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Fix a Scraggly Beard (8 Easy Steps)

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How to Fix a Thin Scraggly Beard

You know the saying ‘prevention is better than a cure’, this can certainly be applied to a scraggly beard. However, if you have arrived at this ‘fix it’ guide you want to know what can be done now to fix a scraggly beard and that’s what we are going to break down in the following steps.

So if your beard looks scraggly?

Here's some scraggly beard tips to follow:

1. Use Beard Oil

2. Use a Beard Balm

3. Wash Your Beard Correctly

4. Feed Your Beard Properly

5. Vist a Beard Barber

6. Brush Your Beard

7. Trim Up Your Beard

8. Own it

Now let’s break each of these down into more detail. However, firstly we need to understand why you got a scraggly beard in the first place to really understand what each of these steps is trying to achieve. See, the main reason a scraggly beard occurs is through neglect. The beard isn’t get enough moisture, it’s not being trimmed back, brushed and so on. That’s what has turned it brittle dry and as it grows out longer it turns scraggly. It’s time to fix your scraggly beard.

#1 Use Beard Oil

If there is one thing that is a like a magic pill in the beard world to get a better beard, using a high quality natural beard oil would be the closest thing the beard grooming community could offer you. If you have started out growing a beard and are looking for ways to tame your scraggly beard, this will be it.

If there’s one take away on how you can improve the standard of your beard, it’s investing and learning how to use a beard oil properly. Use a beard oil often, if you can twice daily, it will do wonders to help rehydrate the beard and bring it back to being softer and fuller looking. Use a beard comb to properly distribute the beard oil across the beard and it will actually bring some order and neatness to the overall beard too.

#2 Use a Beard Balm

Make use of a conditioning beard balm too. Very much like the job of a beard oil, however, the effects operate more like a leave in conditioner. The use of shea butter and beeswax will help you retain the moisture within the beard for longer periods. Plus, it offers some hold to the overall beard, allowing you to shape and style it how you want.

What you don’t want to do is use beard oil and beard balm together ideally. So you can use the beard balm in the morning as you go about your day to day activities, it allows you to style up the beard plus it slowly releases the moisture and holds it there throughout the day. Then when it comes to night time, just after you have taken a warm shower. This is a great time to then apply the beard oil as your pores are more exposed, allowing you to perform a deep conditioning aspect on a night.

Once you have applied the beard balm, make sure that you opt for a boar bristle brush to thoroughly apply the beard balm right throughout the beard and along the beard strands. Plus, due to the nature of the boar beard brush (with varying length hairs) it will help to stimulate beard growth too.

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#3 Wash Your Beard Correctly

Here you want to make sure that you are actually washing your beard in the first place, however, most guys go about it in a way that can be potentially dangerous to their beard in terms of drying it out. Firstly, you need to work out how often you are washing your beard. The ideal time is around 1 to 2 times a week, any more than that and you run the risk of potentially over-washing and stripping the natural oils that reside in your beard.

The second aspect, you need to watch out for is using water that is too hot. When the water is overly hot, it can cause the beard hairs to weaken as well as to dry up your face and therefore your beard. Instead, opt for a more lukewarm temperature, especially when you actually go about washing the beard.

Then finally and most importantly is the actual products that you are using on the beard. Using the same shampoo on your head as you do as your beard is going to cause it to dry out. They strip everything out — the dirt as well as the natural oils within the beard. Instead opt for a natural soap or beard friendly wash or shampoo, as this will help it to retain the moisture within the beard.

#4 Feed Your Beard Properly

You need to ensure that you are not only caring for your beard externally (by performing the above beard grooming routines etc.) but also internally. This involves making sure that it is getting the right nutrition. Making sure you have a healthy diet and a good supply of biotin is important to ensure that you are reaching your beard’s potential.

Plus, you need to watch for exercise (particularly lifting heavy weights), stress and sleep levels as this can relate to testosterone that has an impact over the beard quality you can grow. Living a healthy life will help to actually grow a more bountiful and impressive overall beard. Having a poor diet filled with stress can lead to a potentially scraggier beard as it’s not getting everything it needs in order to thrive. Basically make sure that you are not malnourishing the beard.

#5 Vist a Beard Barber

This easily goes down as one of the best things you can do for your beard but for some reason a lot of guys won’t get it done. When does your hair look your best? Just after you have got it cut, especially if it was a mess beforehand. The same goes with your beard, especially if it is scraggly.

A beard barber will know exactly what to do in order to make the best of it, they will work a style that suits your hair style, facial features and the assets of your beard. Plus, you will get some specific advice to you and your beard and they will be able to detail why you might be suffering with the scraggle aspects of your beard.

Plus, they will help to shape up the beard for you to follow. They will trim out the cheek line as well as neckline and you can simply follow the shape overall shape with a beard tirmmer to top up the lines. So you can get a much longer lasting aspect to the beard than you would with your head hair.

#6 Brush Your Beard

This is an easy one yet is completely essential to get a good looking beard. See, most guys forget that they need to complete the second hand of the formula to a good looking beard. They only deal with actually applying the beard balm or beard oil to the beard, but don’t go ahead and then distribute it properly throughout the beard. Plus, they aren’t going about shaping it up to make it look on point.

This is where the use of a beard comb or a boar bristle brush comes in. A few simple combs and strokes a day, allows you to go from a beard that looks unkempt to one that does. Make sure you don’t over do it though, otherwise you can potentially harm the beard and you will find more beard hairs dropping out and shedding than usual. Remember though beard hairs shedding is completely natural, just make sure it’s no more than normal (if it is, chances are you are being too rough with it somewhere down the line).

#7 Trim Up Your Beard

Now although we recommend that you do indeed visit the beard barber that doesn’t excuse you from trimming up the beard yourself every now and again. You need to look out for particularly long beard hairs that are sticking out and not behaving themselves.

Invest in a decent pair of beard scissors and give them the snip. You want to be doing this for potential beard split ends as well. This is what can cause a beard to go fuzzy and scraggly. Inspect your beard on a regular basis and if you see a split end occur. Give the hair a snip a few mm above where the split end starts to happen. Then douse it with some beard oil once you’ve given it the snip. Make sure the beard scissors are proper scissors for beards as well otherwise you could be causing more potential issues than you are solving.

#8 Own it

Sometimes, despite your best intentions and carrying out all the above. Your beard can still look a bit scraggly, and this can be down to simple genetics. What we suggest you do is rock a shorter looking style by trimming it up and heading to the beard barber, carrying on using beard oil and just down right own that beard. Look to the likes of celebs who have a scragglier and shorter beard, try to take styles points and inspiration from them. Be proud of the beard you’ve got.

Of course, do let us know if you have any questions with regards to how to fix a scraggly beard and we will be more than happy to answer, just leave them below in questions and answers section. Plus, if you have any additional thoughts of your own on how you can use improve a scraggly beard then please leave them in the comments below so future readers can benefit.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Jonathan Lees

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