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How to Wear a Midi Skirt the Stylish Way

Midi skirt outfits

Midi skirt outfits

How to Style a Midi Skirt

A midi skirt is one of the most versatile items of women’s clothing if you know how to wear it properly and what to pair with. You can wear it to virtually any occasion, be it work, night-out, street wear or club wear. However, it is not the easiest skirt to style. Plus size women should wear a midi skirt that fits at the hip and flares at the bottom. The hemline should be a few inches above the ankle. Slim ladies should wear their hemline at the widest part of the lower leg to create width.

With so many styles of tea length skirts, they can be fashioned for any sort of body. Although traditionally worn by elderly women, midi skirts can be shaped and twisted with the latest fabrics to make them some of the most adored outfits for any occasion. Styles include circular, A-line, full, pleated, semi-circular, flowing and tulip shaped.

Midi skirt outfit

Midi skirt outfit

Mid length skirts are sewn from a diversity of materials. Always avoid old fashioned materials like polyester. Although they make clothes cheaper, they are normally hard to style. Modern fabrics like chiffon, satin and silk are feminine and stylish even for formal events. Thicker materials like leather and denim come in handy during winter. During the warmer months like summer, light materials like chiffon are perfect. If you feel like midis make you old, try leather.

As with other types of skirts, a form-fitting midi skirt goes well with a loose top, while a flowing skirt does best with a fitting top. To wear a dressy top and a flowy skirt, wear equally flowing sleeves (short or long) and accessorize with a wide belt. If you have a big tummy, you may opt to tuck in the top. For a better outcome, choose a skirt with pleats which are stitched up to your hip and left to flow from there.

If you want to pull out a more feminine and sexy look, show more leg and choose a skirt to just below knee. Prints or some lace detail will add more flavor. You can wear high or low waist, depending on the length of the skirt.

Flared midi skirt

Flared midi skirt

What Top to Wear With a Midi Skirt

The best top that you can wear with a midi skirt depends on the shape and length of your skirt. Unlike a mini skirt, mid-length skirts are moderately long and therefore not too demanding on the styles of tops to pair with. However, a top with a belted waist gives more proportion. A fitting top goes well with dressy skirts while form-fitting pencil and tube skirts are great with looser tops.

Unless you want a conservative and more dressed up look, midi skirts give you the freedom to wear a more skin-baring top. These include sheer, sleeveless, dropped shoulders, spaghetti straps and crop tops. If you want to draw attention to the skirt, do not overdo on your tops. But depending on the look you want to display, you may wear see-through shirts and blouses. If you like, you can put on an opaque top underneath the sheer one in contrasting colors.

The types of tops to style your midi skirt for casual wear and street fashion are logo T-shirts, colorful sweatshirts or any nude-toned tops. If you like wearing a jacket, go for a denim or crop jacket. Most crop tops will go better with a high waist skirt. If you like more relaxed outcome, wear an oversized cardigan over your shirt and use a pencil skirt. Pairing a midi skirt and a cardigan is ideal for a business outfit. A collard shirt underneath a sweater will also give an elegant result.

Wearing long tops with your midi skirt or dress is best if the colors match. Better still, you can buy it as a skirt suit. Although such kind of pairing may be perfect for slim ladies, curvy and plus size women should wear tops that reach to above hip with a skirt longer than mid-calf. To have the greatest look on your outfit, match the colors of your top and shoes.

How to Style a Midi Skirt

How to Style a Midi Skirt

What Shoes to Wear With a Midi Skirt

Midi skirts and heeled footwear is like bread and butter. Any length heels will do, although they are not very good for cold weather. However, heeled boots to go with midi skirts in the winter are available. These can be paired with tights or leggings to increase warmth and reduce the risk of frostbite. Knee-high stiletto boots are amazing in the winter no matter whether you are wearing a mini, midi or maxi skirt or dress.

In summer, heels or sandals will pair well with your skirt. Match your shoes and the color of your top. An exact match is not necessarily required. However, it is easier to style your shoes by your top. For example, if you do wear a blue top or dress to a wedding, a blue pair of shoes will be okay with the outfit. If you plan to go to an outdoor event and decide to wear a white T-shirt, putting on white shoes will be great.

