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Sleeping Angels: The Unique Jewelry & Hallmark of Hubert Harmon

Close up of Hubert Harmon's winged feet hallmark

Close up of Hubert Harmon's winged feet hallmark

Getting Exposed to Vintage Mexican Jewelry

Living in Tucson Arizona for many years, I had the opportunity to see many fine collections of vintage jewelry from Mexico.

The more I saw and learned about this unique artisan jewelry, the more I fell in love with the beautiful designs and high craftsmanship.

HUBERT HARMON Sterling Silver MOON & STARS Brooch

HUBERT HARMON Sterling Silver MOON & STARS Brooch

Designed by Old Mexican Craftsmen?

I envisioned old Mexican craftsmen working diligently in their shops eventually gaining popularity and fame due to their tireless efforts as a silversmith.

I later learned that this was not always the case. Several locations in Mexico had become well known, especially Taxco and Mexico City, for the skills and craftsmanship of the silversmiths. This provided an opportunity for jewelry designers to produce high quality handcrafted jewelry.

Some of the most famous designers from Mexico were born in the United States. These designers hired the best Mexico silversmiths to help them produce their now famous designs.

Among some of the most famous American jewelry designers at that time were Margot van Voorhies Carr (Margot de Taxco), William Spratling and Hubert Harmon.

Back of Brooch showing Hubert Harmon's winged feet hallmark

Back of Brooch showing Hubert Harmon's winged feet hallmark

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Winged Feet Hallmark of Hubert Harmon

One of the most unique hallmarks of vintage Mexico jewelry is the unique winged feet hallmark of Hubert Harmon.

Both angels and feet (symbolizing forward movement) were a favorite motif for Hubert Harmon. His winged feet hallmark representing “sleeping angels” incorporated both of them.

Hubert Harmon had several hallmarks however this is my personal favorite.

Whimsical Designs of Hubert Harmon

Hubert Harmon did not follow the popular Mexico designs of the day, he preferred a more whimsical approach to his jewelry designs. His designs not only include feet and angels but also dogs (especially poodles), stars, mermaids, and dolphins among others.

Unfortunately Hubert Harmon only produced jewelry in Mexico for only a short time from 1942-1948 making his work quite rare and highly collectable.

More than Jewelry

Although the most famous work of Hubert Harmon may be jewelry and accessories, you may be lucky enough to find some of his PoodleMania porcelain or glassware pieces.


Kim Jolie on December 31, 2012:

Good article, and nicely written.

Reynold Jay from Saginaw, Michigan on November 18, 2012:

Rock collecting and now these very nice H. Harmon designs. Nicely done as you always do.

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