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Beauty Tips for Hazel Eyes that Will Make Them Appear More Green

Tessa worked as an interior designer, designed clothing, makeup artist, and decorator. She also qualified and worked as a color consultant.

Green eyes

Green eyes

How to Make Hazel Eyes Look Green Naturally

Do you have hazel eyes and want them to make them appear more green?

  1. You can make hazel eyes appear more green without makeup, simply by wearing olive green colors.
  2. You can also wear a coral orange if you don't want to wear makeup. Be careful, though, that it is the right shade of coral for your skin tone.
  3. If you prefer to wear makeup, then you can use a green eye pencil to outline your eyes.
  4. Wearing a coral lipstick will also make hazel eyes look more green.
  5. The best green to wear for hazel eyes is olive green. This is because the hazel eyes are a green mixed with a brown, and they appear to be olive green.
  6. Olive green earrings also pick up the green in the eyes.
  7. If you are willing to use natural henna on your hair, this will also make the green in your eyes pop.
Really shitty picture of me and Neil Gaiman. But I am weaing green and an orangy/peachy lipstic.

Really shitty picture of me and Neil Gaiman. But I am weaing green and an orangy/peachy lipstic.

Colors That Best Emphasize Hazel and Green Eyes - Coral Lipstick and Green Eyeliner

So why do cosmetic consultants tell you that that purple makes green eyes stand out? I have no idea. On a color wheel, purple is one third away from green. Coral (or orange), on the other hand, is the opposite green. Therefore coral will make your green eyes flare while purple will do very little

A good point to remember about contrast is that for it to work there must be sufficient of one color to draw out the other color.

In other words, when there is only a small amount of green in a coral landscape, the green is lost. The degree of color in your eyes is very small compared to the rest of your face. The last thing you want to do is drown your eye color with another color.

So the way to use coral is to wear a coral lipstick. When I started using a coral lipstick, I lost count of the number of people who told me that I was looking prettier!

Different shades of green

Different shades of green

Use Makeup and Clothing for Greener Eyes

The best way to make your green or hazel eyes stand out is to use a combination of clothing, earrings, eye pencil, and lipstick.

Eye Makeup

Eye shadow, mascara, and eye pencil can all be used to draw out the green in your eyes. However, for a more natural look, I would stick with a thin green line outlining the eye. Unless you're going to a costume party, don't use green eyeliner, plus green shadow and green mascara. That's too much. Use a black mascara with a green eyeliner or a green shadow with black mascara, or green mascara with green eyeliner. Too much of a good thing isn't good!

Also, there are different shades of green. Experiment to see which one works for you. Generally, you have to find the correct shade that works with both your skin tone and your eye color.

Accessorize With Green Jewelry

Wearing green jewelry near your eyes will highlight your eye color. Try earrings and a necklace. Some hair accessories have jewels or decoration. Try wearing a headband or clip with green on it or even a green headscarf. This little accent will do wonders to make your eyes appear greener.

Again, try to find the shade of green that is closest to the color of your eyes. If you have hazel eyes, olive green works best.

Which eye emphasis the green more?

Which eye emphasis the green more?

Greens and reds are opposite each other on a color wheel, A shade of olive green will almost correspond with a more coral color.

Greens and reds are opposite each other on a color wheel, A shade of olive green will almost correspond with a more coral color.

Dye Your Hair Red With Henna

I bought some hair color from a shop in San Diego, California. I needed that nice tinge of red to cover some sneak-through grey hair so that I felt confident. I was supposed to leave the color on for half an hour.

As it turned out, I was busy writing and forgot about it. The dye stayed on for two hours. When I remembered, I rushed to the bathroom to wash it out. I became more and more frantic as I tried to remove it from my hair. My hair was virtually deep scarlet with a touch of maroon. I frantically called my daughter to tell her that my hair was the color of a red crayon, then I rushed to the hairdresser to ask them to wash it and cut it. The first thing they said as they saw me was that they loved the color of my hair.

When I got my home, my daughter was looking around the bathroom with amazement. In my rush to get it out, I had splashed red dye on the shower curtains, bath, basin, floor, and towels. It looked like a red modern art painting gone wrong.

And the upshot? I've never had such amazing green eyes in my life!

Coral, Orange, Or Peach Lipsticks are Best with Green Eyes

As with the greens, the lipstick your select should compliment the tone of your skin, but also emphasize your green eyes. If you have hazel eyes - a combination of yellow, brown, and green, the coral lipstick will definitely bring out your green eyes.

