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How to Straighten Your Curly Beard

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Step By Step Guide to Straightening a Beard

This is a simple and quick step-by-step guide to straightening out your beard. Whether you have an overly curly beard, flyaways with beard hairs sticking out everywhere or you just want to style it out a bit. This guide will talk you through the natural way to go about it and the more ‘extreme’ way.

There’s going to three levels to this guide:

Let's break this down.

i) Naturally straighten your beard without the use of heat and beard products.

The first is going to be a natural way to straighten your beard out with use of beard products such as balms and brushes, this is recommended for those with shorter and slightly unruly beard in order to get the beard straight.

ii) Straighten your beard with grooming products.

Then comes the second phase, where it’s recommended for those with a slightly larger beard and even more unruly. It involves blowdrying the beard (which if done incorrectly can be harmful for the beard).

iii) Applying heat to your beard (which can be risky).

Then finally, using an actual beard straightener, if done incorrectly this can seriously damage your beard but is recommended for those with completely unruly and bigger beards.

Now this guide takes into account the fact you are already have a healthy beard, you are tending to it with beard oils, regularly pruning it and you have a naturally good beard that is brushed and combed daily. Plus, you are looking after your skin by cleansing it, moisturising it and exfoliating. If the curls are due to beard split ends and means of not tending to your beard, we recommend getting that addressed first. The best place? Just heading down to your local beard barber.

How to Straighten a Beard Naturally

The following steps are a guide on how to get a beard straight without heat, so there is no blowdryer and no hair straightener involved. It’s a natural way to get a beard straight, however, only tends to work on beards that aren’t particularly unruly to start.

  1. Head to the shower
  2. Use a natural beard friendly shampoo
  3. Followed by a beard friendly conditioner
  4. Wash your beard in a downwards motion, spreading out the hairs
  5. Thoroughly rinse the beard
  6. Pat dry your beard
  7. Apply beard oil
  8. Comb your beard through gently
  9. Apply a beard styling balm in downward motion
  10. Brush your beard over it


The first thing you want to do is head to the shower. Put the shower on a lukewarm temperature and start to wash your beard. It’s important the temperature is not overly warm as this will dry out and weaken your beard. Of course, it doesn’t have to be cold either.

Beard Shampoo & Conditioner

Now, importantly, you want to be using a beard friendly shampoo or wash as you go to clean your beard. You certianly don’t want to be using the same product that you are using for your head hair. It will strip all the natural oils that stay within the beard and worse still, prevents additional moisture from getting into the beard. If you are looking for a good quality beard wash, I recommend the range from Beardbrand, they have some high quality beard goods that will keep your beard in the best shape.

You will then want to be following up the beard wash with a softener or conditioner. This will help to replenish the moisture that your beard wash has just stripped away. I recommend that you get one that has a matching scent or at least have one that is scentless in order to not have the scents conflicting.

Clean Your Beard in a Downwards Motion

As you go about washing your beard in the shower though, you want to be carrying it out in a downwards motion with your fingers. You effectively trying to shape your beard down. Whilst you do this try to split the hairs from one another with your fingers. You are trying to stop them from getting intertwined together. Don’t be overly harsh on your beard though, you don’t want to be tugging or pulling at your beard.

Rinse the Beard

Once you have finished washing the beard and yourself in the shower. Make sure that your beard is thoroughly rinsed for the suds of the shampoo and conditioner. If left, this can cause unnecessary irritability and itchiness for your beard.

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Towel Pat Dry Your Beard

Now, when it comes to drying the beard. You want to be reaching for a dry towel. Don’t dry your beard, like you would do with your head hair. You need to be gently patting it dry and if you can do it in the downward motion. Just like you did with the shampoo and conditioner, bringing all the beard hairs down.

Apply Beard Oil

Pick up your favorite beard oil and start to apply the oil to a slightly damp beard. Ideally, it will be the same scent that matches the beard wash and softener you have just used in the shower. Then apply it thoroughly with your fingers through the beard. Again, though performing a downwards motion.

Comb Through With a Proper Beard Comb

Pick up a trusted beard comb that is actually meant for beards and start to comb out your beard. Short strokes, as you go about spreading the beard oil throughout the beard. Again, though here you want to be training the beard down and straigthened out. Comb your beard out and away from you down to your body.

