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Going Natural? How To Big Chop Your Hair


The Big Chop Hair

How to big chop? That is a question that, surprisingly, is asked a lot. There are people who want to Big Chop(BC), but don't know how to go about doing it. It is simple, cut all of your hair off.

For those of you wondering what it means to Big Chop, let me explain. To Big Chop, is to cut off all of your relaxed ends when you are trying to go natural. There are only two ways to go natural:

1. Big Chop: cut off all of your relaxed ends

2. Transition: allow your hair to grow out from it's relaxed state, then when you are at a comfortable length, you cut off your relaxed ends.

The Big Chop can be a drastic change, but a nice refreshing one as well. Many are not comfortable with the Big Chop, because they are unsure of how to style their hair once they have done so.

I will show you how to Big Chop, using tutorials and also, how to style your big chop as well.

photo credit: chrisette michelle

Better Than Good Hair

Nikki Walton, of curlynikki.com, teaches you how to transition to natural hair or how to big chop. Many of you have probed CurlyNikki's website searching for answers, now you can have them at your fingertips.

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The Big Chop 1

The Big Chop 1

You've Decided To Big Chop

Once you have decided to take the plunge, to do the big chop, how do you go about doing it? Should you do it yourself or should you go to a salon? It depends on at which stage you are doing your big shop. Meaning, if you have about an inch or two of new grow, I would suggest going to a salon, or a barber shop, because at that stage you really need to have shape to your hair. My first choice would be a barber shop, because they deal with short natural hair on a daily basis and can shape your hair in a style that is attractive and fitting for you. Also, they can help out with product suggestions.

Take a look at a the tutorials below on how to big chop for inspiration:

photo credit: hi-imcurrentlyobsessed.tumblr.com

Boar Brush

If you decide to have a fade with your big chop, you're going to need a nice boar hair brush to lay your hair down.

Hair Cutting Tools

How To Big Chop Your Hair

In these tutorials, each of the ladies had their hair professionally big chopped, except for one. Which, as I stated, is a good idea when you are cutting your hair very short. You want to have shape to it, so that you can style your hair easily.

Hair Accessories - Flowers

From Bald to TWA

This video is a great inspirational video. Watch as this young lady shaves her head and grows her hair out to a very cute and stylish TWA, teenie weenie afro.

Big Chop 2

Big Chop 2

How To Style Your TWA(teenie weenie afro)

So you did the Big Chop, now you have a TWA(teenie weenie afro). What do you do now? It is really not as difficult as you think. There are several ways to wear your hair besides the short afro, although very beautiful, but are not limited to and doesn't require you to go to a salon. With the right products and styling tools your hair will look as if it was professionally styled.

photo credit: http://hi-imcurrentlyobsessed.tumblr.com/

Styling Your TWA(teenie weenie afro)

Styling Gels

Rock Your Big Chop

Rock Your Big Chop

Rock Your Big Chop

Big Chop 3

Big Chop 3

Wear Your Big Chop with Confidence

photo credit: http://hi-imcurrentlyobsessed.tumblr.com/

Confidence with your Big Chop

Solange Knowles knows how to Wear her Big Chop

Solange Knowles knows how to Wear her Big Chop

Solange Knowles knows how to Wear her Big Chop

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AskPat (author) on October 28, 2013:

@NixxieMcBoo: Enjoy your journey and do it at your own pace. Take a lot of pictures and have fun with it. Best wishes on your transition!

NixxieMcBoo on October 25, 2013:

I'm 27 weeks into my transition (nearly 7 months). I'm planning to BC in January 2015 (yes, 2015). However, these beautiful ladies make me want to BC right now. My hairdresser wants me to stay away from the scissors. It's soooo tempting. I can't wait to be "free!"

anonymous on May 21, 2013:

@anonymous: how long did it take you to get the new growth

ClaudiaDiesti on May 05, 2013:

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anonymous on March 14, 2013:

I waited for my hair to outgrow. I put it in braids for 2 months now I'm chopping it all off as we speak. It has grown some so i don't exactly have a TWA I have about 4 in of new growth already!!!!!

I'm just taking the relaxed ends off and it was liberating. I'm gonna wear a wig till my hair comes back as that BAA I remember so well. I'm also gonna want to dye it and wear some weaves to switch my style up. No more drab over here

darciefrench lm on January 11, 2013:

After I shaved my head, there was definitely a certain length of new growth that looked best for my features. My hair is long again, it grows like crazy.

NanAdrisMom on October 17, 2012:

Short natural styles are sharp! I did a BC twice (and about to do it again, because of heat damage :(... I will be sharing that experience in a lens soon

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