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How to Wear a Bra Correctly

How to wear a bra

How to wear a bra

How to Wear a Bra Properly

A bra is a complicated piece of clothing that leaves many women wondering how to wear, or whether they should stay without wearing. With the majority of females said to be wearing their wrong sizes, the emergence of uncountable types and styles has made matters even worse. With the correct guidance, you can still determine whether to wear, and which size and kind to use.

Different bras have unlike wearing methods. There is always a good method of wearing a bra properly which is unique to each bra style. For a front closure bra, you can wear it like a vest and then close it. But the majority of bras will have the band worn out faster if this method of wearing is employed. The correct way is to fit the bust first and then close the hook-and-eye at the back. For women who are not so flexible, bring your bra to your waist with the closure at your navel, with the straps hanging. Hook the closure and then rotate it to its natural position before raising the straps into position. It is a good idea to always check that the bust fills the cups and that the straps are not twisted.

How to wear a bra: A properly fitting bra should be horizontal at the back

How to wear a bra: A properly fitting bra should be horizontal at the back

The best method of ensuring that you are wearing your correct bra size is to have you measured by an experienced professional. Body and bust sizes keep on changing for a variety of reasons. Retake your measurements especially if you lose or gain weight.

Choosing a bra cup size should come second to selecting the right band size. If the band size is wrong, even the correct cup size will not mend the situation. You may find your size by looking at bra fitting guides and charts. But, these can be complicated and confusing. Bra sizing is better done by a pro. It is a good idea to wear a bra that is almost or a perfect fit before being measured.

Choosing correct band and cup size ensures a perfect fit

Choosing correct band and cup size ensures a perfect fit

How to Choose a Bra

The ideal bra style for any women depends on many factors. The outcome you want, your outerwear style, the size and shape of your bust and the occasion are some of the factors to consider. As a general guide, try different types with various clothing styles to see what fits perfectly.

  • To conform to certain circumstances – it would be unimaginable for ladies to attend a formal occasion without support and the outline of their bust showing.
  • It’s embarrassing to the majority of females to appear in public with their busts bouncing back and forth.
  • To curb the discomfort caused by sweat underneath unsupported busts.
  • To prevent the uneasiness of busts slapping against the ribs as she walks.
  • Some busty women wear a sportsbra to bed to keep their whole body intact.
  • Women and girls, especially those with small chests wear padded bras to create the impression of big busts.
  • Women wear bras to bed when breastfeeding to avoid spillages onto blouses and bed sheets. This may also be a reason for wearing a bra if females will be away from their babies for long periods.
  • Some scientific studies have strongly suggested that wearing a bra will delay sagging.
  • Some women and girls, especially teens, have the notion that to wear a bra has medical reasons.

If you know any other reasons why women and girls wear a bra, add it in the comment section and I’ll be glad to consider it for inclusion.

A model in a bra: Being considered as an item of women's fashion is one reason why women and girls wear brassieres

A model in a bra: Being considered as an item of women's fashion is one reason why women and girls wear brassieres

Why Women and Girls Wear Bras

It has become a normal thing in many places around the world for females to wear a bra. But why do women and girls wear bras? The reasons are many and some are highlighted below:

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  • It’s the natural thing to do – it’s the dress code.
  • In order to hide the outline of the bust.
  • Just because a lady is used to wearing bras, she feels she can’t do without them.
  • Busty women feel pain and discomfort if they go without a bra.
  • Starting to wear a bra among teens is sometimes seen as a rite of passage.
  • Emotional reasons – some ladies become self-conscious when braless in public and feel like everyone is criticizing them.
  • During exercise, most women will feel pain – this is caused by torn tissue as the bust tosses around. It’s said that certain ladies get used to exercising brafree as their tissues toughen up and they no longer feel pain.
  • The misconception that wearing a bra will prevent sagging.
  • In some societies or situations, it’s seen as immoral or indecent not to wear a bra.
  • Bras are seen as an essential fashion item of clothing.
  • Sometimes, women and girls wear bras so that certain clothes can fit properly. Some designers tailor women’s tops and dresses with the assumption that the wearer will put on a bra with the outfit.
Girls wearing bras: A properly fitting bra is not only comfortable but also gives better support

Girls wearing bras: A properly fitting bra is not only comfortable but also gives better support

How to Not Wear a Bra

Although some women and girls feel okay wearing bras, others wear them just because they feel compelled to do so, and hence would be glad to find ways of how not to wear a bra.

