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How to Use Beard Oil (Simple Guide for Beginners)

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How to Use Beard Oil Effectively

Have you been carrying out some research into beard grooming and introduced to beard oil but you want to find out more about it? Here in this beard grooming guide, we are going to detail exactly how to go about applying beard oil, at what stage you should be using it, how to incorporate as part of your beard grooming routine and how often.

  • How to Use Beard Oil
  • When Should You Start Using It
  • How Often Should You Use It
  • How to Use Beard Oil Within a Beard Grooming Routine
  • Which Beard Oil Should You Get

#1 Shower First

Now we know you are excited to get applying your beard oil straight away but first comes the preperation. Although these first two steps are somewhat optional, they do offer you the best chance to make the most of what can be a rather costly beard oil. If you are looking for alternatives to beard oil, there are certainly cheaper options out there.

Wash through your beard with beard friendly shampoo and conditioner using luke warm water. Not too hot, otherwise it can potentially dry out your beard and weaken it. A luke warm temperature is a great way to go here. Why this is advantages is because the heat is causing your skin pores to be exposed which allows the absorption of beard oil to be more effecitve.

#2 Dry Up Your Beard

As you step out of the shower it is time to dry up the beard. To do this though, you don’t want to be using a hairdryer but instead either let it air dry naturally or pat it down gently with a towel. Bear in mind that your beard is very sensitive and weakened at this point so be gentle.

Then when it is slightly damp and around 10% dry, this is a great time to apply the beard oil. Make sure that it is not completely damp when you apply the beard oil, because as you can imagine they don’t tend to mix all that well with one another. We recommend it still slightly damp as when it is completely dry, this is when the pores to start close (especially if it is cold).

#3 Select Your Beard Oil

Now at this stage pick up your chosen beard oil. If you are looking for the perfect beard oil to use on your beard, we certainly recommend exploring the Beardbrand range, they offer a range of great beard oils that are designed specifically to be great for your beard.

What we would recommend is that it is a scent that matches with the shampoo and conditioner that you have just used on your beard oil. You don’t want the scents to conflict from one another.

#4 Drop Some Drops

Whether it uses a dropper or a pipette, place some beard oil drops on to your palm that’s appropriate for your beard size. If you are a little unsure, a rough rule is to simply calculate the number of months you have been growing your beard and multiply it by two. 1 month of growth? 2 drops. 2 months of growth? 4 drops and so on.

#5 Spread It Through Your Palms

Now work the beard oil right through your palms as well as your finger tips. Make sure it is fully dispersed throughout as this is going to be applied all the way through the beard. If you are unsure as to how much you should be applying, always start with less. You can always add in more later quite easily, certainly a lot more difficult to go the other way.

#6 Massage the Beard

Once you’ve got the beard oil in your palms. Get to work to start massaging it into your beard. Start from the sides, work all the way through your cheeks to the underside of your chin and all the way from the base of the beard to the end of the beard tip. Make sure you get to the foundation of your face too, to help with moisturising the skin. If you still have some leftovers, feel free to run that either through our hair or chest hair.

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#7 Comb It Through

Now you have spread out the beard oil right throughout the entire beard, it’s time to help distribute it more evenly. The best way to do that is with a trusty beard comb that is set with wide teeth, this will allow it to easily manoeuvre within your beard to bring some order.

Make sure that you get a proper beard comb as you will be causing more damage than if you hadn’t tried to comb your beard at all. A specialised wooden, metal or one made of cellulose. If you are looking for a particular model, it’s definitely worth checking out the range that Beardbrand have to offer.

When Should You Start Using It?

Pretty much as soon as you are dedicated to growing out your beard. You can even use it when you are bare-faced. See, beard oil is great for your skin too, it acts as a natural moisturiser that will help to keep the very foundation of your beard in great shape. It will prevent dead skin cells from building up and provide plenty of oils that will complement the way your natural oils reside on your face (namely sebum).

The only real impact that you need to think about is the actual amount of beard oil you should be using. When you are pretty much clean-shaven, just a couple of drops is fine. Then once you get to the 10-day stubble length, then it could be a case of using a few more drops. Then as you grow it out more and more, then you would apply more and more beard oil.

How Often Should You Be Using It?

How often you should be applying beard oil is discussed in more detail here, however, there are a few considerations that you might want to take into consideration. For instance, the length of your beard, a longer beard is likely to require a more frequent application of a beard oil than a short one. Likewise, pay attention to the overall weather, if it is the colder months, your skin can tend to get dryer, hence more oil is required then too.

In general, though, you should be aiming for at least once daily with some form of beard oil application. Some go even further to either twice or even thrice a day which is good too, just be careful not to overuse the beard oil causing your skin and beard to feel overly greasy.

How to Use Beard Oil as part of a Beard Grooming Routine

The general approach that I like to take as part of my beard grooming routine with beard oil is the following. On night time, take a warm shower, this allows my skin pore to be more exposed. Then apply a good dose of beard oil right through the beard, massage as well as comb it through and leave the oil in overnight to act as a deep beard conditioner.

When it comes to morning, this is where I will reach for a beard balm (that matches the scent of the beard oil) which offers some hold to the product which can then be used to provide some moisture to the beard throughout the day. Plus, it performs somewhat like a styling product giving me some hold to the beard and allowing it to be styled neatly for the work day ahead.

Which beard oil to use?

The sheer amount of beard oil out there to choose from, understandably can be pretty overwhelming. Especially for someone who is new to the beard grooming game. Honestly, the best advice though is just to pick one that you like the sound of, and that's going to be beneficial to your beard.

The actual difference in terms of performance for your beard is actually rather minimal, the only real difference that you will see with regards to price is due to the essential oils used as well as marketing. The way it conditions your beard however, are probably going to be quite similar if they are a genuinely good beard company. If you are looking for a simple recommendation though, you can't really go wrong with the beard brand beard oil products.

Let us know if you've got any potential beard questions with regards to when to use beard oil and how to use beard in the questions and answers section below and we'll be more than happy to answer. Plus, let us know how you are getting on with beard oil and what's your experience with it. Has it been beneficial for your beard?

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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