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How to Make Your Own Natural Sugar Scrubs


Sugar scrubs!

Sugar scrubs are great for your skin. They moisturize, exfoliate and clean out your pores. The sugar is just rough enough to help remove dry dead skin and clean out your pores without causing any damage to the new healthy skin underneath. The removal of the dead skin, dirt, and grime make it so the other ingredients can work their magic. The carrier oil or butter you choose to put into your scrub moisturizes and replenishes your skin with nutrients that will make your skin glow. The essential oils that you choose will add a fragrance that will smell like you just came out of the spa. This is an easy, inexpensive project you can do at home that will take very little time. It's a really simple way to give your skin spa-like treatment at home.


What you will need

There are some basic types of ingredients you will be needing.

The beads

This is the rough material that scrubs away the dead skin, dirt, and grime. You have more choices than you would think. Any of the listed below work really well.

  • Brown sugar
  • Regular granulated sugar
  • Salt

The carrier oil or butter

This is the base ingredient. You can choose just about any carrier oil or butter you like. Some really great choices are listed below.

  • Aloe vera gel
  • Coconut butter
  • Shea butter
  • Olive oil
  • Jojoba oil

Essential oils

These are mostly used for fragrance. You may want to use only a small amount of this, as a little bit goes a long way.

  • Lavender
  • Mint
  • Rose
  • Orange
  • Lemongrass


This is just a fancy word for soap. You want to add a small amount of glycerine to your scrub. You want to use liquid glycerine. This is used to help clean your pores and create some suds not a lot just a little. The more you use the more soapy and sudsy the scrub will be. Vegetable-based glycerine can be found at most health food stores or online.

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Other ingredients

These are all optional each of these ingredients listed below is not necessary but can be used to personalize your body scrub even more.

  • Oatmeal
  • Honey
  • Vanilla
  • Rose petals


This is optional also. It can be fun to add a little color to your body scrub. You have to be careful though you can't just use food coloring. There are natural colorants that won't stain your skin that can be used. These can be easily found online look for products like mica or natural soap colorants. If you really want to go natural you could use things like paprika or other natural spices and powders you have in your kitchen.

Mixing sugar scrub

Mixing sugar scrub

What to do next

You have picked out the ingredients you want to use now you just have to mix them together and try them out.

You have chosen a base, bead, scent and maybe even some other stuff just for fun. A good place to start is by mixing one cup of the base like coconut butter and one cup of the beads like brown sugar. Depending on the base you choose you may have to meltdown or soften the base. If you chose a harder base to add a quarter cup of carrier oil like olive oil. This will keep it from stiffening up. If you choose a carrier oil as a base your scrub will be more of a liquid consistency and not so creamy. Mix these in a bowl together well before adding the essential oil. Remember a little goes a long way so take your time you can even use more than one to create your own scent. If there is anything else you want to add like the oatmeal or rose petals you can add them last. Now all that is left is to transferring your sugar scrub into a container of your choice. I like to recycle old shampoo bottles. You can also use jars and other recycled containers.


Some more fun ideas

This a fun project all by yourself but getting together with friends to make somebody scrub creations can be twice the fun. Or you could even decorate your containers and use them for gifts or party favors. There is a lot of room for creativity and fun. Let your imagination run wild!

This a very helpful video

Fragrance choices

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rose-the planner from Toronto, Ontario-Canada on August 02, 2013:

I am all for great looking skin so I was immediately attracted to your article. This looks really quite interesting. The process in making the sugar scrubs doesn't seem very complicated, which I appreciate. I have to try this. Thank you for sharing. (Voted Up) -Rose

Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on August 02, 2013:

Great video. Certainly something I did not even know we could do. Of course now I will have to give this a try. Shared and voted up. Angels are on the way to you this evening. ps

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