How to Get Away with Not Wearing a Bra in Public

If you want to venture out and you feel you must not wear a bra at all, there are alternatives that can aid you deal with the embarrassment of not wearing a bra. It is advisable to try different options. Some work so good that nobody may ever know you are braless.

  • Layered camisole/cami – they are perfect as outerwear or underwear. Some of these come with mock contour lines that may be confused with a contour bra especially if layered with a fitting top like a T-shirt.
  • Elasticized camisole worn inside the top or dress – due to the stretch, they are capable of support, while hiding the nippl*s.
  • Shrink tops – these work the same way as elasticized tops. But rather than stretching, they shrink as they are washed and dried. The area around the belly shrinks to give support, while the chest is prevented from shrinking by the b**bs and therefore kind of compresses them gently.
  • Shirts with double pockets
  • Feminine layered tops – these come in a variety of styles. Some have two separate pieces layered on one another, while others have both pieces sewn together. They may also have contour lines on the chest area.
  • Adhesive bras – though they don't offer much support, they are a good alternative. They are also fine with a backless dresses.
  • Tops with built-in bra – they offer limited support but are perfect for women who don’t find favour in the ‘suffocating’ effect of a normal bra.
  • Coobie bra – it’s a comfortable bra that is just like a short camisole.
  • Nubra – these are very good for obscuring the outline.
  • Tube top – offers the comfort of a skin-tight camisole but with no straps.
  • Camisole bras – if worn under other clothes, some create an illusion exactly like bras because of the straps.
  • Strapless bra
  • Singlet undershirt/vest/tank top/A-shirt – mostly worn as underwear, they offer support for being tight and also aid in concealing the outline when layered with another item of clothing.
  • Nubra – also invisible bra, they offer comfort, cover outline and give some support.
  • Bra cups for wearing inside tops – these are perfect with tight tops.
  • Reinforced halter top – they are like an ordinary halter neck top. The only difference is that a belt-like piece is attached to the area below the bust to offer extra support.

If you still can't find a good bra alternative among these, you might choose to just go brafree and not mind about it. For a better braless experience, it is recommended that you pay special attention to the area below the bust while bathing. You may also consider applying a medicated powder to curb the effects of sweating. Also explore other ways of dealing with not wearing a bra that may be special in your different situations.

Wearing a camisole underneath your clothing is one way of not wearing a bra, even when going out.

Wearing a camisole underneath your clothing is one way of not wearing a bra, even when going out.

Is It Bad to Not Wear a Bra?

Women may opt not to wear a bra for certain reasons. Some are:

  1. Bras might accelerate the formation of stretch marks around the bust.
  2. In some cases, especially with the wrong bra size, sagging is increased.
  3. Females who do jobs that involve raising their arms above the head may experience neck and shoulder pains and hence will avoid or find alternatives to wearing bras.
  4. Skin may sometimes become sour due to unrelenting pressure from straps and the band.

If you weigh the pros and cons of wearing a bra, you should find the answer as to whether you may be required to find bra alternatives. Otherwise, wearing no bra is not bad in itself. The consequences, particularly your feelings and the reaction of those around you, are what matters the most.

Finally, bras carry the weight of breasts on the band and not on the straps. Make sure the straps are adjusted to be not too tight, only that they shouldn’t fall by themselves. The band should be tight enough, but not to the point of literally suffocating you. Going for a band that closes perfectly with the loosest hooks is the best idea. As the bra ages, the band is bound to stretch and you’ll move to the next set of hooks and so forth. Hand wash your bras in cold water and dry in the shade, to delay stretching. For whatever reason you may wear a bra, ensure that you always know how to wear it, and wear it right.

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