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How to Have Unnatural Hair Color and Get Away With It

Wild blue hair

Wild blue hair

Rainbow colors

I love the colors of the rainbow they are so beautiful. If only hair grew in those vibrant shades of color! Since these colors do not occur naturally you have to color or dye your hair to get these beautiful colors. It takes a lot of work to get these colors but even after all that work and even if you get it just perfect it may not be allowed in some places. Whether it is you parents,work or some social groups and communities some places are just not okay with wild hair color. I personally think this is silly but rules are rules I guess. If you are like me this will not stop you and you are looking for ways to get the colors you want and still keep your job and not upset certain people or groups in your life. There are ways to do this they are not all big secrets or anything more like a list of ideas to help you find a method that works best for you.

Temporary color

Temporary color is one of the easiest ways to get away with wild hair color. The fact that the hair color will wash out gives you the opportunity to have all kinds of crazy colors and styles during your free time. You can just simply wash it out before work or any other occasion the color would not be deemed appropriate. You can make your own temporary dyes or buy the kind from the store. There are gels, sprays, chalks, and dyes that you apply just like permanent colors.

Light blonde hair

Light blonde hair

Lightening your hair

If you like wild colors my biggest piece of advice to you would be to lighten your hair to the lightest shade you can get it without looking funny or damaging it to badly. This way you can put temporary colors in all the time switch them out and try fun things. This makes the colors turn out more vibrant.


If you have really dark hair any color you put it in it no matter how wild or vibrant will always turn out as a tint. Not everyone likes this look but if you do you can get away with it pretty easily. You can use the excuse it was an accident or if it is a red, purple, or orange it could be natural. If it is green not only is it accepted people are usually sympathetic. Blue tints are harder to find excuses for but are accepted most of the time. this is a good way to be wild in a more stubble way.

Color placement

Where in your hair you place the color can make a huge difference. Some parts of your hair are more easily contained and hidden when they need to be. These areas are the best places to add fun colors. This gives you the option of styling your hair in a more conservative way if you need to. Some of these areas are listed below.

  • Small streaks you can pin underneath or put an accessory over
  • The underneath or bottom layer of your hair this can be hidden easily
  • The tips the tips can be tucked under in a bun
  • The hair by your ears can be pinned under or hidden by top layers
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Extensions and wigs

This does not sound as cool as dying your hair but it is really easy to go back to your natural color for those special occasions. You can purchase or make your own colored extensions. You buy some crazy permanent dyes and use them on some dollar store extensions or buy the nice stuff. Wigs are great for all over color and you don't have to get away with all the up keep and damage caused by chemicals. Wigs can be found at costume stores online and specialty wig stores.


This can be passed off as an accident and depending on where on your hair it is can be hidden or blended easily. Pastels that blend well with your natural color are best go with whatever undertones you hair naturally has whether it is orange or pink maybe even a yellow. Pastels are heavily trending right now you see them everywhere especially matched with a faded ombre look that can be hidden easily. This is when your hair naturally fades in color and ends with the lightest color on the bottom or a pastel color if you choose.

Red and orange

Red and orange are considered natural colors. They can actually occur naturally. If you pick an unnatural shade in these colors and can easily be passed off as a mistake or poor choice or something. These colors are versatile enough to look wild or tame depending on how you style them. You can have orange hair in a cute ponytail by night and then switch it up with an awesome rockabilly style in the evening. Same with red these two colors are able to blend in more than a blue or green. These are perfect colors to test the waters with and see what kind of reactions you get. If there is a problem and you can not keep the color these two are the easiest of colors to change slightly. It will not take a lot of work to fade them or to use a tint to make them look more natural.

Wild hair colors

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Karen Shiley from Washington on April 20, 2013:

Fun article, I will keep these tips in mind for Halloween. You could even dey a blonde wig som fun colors!

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