Without adding any height to the crown and no width to the side, it only flatters those with the oval face shape. This hairstyle is complicated for everyday. However, it will be perfect for special occasions.

Waterfall Braids for the Diamond Face Women

Diamond faces are characterized by wide cheekbones, small forehead, and narrow chin. This face shape gives the impression of a very strong willed woman. To balance out the strong cheekbones, it is better to put your hair down. The waterfall braids are a fun way to style your hair to flatter the diamond face shape.

Many Braids are Perfect for Round Faces

You can easily use braided hair to make your round face appear more oval. This is especially true if you have a very soft textured hair. It is generally harder to create volume on the top if your hair is soft and thin. But just do some braids on the top of the head to easily elongate the face. You will look very amazing with the right braided hairstyle.

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African American Edgy Braided Hairstyle for the Round Faces

The African American community is closely associated with braided hairstyle. This edgy braided hairstyle is so perfect for round faces. It adds height to the top of the head and elongates a round face. If you have tightly curled hair texture, this hairstyle is made for you!


Twisted Crown Braids for the Oblong Faces

Two braids on the side of the head and cross them in the middle at the back of the head is a simple hairstyle that flatters long slender faces. This hairstyle does not add any height to the oblong face and only adds width to the slender face. It is also a very causal hairstyle that you can wear almost anytime. This hairstyle is so perfect for those with naturally wavy hair because the wavy hair on the side of your face will instantly add lots of width.

Braided Hair for Medium Length Hair and Oblong Faces

Short and medium length hairstyles are generally good for oblong faces. Whatever hairstyle you pick, you want your long slender face to appear shorter and more round. This African American braided hairstyle adds a lot of width to the face and complements an oblong face perfectly. By adding a little bit of color at the end of the braids draws even more attention to your beautiful face.


Braids with Bangs for the Heart Shaped Face

The heart shaped face is very versatile and looks amazing with many different hairstyles. Since heart shape faces are characterized by large forehead and small chin, the side swept or messy bangs perfectly balance out the heart shaped face. All attention will be on your face. With the beautiful heart shaped face, you can go for lots of different braids as long as you have bangs to frame your forehead.



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