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How to Get Rid of 5 O'Clock Shadow

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Removing Your 5 O'Clock Shadow

You've got three main options when it comes to getting rid of the 5 O'Clock shadow:

i) The shaving technique (which is the step by step guide just below that we recommend).

ii) The waxing technique (which we go into more detail below).

iii) Laser treatment (again, which we go into more detail below).

This is a simple step by step guide on how to get rid of your 5 O’Clock shadow stubble. Even after you have trimmed your beard with a beard trimmer at it’s closest setting, you can still get the remnants of the 5 O’Clock shadow, so this guide is intended for those who are trying to achieve the closest possible shave possible.

Follow the steps below to put your best clean shaven face forward:

  1. Prepare your skin before you start shaving
  2. Use a shaving brush and cream to apply onto your face
  3. Pull your skin back and perform short strokes
  4. Rinse your blade after every stroke
  5. Apply second layer of shaving cream and go against the grain
  6. Rinse face with warm water and close the pores with cold water
  7. Finish it all off with aftershave

Now let’s look at each step in more detail just below.

But first no matter your look, your general appearance takes a good amount of care. That said, sporting a clean shaven look can be a bit less maintenance than a stubble can given the amount of effort that can go into it in order to make it not only look great, but smell good and be well-kept too.

Before, we get straight into how to get rid of stubble, we want to firstly stress the importance of good skin care. This applies whether you are wanting to either get rid or grow a beard, your skin is the very foundation to your face. Getting into the routine of washing, moisturising and exfoliating your face. Will help to remove dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria which can cause havoc for your facial hairs with ingrown hairs and so on. This helps with shaving as you can closer to the start of the hair folicle and aren’t blocked by dead skin cells.

What Will You Need?

This is what you will need on how to get rid of your 5 o'clock shadow:

  • A high quality safety razor with multiple blades
  • Shaving towel
  • A dedicated shaving cream and brush
  • Alcohol free aftershave
  • Pre-Shave Oil
  • Moisturiser

When it comes to trying to get rid of the stubble shadow, the safety razor with multiple blades is the better way to go — than a beard trimmer. Of course, there are pros and cons to both but they can get a closer shave. They just require more care as you about shaving, so this is the option we will use for this guide.

Of course, you get good razors and cheap razors. You want to be avoiding dispoable razors and opting for something that is properly built for the job. There are some great options out there and look for a model that is specifically built to give you a close cut shave.

#1 Prepare Your Skin Before You Go Ahead Shaving

Before you go straight into shaving your beard with a razor, you want to firstly prepare your skin with what’s about to come. The best way to do that is head to the bathroom sink and splash your face thoroughly with warm water or taking a warm shower. Here, we are looking to expose the pores on your skin as well as to help ease up the hairs for when it comes to shaving. Then pick up a nearby shaving towel to gently pat dry your face.

#2 Apply Shaving Cream to Your Face

When you apply the shaving cream to your face, you want to get the shaving brush, dip it firstly into some water and then into the shaving cream before going ahead and finally apply it in a circulating motion to your face. The idea here, is that we want to create a thick lather for the hairs on your face. The result, is that it raises the hairs and helps to aid in the exfoliation of our skin too.

Make sure you are using a proper shaving cream that will be kinder to your skin and result in a smoother finish. You want to avoid the cheaper versions that contain certain ingredients such as menthol that will actually close up your pores and make the beard harder to shave. If you have particularly sensitive skin, you want to make sure that you are also using a pre shave oil that is designed specifically to help ease those who are prone to irritation as it helps to ease razor drag and friction.

#3 Pull Your Skin Taut and Perform Short Strokes

Now you have got your facial scruff nicely lathered up with your razor in hand, you want to start shaving. Before doing so, make sure that the razor blade is sharp (and not dull), if it isn’t and your face isn’t properly lubricated this can result in a nasty case of potential razor burns as well as the promotion of ingrown hairs.

To start shaving, you want to pull back parts of your skin, so that the skin becomes taut. This then allows your beard hairs to raise up, making it easier to shave whilst getting a closer result too.

You want to be almost gliding the razor rather than applying pressure. The weight of a good qualtiy safey razor should be doing this for you. In the first phase of shaving your stubble, you want to take note of the direction your hairs is going and follow it along. This is a lot easier said than done, hairs go in all kinds of directions but it’s important to carry this out, as you will get a much finer and closer shave if you just go in whichever direction you like.

#4 Rinse Your Blade

Make sure that you are regularly rinsing your razor blade with warm water. This keeps it from clogging up, plus the use of warm water allows your skin pores to remain exposed as well the hairs soft. Personally, we would recommend that after every stroke, that you give the razor a quick rinse under the sink.

#5 Shave Against the Direction of Growth

You want to be carrying out almost the opposite shave of what you’ve just carried out. Now, once you have completed the first phase of shaving your stubble. Most of the hairs should have gone. However, there is another second phase to carry out. Again, like you did the first time, apply a second layer of shaving cream, this doesn’t have to be as much.

The objective now is to get your razor, again, making sure you are holding it at the right proper angle. Pull the skin taut but you want to be going the opposite direction of growth of what you carried out initially. You want to be going into the grain. You definitely don’t want to be carrying this out without shaving cream or a blade that isn’t sharp, otherwise it is going to be a rather uncomfortable experience.

#6 Rinse Your Face with Warm Water

Now you’ve finished removing the stubble from your face, you want to rinse your face with warm water. Remove all the straggling hairs and reach for the towel to pat it dry. Remember, your skin is extremely sensitive at this point so be nice to it. Ensure that there is no rubbing or serious stretching of the skin or any kind of pulling.

#7 Finish Off with Aftershave

Now to finish, you want to reach for an appropriate aftershave that you can apply to your face. This is going to help restore moisture to your face and recover from the irritation as you go about your day. You certianly don’t want to be using aftershave that has alcohol as it can dry your face out and be irritable.

Ideally, it has some moisturising element to help replenish the lost oils that will have been removed with shaving. Plus, a moisturiser will help to soothe and quash any potential irritation caused. Feel free to top up on moisturiser at a later period to help with any spots of your skin feeling dry.

Add a small portion of aftershave balm and apply it evenly over your face. As long as you do this, it will help the recovery and prevent your face from going dry later in the day. Rather ironically, a beard oil will actually be a good product to apply to your face after a shave as it will help to replenish the lost moisture, plus it’s great for smelling good too.

Alternative Methods of Getting Rid Of Your Stubble

There are a few alternative methods that you can carry out to remove a stubble to:

  • One being to simply wax off all the hairs

To get rid of the 5 O’Clock stubble, this is both an incredibly painful process and one that really we don’t recommend. Does it work? Sure. You are literally ripping out the roots of your beard in order to achieve this look but you can leave your skin quite tarnished as a result. Ultimately, we don’t really recommend it and we aren’t sure the results are actually worth it.

  • Laser hair treatment

You also have the potential opportunity for the long lasting impacts with laser hair treatment. Again, though it can be quite expensive and is this something you really want a long term solution to? There are many studies that indicate that stubble is quite attractive on men, so isn’t always nice just to have the option of growing out a stubble if you wanted to in the short term.

Of course, let us know if you have any questions and concerns with regards to how to get rid of 5 O'Clock shadow and we will be more than happy to help you. Simply, leave a question in the questions and answer box below.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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