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Treatment and How To Prevent Shaving Razor Burn and Sooth Razor Burn Bumps on the Face and Leg

Razor Burn Basics

 Razor burn is one of those things that can be extremely aggravating, painful, and embarrassing whether you are a male or female. What can be almost as challenging is trying to find something to help sooth the irritation of razor burn bumps. If you ever go to a store and look at all the product available, it can be extremely overwhelming. Genetics plays a huge roll in this. For example, Italians tend to be very hairy and the hair itself is very thick and course causing many issues when it comes to hair removal in general. While other nationalities don't have the same types of issues because the hair isn't as dense or course. So lets look at the common mistakes made that contribute to razor burn.

* Shaving creams or shaving gels.

* The type of razors used.

* The temperature of water or lack there of.

* The type of product applied after shaving.

Razor Burn Cream

Razor Burn on Leg


Shaving Creams Verses Shaving Gels

A lot of people don't realize there is that big of a difference between a shaving cream and a shaving gel. There is a huge difference, especially if you suffer from razor burn. Shaving cream is a whipped cream consistency and OK for people who don't get razor burn. If you have issues with razor burn, you want a shaving gel. I would recommend Edge's Sensitive Skin formula, even if you're a woman. The problem with women's shaving gel is most of them have added scents and this contributes to razor burn.

Razor Burn on Face


Which Razor to use to Prevent Razor Burn

There are a ton of different types of razors and it can be very confusing which one to purchase that won't tear up your skin. If you want to prevent razor burn do not buy cheap razors and do not buy razors that have more than three blades on them. For women, Venus in the blue box works great. Their sensitive skin line is good also, but much more costly and you get pretty much the same results using the ones in the blue box. For men, Gillette Sensor is great in preventing razor burn. Don't be fooled by razors with four and five razors on them, they actually make razor burn worse and do not get closer to the skin as it claims. Also, only use a razor two, maybe three times at the most. The only exception would be for underarm shaving than you can use a razor more than that.

How to Sooth Razor Burn


Water Temperature for Shaving

 First of all, never ever, ever shave without water ! If you suffer from razor burn you want to shave after showering or bathing. The reason for this is the warm/hot water softens the hair and causes it to expand a little so when you shave after you get done the hair actually shrinks back into the skin a little.

Razor Burn Treatment


Razor Burn Soothing Products

 In my opinion and experience, I would avoid these products all together. Whenever I've used them they actual contribute to the razor burn. If I don't use them, and use the other products I mentioned above I avoid getting razor burn.

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