Orange and Peachy colors draw out olive greens.

Orange and Peachy colors draw out olive greens.

Coral Lipstick

Clothing That Makes Green Eyes Stand Out

In days gone by, it used to be the norm to wear clothes to match your eye color. Our grandparents did that because it worked. Green eyes are emphasized when you are wearing a green jacket or shirt. Essentially, the closer the green is to your face, the more your green or hazel eyes will reflect the green in your clothing.

Because Hazel eyes are a mixture of green and brown, the color that we see is more of an olive green than an emerald green. Therefore it is best to wear olive green.

When wearing olive green clothing to emphasize your color, make sure that the particular shade of olive green flatters your skin tone. If you have a yellow-based skin tone, wear a blue-based olive green item of clothing. If you have a blue-based skin tone, then wear a yellow-based olive green item of clothing.

What Are Undertones?

Even if your goal is to make your eyes look green, you have to consider your skin tone when choosing colors to wear. Different people have different undertones in their skin. My undertone is yellow, and I have olive skin. A person with rosy skin will most likely have a blue undertone. For yellow undertones, clear greens look best. For blue undertones, more olive colors look best.

That said, I don't think this rule is absolute. By that logic, I shouldn't wear olive greens, but the color looks great on me. The trick is that while olive green generally has a yellow undertone, I have learnt to recognize when a blue undertone is present!

When whether selecting green or coral (orange) items, make sure that they complement your skin tone.

Green Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Why Do Hazel Eyes Sometimes Look Green?

Hazel eyes are quite unique in that they are a combination of two colors: brown and green. The inner ring is usually brown and the outer ring green. There are often flecks of gold as well. By using the techniques above, your hazel eyes can appear greener.

In the same way, if you wear other colors your hazel eyes will change color slightly to match. They will appear grey if you wear blue, for example. If you wear brown, then the green in your eyes will become duller.

Yes, There's Such a Thing as Too Much Green!

You don't want to look like it's St. Patrick's day! The trick is to use two or three of these methods to emphasize the green in your eyes. Combine green eyeliner with green earrings and a green necklace. Or use green eyeshadow with black mascara, a light green scarf, and a green jacket. What colors can green be combined with? You can wear green with black, pink, blue, white, and beige.

So next time you want people to comment on your beautiful green eyes, you know exactly what to do!

Color Contacts

Green Contact Lenses

In addition to makeup, if you have brown or blue eyes, then green contact lenses are a great option. Kontaktlinsen color contact lenses make a nice green. If you want to change our eye color to green in a photo you are sending to someone, there are apps that allow you to do that.

Blue Contact Lenses

Conversely, if you have hazel eyes, and you wish to make them blue, if you wear grey or blue you will limit the amount of green that shows up. If you want to make them really blue, you will have to wear blue contact lenses.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Tessa Schlesinger (author) on February 13, 2020:

I have never heard of green/blue/hazel eyes. Hazel is a combination of yellow/brown/green. There is no blue. I'm sure that if you love purpose and everybody compliments you on your purple eyeliner and if it draws out one or other colour in your eyes, it is a good thing. Enjoy.

Trudy Lu on February 12, 2020:

I have green/blue/hazel eyes. I have worn purple eyeliner for 10 years and have never been disappointed. The purple always brings out the blue/green in my eyes and I wouldn't even consider wearing green eye makeup, especially olive.

Kavita Mevada on April 16, 2019:

Good article. I think that the purple and pink tones complement green eyes perfectly and with you’ll be turning heads wherever you go.

mrandmrs on October 30, 2016:

I was using purple everyday.

Tessa Schlesinger (author) on November 28, 2015:

Ooops. That is difficult. My eyes are a very light colour, but they change quite a bit depending on what I wear. I think that's an indication that one's eyes are hazel. When your eyes are green all the time, they are probably green.

Tony Lawrence from SE MA on November 28, 2015:

Yes, I have read that but then they show examples and I can see brown in what they say is green. And I can't tell if I see brown in mine or not!

Tessa Schlesinger (author) on November 28, 2015:

Tony, they're green if your entire eye is green and hazel if there are flecks of green surrounded by bits of yellow or brown, or other light colour. :)

Tony Lawrence from SE MA on November 28, 2015:

I don't know if my eyes are green or hazel. While trying to find out, I came across your post :)

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