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Style Tips on How to Wear a Backless Dress

What to wear with a backless dress

What to wear with a backless dress

Wearing a backless dress is a good option for those wanting to look sexy, elegant and bold. If you have a flawless back, you can showcase it in special occasions by dressing in this outfit. If your back is not in a superb form, start by fixing the flaws. Although there are many difficulties in wearing a backless dress, this fashion advice will guide you in overcoming the obstacles.

To be on the safer side with backless and other open-back dresses, always have a look at your back before and after wearing the outfit. Use accessories and hairstyles that will not cover your back. Also avoid wearing clothing underneath your dress which are likely to be visible.

Open-back dresses call for a perfect back. In case you have spots or inflammations, start by exfoliating, cleansing and moisturizing. Some imperfections can be done merely by using make-up. In case there are some faults which cannot be fixed immediately, opt out of the attire rather than feel awkward in a public gathering.

How to wear a backless dress

How to wear a backless dress

Which Bra to Wear with a Backless Dress

While you can wear some types of open back dresses with a normal bra, the same does not apply to backless dresses. Wearing a regular bra may make you seem like you have a bad taste for fashion. Following are various styles of bras that are suitable for a backless dress.

1. Adhesive Bra

Also called stick-on bras, adhesive bras have no band or straps and therefore suitable for backless and strapless outfits. These bras support the breasts by use of medically approved glue.

Though it offers limited support especially for busty women, the bra is also perfect for ladies who get a suffocating effect with ordinary bras. Most manufacturers of these bras mimic the bra-less look. Therefore, the bras are normally seamless and in nude colors.

2. Invisible Band Bra

These types of bras have a thin band that is usually semi-transparent and toned. The band has no hooks at the back and is adjusted at the front. Some versions also have invisible straps.

3. Criss-Cross Back Bra

Criss-cross bras have two bands that cross at the back, while the closure is at the back. The bra will look good if it matches the dress’s color. This makes it appear like it is a component of your gown. Some girls choose contrasting colors to accentuate the backless outfit. Some bras have toned or semi-transparent straps.

Criss-cross bras are available in a variety of colors and styles. The most favored colors are nude. The criss-cross ties can be broad, slender or multiple. The thin straps are more fitting with backless dresses. These bras can in addition be worn by ladies who have issues with falling straps.

How to wear a backless dress

How to wear a backless dress

4. Stick-On Bra Cups

These are not bras but separate bra cups that adhere to the bust via medical grade glue. They also have the bra-free look and can be used with numerous outfits. Because they don’t hold both boobs together, they are also suitable for low neck or deep V-neck clothes.

How to wear a backless dress

How to wear a backless dress

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How to Wear a Backless Dress without a Bra

While it is possible to wear a backless dress without a bra, some women might lack a proper way of supporting their bust. Girls with tiny chests may pull off wearing nothing underneath by choosing layered or padded dresses. Those with cup sizes D and above may find theses bra alternatives difficult for them. But anyone can try the following alternatives and find which ones work for them.

1. Choose a Dress with an Attached Bra

Some dresses and tops come with attached bra cups, or a chest control panel. The manufacturers of such clothes try the best match for shoulder, band and cup size. However, the correct sizes are not always easy to find. Care should be taken to avoid buying an item with incorrect measurements.

2. Have a Tailor Attach Bra Cups to Your Dress

Bra cups are obtainable separately. You can also get them from an old or ill-fitting bra. These can be sewn onto your dress to offer some support and coverage.

Although this option gives you the freedom of choosing your correct size for the dress and cups, not every outfit will totally agree with whatever type of cups that you may want. The cups can be sewn on by a seamstress, but you can use online tutorials to do it yourself.

3. Use Breast Petals

Breazt petals, pasties or n*pple tassels are used primarily to hide the nips. They are generally set using adhesive. They can also be fitted without glue if the dress is skin-tight. If your dress is form-fitting, you may as well use bra cups.

4. Use Fashion Glue or Tapes

Fashion glue can keep your chest in good looking shape without a bra. You can use the adhesive directly between your dress and the bust. You can also stick nipple petals or breast form especially if the outfit is thin. Not all dresses will support the bust. The dress must be designed that way for it to have a nice outcome.

If it is practically difficult to use the adhesive on clothes, breast forms will offer a good solution. The glue does not come off easily. You should acquire it accompanied by the appropriate remover. It is also deployed in fastening loose-fitting clothes and preventing strapless dresses from falling.

Fashion tapes have glue on both sides. They can therefore hold onto your clothing and also adhere to your body. They are re-usable for a limited number of times. You can also use double-sided tape to bring the girls together for a more defined cleavage.

Hairstyles to wear with a backless dress

Hairstyles to wear with a backless dress

Hairstyles to Wear With a Backless Dress

The whole point of wearing a backless dress is to keep the focus on the back. In which case, hairstyles that do not cover the back are more suitable. If you wear your hair down, opt for hairstyles that cover only a small part of the back. If the skin at the back is flawed, wear hair to cover the bad areas and expose the good ones.

Full length hairstyles can still be worn with strapless and backless dresses. However, they look pleasant if tied into one strand. If you prefer several strands, you may do with 2 to 3. Long flowy hair with this fashion makes the impression that you wore the gown with an unclear mind.

Although long hair with a backless dress can create a peek-a-boo effect, you should make certain by looking at the mirror that some skin shows as you turn. If the hair is too long, you may have a haircut. Otherwise, you can adjust it higher by tying it into a cute knot.

If you are bold enough, a backless dress is one fashion item that will make memorable moments in the galleries of your mind. Wearing a backless outfit in the right way shows a sexy and sophisticated way of dressing. In some events, a backless dress will make you stand out from the crowd. Follow these tips and you will have the best outcome when you wear your backless dress.

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Maina Ndungu (author) from Thika, Kenya on December 12, 2014:

I agree with you Lady Guinevere. This is an elegant outfit for parties. But be sure not to wear it in some events like weddings.

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Excellent tips for the upcoming Holiday Party season. Sharing this!

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