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How to Wear Shorts with Leggings

Shorts with leggings

Shorts with leggings

Can You Wear Leggings Under Shorts?

Leggings are cool fashion objects that are becoming more stylish in modern days. Many outfits can go well with them as long as you pay attention to the top, shoes and accessories. But can wear leggings with shorts? Although there seems to be some opposition, wearing leggings under shorts is a possibility.

Most people are of the opinion that shorts should only be worn under tights and not with leggings. The pairing seems a bit strange or stunning, the argument goes. In worst case scenarios, girls who wear leggings and shorts may face ridicule. People who are against this outfit believe that pants should be worn instead of shorts. However, not all ladies like pants.

Leggings and shorts

Leggings and shorts

If someone can wear short shorts even without leggings, it follows that adding leggings should be a bonus. It indicates some level of modesty but in a cute and stylish manner. One major advantage with leggings is that you can wear varying lengths. Additionally, you can wear flip-flops, some of which are not possible to pair with tights.

Short skirts over leggings are favored by many ladies particularly young girls. There isn’t much difference between a mini and shorts. The only major variation is that shorts will be more comfortable especially when sitting or bending.

Leggings and shorts are ideal for ladies who like shorts but will never wear the latter alone. Although tights may seem more appropriate, leggings can also work in some situations. Another ideal situation is when it is very cold.

Leggings with shorts

Leggings with shorts

Wear the Outfit in the Right Places and Occasions

Not all women can wear shorts with leggings. And definitely not all occasions are perfect for the pairing. If you feel that people are going to frown on you, it’s better to choose some other clothing.

Some places to avoid when you are in stunning dresses are business and formal occasions. Weddings, interviews and other business meetings are very sensitive when it comes to the dress code. This fashion should also not be your choice if you living or going to conservative areas. Some places you may feel comfortable in such clothing include pubs, dances, and some schools and colleges.

Shorts over leggings

Shorts over leggings

Wear the Right Top

You may have a very nice top that could go well with your leggings. But it’s too short to cover your bottom, it may be inappropriate. A mini skirt or sweater can bridge the gap. A good pair of shorts is also fine.

Wearing a shirt that seems to obscure the shorts will create the impression that your shorts are faulty. If you must wear a long top, choose a button-down like a cardigan or shirt. Don’t go for tunics or peplums.

Be Ready to Stun

When going out, do so with confidence. If you feel that you are likely to get embarrassed when people stare at you, then you are in the wrong outfit. When sitting down, be sure to show those around you that you feel comfortable in what you are wearing.

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The key to being stylish is to break fashion rules. Being in a clothing combination that is not common is no big deal. Your attitude should be one of a fashion model in a brand new trend.

Leggings under shorts

Leggings under shorts

Keep Things Simple

The type and color of top will depend on the pattern and theme of your leggings. The same applies to your feet. Your aim should be to avoid any color-clashing. Trying to match your shorts to your top may produce a bad taste.

For instance, don’t wear a bright top and shorts if the leggings are dark. Conversely, don’t go for all dark and bright leggings. If the shorts and leggings are in contrasting shades, try to closely match your shirt to the hosiery.

Wear the right size and style of shorts

It is a good idea to wear shorts that are not too short or tight. Choose a pair of dressy shorts that fall well below your panty line. Denim shorts will look good even if they are a bit tight. However, compression shorts or bike shorts will not look stylish. Extra baggy shorts are not good either.

If the shorts are too short, avoid legwear that is transparent. Choose leggings that are thick and opaque. Should you find that your leggings are translucent, ensure that your shorts are long enough. Think as if you are not wearing anything under them.

Shorts with leggings

Shorts with leggings

Create a Contrast between the Shorts and Leggings

For patterned leggings, choose a pair of shorts in neutral color. If the leggings are plain and simple in color, opt for shorts that are printed or in a bright color. Wearing all bright may be okay for sun-filled outings.

If the shorts are decent enough to wear without hosiery underneath, consider wearing patterned leggings. These could be fishnet, sheer or textured. Lace leggings also go well especially with dark shorts.

Choose the right shoes

Do some testing behind the mirror and see which shoes look best for you. High heels can jazz up your shorts outfit and make your legs appear longer. Boots of different lengths are a perfect pairing with leggings.

For a more casual but feminine look, wear flat footwear like flip-flops or ballet flats. Avoid wearing visually over-sized shoes as they are bound to make your legs appear thinner. But any type of shoes that agree with the care-free nature of the outfit will be okay.

If you’re still not sure how to wear your shorts outfit, go for toned leggings. But whatever you choose, remember to be confident. Feeling comfortable and happy is the key to looking fabulous. With these tips, wearing your leggings under shorts will not shock people, but rather attract them to a new fashion trend.


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