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How to Soften Beard Stubble

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Soften Up Your Stubble Beard

If you have searched for ‘how to soften stubble beard’, the chances are your other half has complained about your stubble being prickly when you are trying to get intimate. There are a number of ways you can actually go about softening your stubble that we will discuss right here:

- Why contrary to belief you should actually grow your stubble out

- What a good stubble grooming routine looks like

- Recommendations around actually 'sanding' down the stubble to make it softer

- How to wash your stubble naturally to make it soft

However, firstly, it’s best to get an understanding of what makes your stubble feel rough and a bit like ‘sandpaper’ in the first place. See, it comes down to the way you trim your beard. Typically, guys with stubble are those with shorter trimmed beard hairs that have just used a beard trimmer. The way a beard trimmer works is through sharpened edges that literally rip your beard hair straight off, leaving a jagged edge.

So you have a whole range of jagged hairs all across your face. However, not only that, they are at a specific length where they are short and rigid. A longer hair has more flexibility to them and can feel softer. This is why when you sport a longer beard it feels much smoother than when you have a short stubbly beard that is 10 days in. Plus, as your stubble starts to grow out, your face and hairs becomes drier as the sebum is naturally drawn in by the hairs. The end result? Hundreds of short rigid jagged and dry hairs, no wonder you might get some complains about it feeling rough.

Five Ways to Soften Your Stubble Beard

  1. Grow out your beard
  2. Invest in a stubble grooming routine
  3. Sand your stubble
  4. Wash your beard naturally
  5. Prevent Your Beard From Drying Out

1. Grow Out Your Stubble

At first, this is going to seem rather counter intuitive. Why would you want to grow even more rough beard? However, it hits on a point made earlier. See, the reason your stubble feels rough is because there is little to no flexibility in the beard hairs. They are all propped up and rigid, sticking directly out of your beard.

If however, you give your stubble a bit more time to grow. It becomes a heavier stubble, but it also allows the beard hairs to become more flexible. So when you place your hand flat against your beard now, the hairs should feel much softer than when you do it against some stubble. Ideally, you want to get to around a 10 mm or 15 mm of stubble beard.

The slight downside with this aspect, is that you sort of lose the 5 O’Clock shadow look that you might have been going for. It looks more the like the start of a beard rather than an actual stubble. That said, it’s still a great look if you look to maintain and treat it right. You can still get a softer 5 O’Clock shadow too, with the right beard grooming regimen.

2. Invest in a Stubble Softening Routine

Investing in a proper beard grooming routine will work great to help soften up the stubble. As you grow out your beard, your face naturally becomes drier. This is because sebum, the natural oil that resides on your face, is absorbed by the facial hair as it grows out.

Investing in the following:

So as you grow out more stubble, this results in your face as well as your facial hairs becoming drier. This makes the stubble hairs feel rougher to touch. To combat this simply invest in a quality beard oil. If you are looking for a top notch beard oil, I recommend that you look into the Beardbrand range. They have a range of top beard oils made from great oil concoctions to benefit not just your stubble but skin too.

Using a few drops of beard oil a day will help to soften up the stubble by coating it with the necessary oils it needs in order to stay moist. This allows the hairs to become more subtle and flexible. Resulting in it feeling nicer to touch. Plus, it will act to moisturise the skin. The skin will feel more supple and fresh, which also constitutes to a healthier softer feeling beard. An added benefit with a good quality beard oil is that you will smell great too, due to the range of implemented essential oils.

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When using beard oil though the best thing to do is use it just after a warm shower. This is when your skin pores are most exposed and you are most receptive to the benefits. Pour the drops over your beard and be careful not to go over the top as your beard and face will start to feel overly greasy. A few splashes in your hand for a stubble should be fine.

  • Quality Beard Conditioner

You can use a natural soap as well that will do a good job. But we want to be making sure that the stubble is getting as much moisture as possible. What tends to happen when we wash our face and our facial hair with harsher chemicals is that it strips the natural sebum that resides there. In turn, leaving a bit of a rougher looking facial hair in its place.

Instead, opting for a dedicated beard conditioner (where you can co-wash the stubble) or using a natural soap, it will help to maintain the moisture that already resides in there. Then you want to be following that up with a beard oil to help replenish any potential lost moisture.

  • Skin care products

Make sure as well as a good beard grooming routine is to maintain a good skin cleansing routine. Just because you have a stubble doesn’t exclude you from the fact that you have to regularly moisture, cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Dead skin cells as well as general bacteria can contribute to the feeling of an unpleasant stubble. Combining the use of beard oil with regularly moisturising, a skin wash is a great way that can help you towards a smoother and silkier feeling face that earn your compliments rather than complaints.

3. Sand Your Stubble

This actually sounds a lot more intimidating than it might seem. We don’t mean to actually sand your stubble with sandpaper but instead investing in stubble softening products such as Soft Goat.

Remember when we mentioned earlier why your stubble feels quite rough. We’ve covered the length, but what also happens is the jagged edges that are caused by a razor or beard trimmer when you are trimming the beard down. What this product aims to do is smooth them out.

Pick up a soft goad stubble pad and gently rub your stubble over for a few days. What this is doing is smoothing out the stubble edges that you have caused when you trimmed the beard in the first place. The result, a smoother looking as well softer feeling stubble.

4. Wash Your Stubble Naturally

Another reason why your stubble can feel a bit drier than it should do (and as a result rougher) is because you are washing it with the same stuff that you are using for your head hair. Head hair insn’t like facial hair. The latter is much more dependent on natural oils to stay in top condition.

What your typical shampoo will do to your stubble is completely dry it up, causing an array of issues such as beard dandruff, not to mention a completely dry and rough stubble patch. See, the way a typical shampoo works is that it will firstly strip everything, the dirt and grime, but also the natural oils that reside in your beard. Leaving your stubble completely dry. However, it also contains certain chemicals that won’t actually allow moisture back into the beard.

So you can’t add beard oil or conditioner back into the beard to replenish the lost moisture. The end result? A dry and rough feeling bit of stubble. Instead you want to be investing in a natural soap or a beard friendly wash that will help to keep the loss of sebum stripping to a minimum but to also allow the stubble to be replenished as well.

Try and keep the general cleansing of the stubble down to a minimum as well. It certainly doesn’t need to be washed as often as your head hair. Once or twice a week is fine and make sure you supply it with plenty of moisture once you’ve finished too.

5. Hydrate Your Stubble

As you will have seen we have alluded to already it is really important to keep your beard as hydrated as you can and prevent it from drying out. So try to prevent over exposure to the sun on hot days, having your stubble under a hair dryer and using very warm water on it during a shower. These are three common ways, where you can dry out the stubble and cause it to go brittle as opposed to soft. In turn, potentially causing an irritable beard and beard burns with a partner.

Of course, please do let us know if you have any potential questions about how to soften beard stubble and you can do so in the questions and answers section just above. We will be more than happy to assist with any potential issues you might be having.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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