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How Often Should You Use Beard Oil?

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When Should You Be Applying Beard Oil Guide

If you have started to grow out a beard and carried out some research into how to maintain and grow it out to its full potential, you will likely have come across a lot of beard folk advocating the use of beard oil. You will find the same advice here too, it’s a great product that hosts a whole range of benefits for your beard, from ensuring your skin is moisturised, the beard hairs remain strong and not to mention you will smell great too.

However, there isn’t that much advice out there over the actual use of beard oil. Sure, there are plenty of tutorials on how to use beard oil. Simply, pour a few drops into your palms, and start to rub it into your beard. As per the demonstration video below.

But actually how often should you be using and applying the beard oil? When should you be using the beard oil? How much is not enough, how much is too much? This is what this guide is going to break down for you here.

How Often Should You Use Beard Oil?

Firstly, what should be noted is that every guy and their beard is different (and so is their beard growing potential - find out here how to tell if you can grow a beard). Where you might be using too much, another might not be using enough and vice versa. What you need to try and work out is what’s the right routine for you.

Generally speaking though, you want to be at least applying some amount of beard oil to your beard on a daily basis. What kind of aspects impact on how much or if you do it twice or thrice a day are things like the weather (summer and winter will impact the dryness of your beard), how long and coarse your beard is and what the rest of your beard grooming routine looks like.

If you have a 10 day stubble, you will only need to be applying perhaps 3 to 4 drops of beard oil a day. If you have a much larger and coarser beard, you might need somewhere between 10 to 12 drops morning and night.

So ultimately, you want to be starting to use beard oil everyday and then adjust to how much you are actually using from their depending on the circumstances of your beard as well as external factors.

When Should You Be Using Beard Oil?

Now we have established how often you should apply beard oil, i.e on a daily basis. When during the day should you apply it? The most optimum period is usually just after you have had a warm shower.

This is because your skin pores are exposed allowing all the beard oil goodness to easily be absorbed into your skin and beard follicles. That said, you can mimic the same effect, when you splash your beard with warm water. You want to be applying beard oil to a slightly damp beard, not a completely dry or completely damp one.

If you have a bigger beard or you are finding that your beard is getting drier despite a good amount of beard oil use. You might want to split it up into twice daily. Once in the morning and once in night to leave it within your beard to condition it as you sleep.

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How Does it Work Within a Beard Grooming Routine?

It’s dependent on the beard at what you are trying to achieve. If you are regularly trying to straighten a curly beard for instance or you are wanting to perfect a short 10 day stubble, then your grooming styles and routines are going to look quite different. Hence, the way you use and how often use beard oil will be impacted, both require beard oil though to be beneficial.

What you want to avoid with beard oil is the ‘overuse’ or ‘underuse’. You don’t want to be going the day without beard oil but on the other hand you don’t necessarily want to be using beard oil, then a conditinioning balm as well as a moisturiser. You have too much going on your face at any one time and you will get the feeling of a groggy and over greasy beard which will result in clogging and ultimately not very good for your beard or skin.

So you want to try and space things out a bit more. Perhaps use the beard styling balm in the morning as you head out to work. Leave it for weekends when you are relaxing. Then use beard oil as a deep conditioner for night times and up the use over the weekend when you go about washing your beard.

Beard Oil Daily Use

Should you use beard oil everyday? Sure. The average beadsmen should be looking to use it at least once daily. This can just be just out after the shower. If you are having a particularly rough time with the beard don't hesitate to start using beard oil twice daily (once in the morning and then again at night).

You wan to get into the routine of washing your face first, then applying beard oil rather than the other way around. Otherwise if you can be potentially wash away some of the beard oil that is soaking into your pores and beard strands.

How Much is Not Enough?

You will need to use some intuition here, but generally speaking there are a few rules to follow on how much to go for. It’s dependent on how much beard you’ve grown. So for about a month worth of beard growth, you want to be using between 2 to 3 drops. Then for another month, use a further drop or two. Then build up from that.

However, you will start to notice if you are not using enough, if your beard is feeling overly dry and you have addressed the other potential areas that could be causing this (such as over exposure to heat, washing your beard the wrong way etc.). Essentially, make sure that you are following a good beard grooming routine in general and you are still getting problems. Then of course, test to see if it has been resolved by applying a bit more beard oil or having an extra drop in the evening or the morning.

How Much Beard Oil is Too Much?

Knowing if you have used too much beard oil is quite an easy sign. Your beard and general face feels overly greasy. Bear in mind this could simply be the result of a heavy based beard oil rather than a light based one. The latter is something which I would certainly recommend, personally I would go for the Beardbrand range of beard oils if you are after something that’s not going to clog up the face.

Then adjust for that, if you are using 7 drops of beard oil in a morning, why not switch to 5 in a morning and then one at night. See, if that improves the general feel of your beard, whilst allowing it to get enough moisture for the beard.


What you will probably have gathered from this account of how often you should be using and applying beard oil, is that it is down to experimentation. Different beard oils will yield different results on different beards with different grooming routines.

You want to be at least using the beard oil daily, however, how much and when during the day and how often during that day are aspects that you are going to need to experiment with yourself. You will be able to get a better feeling and judgement over the quality over one routine compared to another the longer you experiment for and how long you own your beard.

Let us know if you have any potential questions with regards to how often you should use beard oil? You can get in touch through the questions and answers section just below and we will be more than happy to get back to you.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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