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How to Put On Beard Beards

An avid beard lover who loves helping her partner improve the look of his facial forest.


Looking to take your beard game to the next level? Aiming to score some extra beard style points? Then sporting your beard with some specialised beard beads could just be the answer. Here, we are going to into specifically, just how you put beard beads on your beard.

Step One - Choose Your Beard Bead

There is actually a whole range of beard beads styles that you can get, from the Nordic Viking style designs as well as Celtic enthused beard beads. You might even want to venture into beard jewelry, this follows a similar premise to what we are going to be talking about as well.

You will come across beard rings as well, these are very similar to beard beads just thinner in their overall design. However, you will essentially end up putting them in the same way. If you are looking for where to find beard beads and beard rings, there are a whole range of unique shops online but we have found some of the very best designs come from market places such as Etsy where unique boutique businesses are exclusively making them.

If you already have a set of beard beads of your own that you like, be sure to share them in the comments section below and we will love to see what you have going on in that regard.

Step Two - Pick Up a Beading Tool and Hair Elastics

Making sure you get a beading tool and specific hair elastics (not an elastic band) is a great way to get yourself set up and ready to put in the beard beads. The beading tool helps you thread the beads on to the beard and of course the hair elastics actually will keep the bead in place.

Step Three - Wash Up and Comb the Beard

Now another step that I recommend you take is that the beard is clean. Not completely necessary but it does make life a bit easier when it comes to actually put on the beard and it also makes it look better. Nothing really like a beard bead on a dirty looking beard.

When it comes to washing the beard, make sure you get a beard friendly shampoo, rinse it with luke warm water and replenish the lost moisture with some beard oil or some beard conditioner. Once you have patted down the damp beard with a dry towel, you can start to comb out the beard to remove any knotting that might have occurred.

Step Four - Grab a Tuft of Beard

Now it's time to get started. Grab a tuft of your beard, basically, a few hairs held together with your thumb and finger in one hand. With your other hand reach out for a hair elastic (these are nice to your beard). Then wrap it around the tuft of your beard hair that you picked out, relatively high on the beard. This keeps everything in place ready for you to put the bead on the beard.

There is actually a bit of an art to this stage. You don't want to grab too much and you actually won't be able to get the bead on. If it is like this, don't damage your beard, grab another tuft and try to get a little less.

That said, you don't want to grab too little hair as well as, the beard and the hair elastic help to actually keep the beard in place as well. The more beading of beards you do, the more you will get used to it.

Step Five - Place the Bead over the Beading Tool

Now you should have both hands free and the beard tuft in place held by the hair elastic. You simply want to place the beard over the loop of the tool at this stage. It literally just needs to sit over the top.

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The with the remaining wire you want to place that over the beard tuft you have and then gradually you want to pull the bead tool away from the actual beard and you will have the beard bead lay directly over the top.

Step Six - Slide the Beard Bead Up the Beard Tuft

Now that you literally have the beard bead right over the top of the beard tuft, you can give the bead tool a tug away, releasing the beard onto the tuft. There you have it. Simply slide the beard bead up into place and you will find the hair elastic is what is helping it to stay in place as well. You can give it a go for as many beard beads as you have now. Then as you get more advanced, you can become more decorative with your beard.

The better you get and the more you practice, obviously the faster you will be able to bead your beard but also you might be able to get away with not even having to use the elastic for your beard at all, especially for those with a particularly thick and coarse style beard.

Style Up Your Beard

Why stop at just beard beading though? There is a whole range of ways you can take your beard styling game to the next level. Here are just a few more ideas.

  • Beard Decorations

There is a whole of different decorations that people have designed for beards these days and they can even get seasonal and festive with Beard Baubles being an example and Glitter Beards.

  • Beard Dye

You can of course, just like you can your own hair on your head, dye the beard a different colour, whether you want to go with something funkier or just get a darker natural colour of what you have already.

  • Shape Up the Beard

Give your beard a trim into a certain style and make use of beard styling products such as with beard wax and beard balm to give it a bit of hold for when you're stlying it.

All the above can work really well to make a truly stylish yet unique beard that can make you stand out amongst other beardsmen. Whether you want to go a bit wild with your style or for a more sleek look.

Hopefully, this instructional guide on how to put on beard beads has been helpful. Now, if you do have any potential questions for us then please do reach out to us in the comments section below, we will be more than happy to help. We'd also love to know where you got your beard beards from and where we can check you out sporting them.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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