For petite or plus size women, the ideal shoes are nude shoes or footwear that reveals the top of the foot. Dark shoes and ankle straps are better left to slim ladies. Thin ladies will also be fabulous in flats as their height will not be exaggerated. Fat ladies should wear footwear that is at least off the ground. Shorter ladies should try darker color shoes.

Midi pencil skirt with ankle boots

Midi pencil skirt with ankle boots

How to Wear a Midi Pencil Skirt

A midi pencil skirt is one of the most versatile women’s fashion items. You can style it for the office, school, casual day wear and most types of public gatherings. The skirt can have a hemline narrower than the hip or vice versa. Be careful to choose what fits your body shape.

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Fitted midi skirts go better with looser tops. If you must wear a form-fitting top, tuck it in and balance the outfit with an unbuttoned cardigan or blazer. Else, wear one piece in bold patterns. For instance, you can wear a black skirt and a printed blouse. For a simple but cute outcome, wear a neutral skirt and choose a bright color for the shoes and top. A bright or patterned skirt looks better with plain-colored pairing.

While matching your skirt to the top is not required, you can wear a suit and still look cute. Add some flavor by unleashing a contrasting lace camisole at the V-neck. You could also unbutton the coat to reveal a tank or tee. In this case, a pretty belt is a great addition.

Best shoes to wear with a midi pencil skirt are all types of ankle footwear. These include ankle strap heels, ankle boots and high top sneakers. Other types of shoes like pumps or wedges may also be okay if they agree with the style of the skirt. Tall boots don’t go very well unless you are wearing tights or leggings.

Pleated midi skirt outfit

Pleated midi skirt outfit

How to Wear a Pleated Midi Skirt

Styling a pleated midi skirt involves selecting the best fabric and style of pleats. Stiff materials like polyester are great in small pleats. They give you the ease of walking but with the streamlined look of a pencil skirt. Conversely, soft fabrics in whatever style of pleats are cute for ladies who love the skater fashion.

Pleated midi skirts are difficult to choose owing to their diverse nature. They can create any look from highly conservative to old fashioned or youthful. To simplify matters, opt for soft feminine materials, preferably in box pleats. If the skirt looks traditional, spice up with girlish tops like a lace top, camisole, crop top or an off-the-shoulder tee.

Virtually all types of shoes can go well with a pleated midi skirt. For a simple look, choose low footwear. For a glamorous look, opt for heels. Pumps and strappy heels are particularly stylish with this outfit. Avoid wearing socks unless you must. Use hosiery instead.

Plus size midi skirt outfit

Plus size midi skirt outfit

How to Wear a Midi Skirt If You’re plus Size

If you are plus size, avoid wearing calf-length skirts or dresses. They seem to exaggerate the thickness of your legs and hence make you look fatter. Opt for outfits with a hem below knee or few inches above the ankle. In other words, choose a skirt slightly longer than a mini or a little shorter than a maxi.

Best tops for plus sizes should fall just above the bottom. Shorter tops make you look shorter and hence wider, while longer ones amplify your hips. A midi skirt suit is also cute for plus size women. A well tailored blazer or coat bridges the gaps between the bulges and creates a streamlined look.

Strappy or heeled shoes are ideal in styling midi skirts for plus sizes. Heels make you appear taller, while open shoes attract attention to the feet. Pair this outfit with a button shirt, tee or camisole. Make sure your top is the correct length and color.

What you wear underneath your clothes is of great importance. Choose a well fitting minimizer bra instead of a push up. You can also use shape-wear for a smoother appearance.

In styling a midi skirt, the greatest hindrance is not the length but the fabric and shape. Skinny ladies will find much satisfaction in pleated midi skirts, while most plus sizes will favour pencil or A-line, depending on individual taste. Try different lengths to see which one goes well with your figure.

Always match the occasion and the style of your clothing. If for instance you intend to go to a windy area, avoid a circular skirt. When going to a dance, avoid a pencil midi skirt. You also need to consider what to wear under your skirt if it is see through and not lined. Finally, your hairstyle will not matter much. But most ladies prefer the pulled back look with midi skirts. With these tips, you can be stylish, modest, or sexy while wearing your midi skirt without much hustle.


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