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Wiry Beard? 10 Ways to Tame Your Frizzy Beard

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How to Tame a Frizzy Beard

When your beard starts to become frizzy and wiry you know there is some serious work needed from your end to restore your beard to its former glory and reach that furry potential. However, don’t worry all is not lost, you can certainly recover your beard from a frizzy and wiry state, all you need to do is carry out a fair bit of beard grooming.

That’s exactly what this account is going to take you through. The steps needed to be carried out on how to tame a frizzy beard and fix a wiry beard. How can you do that? Follow the steps below.

Wiry Beard Fixes

  1. Apply Beard Oil Generously
  2. Examine Your Beard Grooming Routine
  3. Head to a Trusted Beard Barber
  4. Comb and Brush Your Beard Regularly
  5. Prune Your Beard Carefully
  6. Wash Your Beard with Beard Friendly Products
  7. Feed Yourself With What Your Beard Needs
  8. Style Up Your Beard
  9. Look After the Foundations of Your Beard
  10. Grow Out Your Beard

Let’s break each of those steps down into more detail and how they can go into fixing a wiry and frizzy beard.

#1 Apply Beard Oil Generously

This should be your first, second and third point of call when it comes to fixing your wiry beard. If there is anything that you should get out of this post it is the importance of beard oil to ensuring your beard is at its peak condition. If you have a wiry and frizzy beard, but you aren’t regularly using an appropriate amount of high-quality beard oil to your beard, that can be your problem right there.

This is a staple beard product that benefits your beard in a range of ways — the key one in this instance is that it is providing your beard with the additional moisture that it is craving. The reason your beard is going frizzy and wiry is due to the lack of moisture and has become brittle, frail and dried up as a result. This is what is causing the look of a frizzy, untamed and wiry looking beard. If you are looking for a quality beard oil that also smells incredible, you can’t go far wrong looking at the Beardbrand range.

#2 Examine Your Beard Grooming Routine

Here you need to pay specific attention to the everyday treatment of your beard, particularly with regards to heat exposure and general dryness. See, the reason a beard gets frizzy and wiry is due to the lack of moisture within the beard. This can be caused by a number of means that you need to watch out for.

When washing your beard, make sure that you are only using a lukewarm temperature. If it is too hot, this can severely weaken the beard. Also, when drying and brushing the beard — don’t overdo it — you can snag the beard and cause it to become weak and brittle. And a general no-no is to dry your beard with a hairdryer or straighten your beard with a hair straightener (unless you have undertaken a lot of prep).

#3 Head to a Trusted Beard Barber

If you are having a particularly tough time with a wiry and frizzy beard, the first point of call is to try and get advice from the professional and see what they recommend and how they will go about fixing it for you. Whether it is down to you needing to tackle beard split ends (and how you can prevent them) or you need to add more moisture into your beard, they should be able to pin down the issue for you.

Whilst you are there though, they should also be able to recommend a beard style that will compliment your best features. Taking into your facial attributes as well as the strength of your beard — along with your hairstyle — to make for a beard that you will likely be a whole lot happier with. The frizzy will have gone and they will have taken steps to dampen the look and restore the wiry beard.

#4 Comb and Brush Your Beard Regularly

One thing that you must make sure that you carry out on a pretty much daily or twice daily basis is to comb and brush your beard. One of each works perfectly. Apply some beard oil first or some beard conditioning balm and then work through your beard.

This will then keep the hairs separated from one another and they won’t become intertwined and knotted causing the hairs to group together. What you also are ensuring is that the hairs are at least getting the natural sebum oil that your face produces spread right throughout the beard. Helping to keep the beard healthy on multiple fronts.

#5 Prune Your Beard

This basically just involves looking after your beard with a pair of quality beard scissors. Make sure they are actually meant for cutting beard hairs and not paper, otherwise you will be doing more damage than good. What you want to be doing here is looking for untamed beard hairs that stick out and don’t lay down flat.

Also, for signs of beard split ends. Where the hair has fractured but continues to grow. You want to cut it a couple of millimetres up from the fractured point in order to prevent the hair from splitting out further. It also helps to generally clean up the overall look of the beard. What you want to be conscious of, however, is not becoming scissor happy and trimming your beard just for the sake of trimming your beard, be conscious about every snip.

