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How should married Women Dress?

How married women should dress

How married women should dress

How Should married Women Dress?

The dress pattern of married women has brought much conflict in many homes. The way most of the married women dress has brought conflict between them, their husband and their children. Most men have sent their wife home because of the way they dress. It is been said that the way you dress is the same way you will be addressed. There are categories of dress which a married woman is not supposed to put on. These dresses can make such woman to loose her reputation in her family and in the society as well. Some problems in the family today are as a result of the dressing pattern of the mother. But should it really bring about dispute in the family?

One of the things married women should know is that they are married, under a man, with children, the life you live is not just your own but that of your family as well. Now that you are married and with children, the life you live is not just your own but that of the whole member of your family. You no longer do things that please you alone but your actions will also be channeled for the glorification of the name of your family. The mother is the p.r.o. of the family. The way you dress as a mother can affect the happiness of the members of your family without your knowledge. When you don’t dress decent as a mother, it can affect the relationship of your daughter.

We may not truly understand the implication of some of our actions until gets us into trouble. One of your duty as a mother is the protection of the image of your family. Their should be decency in your dressing. When a mother dresses wrongly, it will also pass wrong information in the mind of people. The way you dress explains your personality. Many people have spoiled the reputation of the family with the way they dress. There are good clothes that can make one presentable and acceptable. When you dress like a prostitute as a mother, you will be addressed as one. As a mother you ought to dress decent, neat and sharp.

How indecent dressing can cause divorce

How indecent dressing can cause divorce

Indecent Dressing by Married Women and Family Divorce

Married women have been divorced from their husbands’ homes because of the nature of immodest dressing the women indulge in. The women may be dressing like that thinking that nothing will happen until something began to happen one day. The problem of immodest dressing by married women in homes has made some men act the way they did not like to act before hand. The image of the man that marries a woman that dresses immorally is the one that is being dent and not only that of the women. Because some men could not bear the burden any longer, they decided that the best way to solve such challenge is through divorce and they went on and did that.

Some of these women because of the way they dress are sometimes subjected to rape. This incidence may happen without the husband being aware of it, though may be ringing in the mind of the man because he knows what they action the wife indulge in can result to. Because of this kind of act, the woman may encounter such but will not tell the husband at home. To put stop to the man indirectly sharing his wife with people outside, he automatically divorce the wife.

Indecent dressing by married women and effects on children.

Indecent dressing by married women and effects on children.

Effects of Indecent Dressing by Married Women on the Children

Children’s Moral Behaviour

The way any mother dress affects the way the children will dress as well. A married woman who dresses like harlot will pass that same fashion of dressing to the children put under her care. If the child grows up and gets admission into tertiary institution that is how she continues to dress even into lecture halls of her institution. Many young ladies in tertiary institutions have led their lecturers into having sex with them because of the indecent dressing these young girls put on to lectures. The lecturers then are filled with filthy thinking because of what they saw during teaching in the lecture halls and invite the young lady in question to their office. When the indecent ones arrive at the offices, they make plans on the hotels to meet. What a mess brought about by how negative married women dress.

Children’s Social Life

Some little children whose mother dresses indecently are sometimes segregated from others. The reason for this is because some parents believe that bad things are contagious and they do not want their out children to contact them. Because of this, many children being born by any married mother that do not dress decently are being segregated from others in some communities. This serious affect the way these children behave socially.


Samuel Mberikunashe on May 10, 2018:


Magicality LM on April 28, 2017:

Interesting. But I believe people can wear whatever they want ...

anonimous on February 07, 2015:

Women of all ages should dress in a decent way,married or single ,however there is an old say ( the dress dosen,t make the friar).

Inspiring post

Silvia Beteta on January 05, 2014:

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I love your post :)

stephen kalu (author) from Nigeria on August 22, 2011:

@Angelalice, Thanks for paying a visit and i share with your idea.

Angelalice on August 20, 2011:

I do accept d truth that a mother should dress decent,neat and smart. Because d way a mother dress pass a message to d public and mostly when she has female chíldren. Nice one!

stephen kalu (author) from Nigeria on August 20, 2011:

@Nell Rose, thanks for commenting on my hub Ma. Its true that we all are equal but most people have used this fact to achieve a wrong motive. All the same thanks for stopping by.

Nell Rose from England on August 19, 2011:

Hi, being from England I agree to a small extent, but the remark about being under a man, over here, wouldn't go down very well! lol we are equal to our husbands, and there is no way they would tell us what to wear! but, saying that, I do agree that a married woman should calm down, dress nicely and look after her family, cheers nell

FLOW on August 03, 2011:

Dats true, the way our mother dress also makes an impact in our life.

Edited general on August 01, 2011:

The mothers character has a lot to do in the family.

Edited general on August 01, 2011:

Good hub Stephen, its true that the way you dress is the way you will be addressed.

Breen Bergstrome on July 29, 2011:

I enjoy your thoughts and have to agree that married women should reflect a dignity that comes with age and responsibilties.

I agree the way a woman dresses speaks a lot about her.

Thanks for writing this hub.

whoisbid on July 29, 2011:

I have a travelled a lot and some cultures are really serious about this and some not. Nice to see you here. Squidoo is just like HubPages in answer to your question. Good luck and keep safe my friend!

sunchild28 from Nigeria on July 27, 2011:

I do believe that the way you dress has a lot to do with the way you will be addressed.

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