Scoop Up Some Styling Balm

Pick up a beard styling product that has a bit of hold. Again, Beardbrand have some great products in this area. This is what’s going to hold down the straigthened beard and get it into shape. Apply with your fingers throughout the entire beard. Then start to push it in a downwards motion outwards from the beard itself. If your beard is particularly unruly, it might be worth upgrading to a beard wax, which will contain a higher amount of hold but can feel a bit greasy on the beard.

Follow Up with a Boar Bristle Brush

This will help you to shape the beard as well as to spread the balm throughout the beard evenly. It will give the look of the beard a straighter as well as a more matte textured look to the whole beard.

Straightening a Beard With Blowdryer

Generally speaking, this second phase is likely where most guys will end up. They will carry out the above steps and might be a bit disappointed with the results and were after something even straighter. This guide picks up from just before you apply the beard styling balm in the above guide.

  1. Pick up a blowdryer with a heat protected diffuser
  2. Apply some heat protectant spray
  3. Use a comb to stretch out and blow dry your beard
  4. Apply some more beard oil and beard stylingbalm
  5. Follow up with a boar bristle brush

Use a Blowdryer with Diffuser

If you can we would recommend investing in a blow dryer that has a heat diffuser attached. This helps to better spread the heat of the blowdryer as it is not as concentrated.

Heat Protectant Spray

Before directly applying the blowdryer to the beard, invest in some heat protectant spray to go over your beard. This helps to prevent the heat from directly damaging the beard itself. It provides some additional resistance to the hairs getting frayed and as a result ending up in a series of split ends.

Stretch out the Beard With a Comb and Blow dry

You want to take a part of your beard with a comb and then blowdry your beard. Carry it out in a little sections rather than big fell swoops. Start towards the bottom of the beard and gradually work your way up. You will see that the beard starts to become straighter and straighter whilst you get more shape to it.

Apply Beard Oil, Balm & Brush Out

Then as per the above guide, after this step you want to use some beard oil to replenish the lost mositure. Use some styling balm to provide you with some additional hold, then brush it all out. The blowdrying is basically an extra few steps between 8 and 9 in the initial guide to straightening a curly beard.

Using a Beard Hair Straightener

This third phase is only for those with either the most unruly of curly beards that they feel strongly feel needs addressing or you are heading into some sort of beard competition and is basically a one off. Continued use of a beard straightener is likely to damage your beard.

  1. Use a specialised short beard straightener
  2. Make short bursts
  3. Splash your beard with plenty of beard oil

Invest in a Specialised Short Hair Straightener

You don’t need a full on hair straightener for your beard here, you just need a short one that ideally has some sort of hair protective heat element to it. You want to be protecting your beard from excessive heat. Apply some heat protect spray to the beard before going ahead and straightening your beard.

Make Short Bursts

When you are straightening the beard with the straightener, you want to be doing little patches, rather than long strands. This will restrict the potential for damage. When you do long strides with the straighteners, the chances of you damaging and pulling the beard hairs becomes greater and you might not see them fall out right now but will do so in the near future. If you start to snag on a beard hair, that’s fine. Simply let it go and restart the process.

Apply Some Beard Oil

Once you have fully straightened out the beard, make sure you reach out for some beard oil to splash on to the beard as it will be crying out for some moisture. The beard will be completely baron of moisture and will be straight but feel incredibly dry. Be generous with the oils and comb it through to ensure the entire beard hair is covered from the starting follicle to the tip

Heat Straightening Beard Brush?

Another rather recent development is the electric heating brush option too. You can see this demonstrated below. It provides a more practical everyday solution to the hair straightener option above. Granted, it won't quite achieve the same level of straightness, but it is certainly an option worth considering. However, they can get a bit pricey in comparison.

Should You Even Straighten Your Beard?

It looks like quite a lot of work right? It To get a naturally curly beard to be straight day in day out, that is going to put your beard through quite a lot of pressure and the time to effort ratio might not be quite there for you. If you are conscious over the style and look of your beard, it might actually be more useful heading to your local beard barber.

Your beard barber will be able to conjure up a beard style that suits your beard maintenance needs, your facial features as well as the aspects of your beard and the hair on your scalp. Then they should be able to get a good idea of what will work for you. Plus, you should bear in mind that a pin point straight beard, isn't really a natural looking beard, it can come across as a bit fake, a bit over done and groomed. The best balance is a straighter looking beard that still comes off as completely natural. This is what the first two guides will help you achieve rather than the third one which is dead straight.

Let me know in the questions and answers section just above if you would like to know anymore of the details on how to straighten out your curly beard and we will be more than happy to answer.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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