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Best ways to loose weight quickly with right choice of cloths- fashion tips

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How to loose weight faster? What are the ways to loose weight? You might have asked this question several times to your friends and yourself. Well here is the answer.There are few easy tricks to trim you without any diet plan. With the right choice of cloths you can highlight the part of body which you want to show off and divert the attention from the spots which you less inclined to show off. This is how you will loose weight in no time.

Selection of cloths which gives you thinner look

  1. Choose the right size: Never wear the bigger size cloths then you are that will give you bulky look. Choose tops, jackets that fit you well on shoulders. Wearing too tight or smaller size will give a look like you are overgrown and show every flaws and extra weight. Wear the proper fit cloth that flatters you.
  2. Choose one colour: Choosing one colour from top to bottom gives you leaner and taller look. Choosing two shades will create break in the figure and draws attention towards the belly or hips if wearing top and trouser or skirt or blouse. So choose monotonous colour.
  3. Choose vertical pattern: Vertical lines gives the illusion of slimmer and taller look. Wearing vertical lines cloths adds height whereas a horizontal line widens you and gives you expanded look. It need not to be only vertical lines it can be anything in vertical pattern like vertical design, vertical zips or vertical buttons.

Dresses with vertical pattern


4.Choose dark colour. Colours like black, navy blue, chocolate brown gives slimming effect so introduce your wardrobe with some dark colours cloths like trousers, skirts and dresses.

5.Don't tuck in Tops tucked in at the waist draws attention to your hips and tummy that gives you bulky look, let top flow.

Long sleeves top


6.Lean sleeves: If your arms are saggy, try long lean sleeves that may float but not tight. That will give the illusion of leanness.

7. Choose light fabrics. Light fabrics like silk gives you soft and leaner look. Choose cloths which are not clingy. Whereas heavy fabric gives you bulky look.

8. Avoid extra fabric: Don’t hide your body with extra clothing that makes you look bigger unnecessary accessories shawl or jackets and even bulky hand bags widens you.

9.Right length of cloths: Choosing dresses of right length gives you smart and lean look. Wear Skirts or dresses around the knees. Avoid minis if you got extra fat on your thighs.

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10.Avoid clingy clothes. Tight and clingy fabrics will show every extra roll and fold of your body. Clingy cloths won’t hide the excess fat.

11.V-neck: V-necks tops or dress brings eye attention up and down narrowing your shoulders. Wearing horizontal or broad necklines may make your shoulders look wider.

V-neck Dress


12. High Heels. Last but not least, Wearing high heels definitely gives you slimmer and taller look and visually lengthen legs. If you think your problem area is your calf or you got extra fat in your legs you can choose high heel boots or a stylish legging.


On the top of everything wear cloths with confidence and attitude. And the style that flatters you.


preweb (author) from UK on May 01, 2013:

Thanks indian chef, small changes in dress up can make big difference.

Indian Chef from New Delhi India on May 01, 2013:

Veru interesting hub. I didnt think ever that even clothes can make you feel fat or thin. Voting it up.

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