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#6 Wash Your Beard With Beard Friendly Goods

One of the big mistakes guys make with their beards is when it comes to washing their beard. They either do it too regularly. In turn, washing out all the natural beard moisture within their beards. Worse still, they are using the same product that they use on their heard hair. This is in effect, killing your beard.

See the ingredients used to make your hair clean and shiny are killing your beard. They not only strip away the natural oils of your beard causing it to dry out, but they also block any moisture from getting in. Leaving your beard like a baron wasteland. To fix this, use natural beard shampoo and wash it once or twice a week and follow up with a conditioner heavily.

#7 Feed Yourself With What Your Beard Needs

To have a strong beard is not only about what’s on the outside of your beard — ensuring it is getting the beard grooming oil goods it needs. However, it’s about feeding your inner beard through nutrition as well. Making sure that your diet has plenty of good protein and biotin is the primary aspect of a good ‘beard diet’.

If you feel like your diet might lack in these areas, this could be a reason to explore specific supplements that can help aid you in this respect. Getting you and your beard the nutrition that it craves in order to actually fulfil your beard’s potential. Of course, you can always go the natural route and try naturally source it from the foods you are eating.

#8 Style Up Your Beard

This ties in with point 3 with visiting the beard barber. Remember though, that applying beard oil and balm, regular combing and brushing your beard is just half the aspect of owning a good looking beard. When it comes to your hair, you don’t only shampoo, conditioning and comb it, do you?

You also reach out for some styling products such as hair clay to get the look you are after. Beards are no different. Investing a styling balm that will help to bring a bit of life to your beard, plus they will give you a nice textured matte look to the beard to bring a subtle edge to it, that a natural beard just won’t have. Discuss it with your beard barber, and they will give you some points on how to compliment the use of such a product specifically for your beard.

#9 Look After the Foundations of Your Beard

The foundations of your beard? Your skin. When growing out a beard, this is one of the most common mistakes that guys tend to make. Sure, applying beard oil is helping to moisturise your skin. However, you still need to make sure that you are exfoliating it as well as washing it.

This actually helps the beard out too. See, beard hairs can get blocked by flakes of dead skin and won’t actually then grow out. Plus, you can be causing a suppressed amount of sebum to get produced which in turn allows your beard to get drier. So make sure that you are regularly exfoliating as well as moisturising your skin with beard friendly and natural products.

#10 Grow Out Your Beard

One aspect to consider is especially those with a wiry beard is to actually grow it out a bit more. Visit the barber first, and let the know what you are planning to do. They will then start to sculpt a shape for your beard to grow into. Plus, you can start to brush and essentially ‘train’ where you want your beard to go.

This will often cover up the aspect of a wiry looking beard. Usually, when guys are complaining of a wiry beard it’s when they are at the shorter 1 to 2 months stage. This is an awkward period in itself and just requires perhaps another month or two of growth and then a bit of pruning to get the best look to the beard overall.

There are a few options to consider too when it comes to a wispy bead that you want to tame. Get it more structured and less fluffy. Here I wanted to list a few more of the alternatives methods that are also being used by beardsmen to get a more pronounced beard.

Though the use of micro-needling you can essentially (or it least it is claimed) that you can start to stimulate beard growth by essentially activating cells around it. We go into more detail above, but this is a recently popular method for those wanting a more pronounced and overall healthier looking beard.

  • Rogaine and Beard Transplants

Now, this is not a route that we recommend either going down the romaine route or having a beard transplant. That said, we should certainly include it is an option if that is a route that you might want to pursue.

These straightening beard combs are a relatively new device that can offer you shape and structure to your beard. If you are looking to get hold of a beard that is a bit unruly and are looking to give it a bit more control, these combs are a great way of achieving that in a safe manner (for your beard, not overexposing your beard to heat) but also in a convenient manner to get it done in a quick enough manner.

Quick Recap

So just for a brief conclusion on what you can do to tame your wiry beard:

  • Apply beard oil on a regular daily basis.
  • Make sure the beard stays hydrated.
  • Keep on top of your skincare routine.
  • Prune and trim up your beard when needed.
  • Provide your beard with proper nourishment.

Let us know if you have any questions on how you can go about fixing your wiry beard and taming your frizzy beard in the ‘questions and answers’ section just below.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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