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Stallion and Horse Tattoos


A stallion isn't just any horse, it's a horse that hasn't been gelded (castrated).

That means that the testosterone inherent in stallions results many times with better looking and thicker necks, as well as a much more muscular structure in contrast to their mare, or female horse counterparts.

Geldings will also fall short in that regard, resembling the physical body structure of the mares more than that of stallions.

Stallions tend to be more aggressive than geldings and mares, and so must be trained to let that aggression out in productive and effective manners. But they still retain that high level of testosterone that makes them what they are.

With the stallion and horse tattoo designs included here, we'll celebrate the freedom and strength associated with stallions, presenting them in their handsome and powerful state.

Stallion Running Tattoo

This first stallion tattoo is one of the horse running freely at full speed. It's an awesome sight in real life as it is in body art.

While that's true, the artwork of this stallion is fantastic, even though at first glance it looks fairly simple in design.

It's the thickness of the lines on certain parts of the horse that impress me, as they present an outline in a unique ways; sometimes broken by empty space, and other times connected.

I like that the detail of the features of the horse weren't included with this tattoo, as it would take away from the real emphasis and purpose of it, which is to display the spirit of the stallion as he runs at high speed. Too much detail would have taken away from that.

Also note where the legs of the horse are designed. That is not an easy thing to do, to take the horse's legs in that position and leave a lot of blank areas without taking away from what the horse is doing.

Tattoo of Stallion Rearing Up on Hind Legs

To me this is what stallion tattoos are all about. It doesn't get much better than this for showing the majesty of a spirited stallion as he declares himself for all to see.

You can see that thick, powerful neck that usually accompanies stallions, revealing his power and confidence.

The musculature of the stallion was done magnificently, set against the backdrop of a western scene. What's not to like about it?

Running Horses with Flowing Manes

What an awesome depiction of strength in these three horses appearing to be running towards a battle with an unknown enemy.

That's evidenced by the fierce red in the eyes and look of determination on the faces. Also those bulging veins on the horse in the foreground appears to be saying he's giving it everything he's got as he goes forward. Great, inspirational stallion tattoo.

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Horse Tattoo with Wild Mane

The mane of a horse is a great characteristic for showcasing the power of the mighty beast, and this tattoo has a lot going for it in that regard.

This isn't just a horse's mane fluttering in the wind, but a display by the horse which results from his running and acting in abandon; without a care in the world.

While I like the entire tattoo, the mane is my favorite in this one, as the fine detail is done very well, and the shaking head and mane look are complemented nice by the white in the eyes of the horse.


Jumping Horse Tattoo

I really like this jumping horse tattoo, appearing to soar out of the woods as his hooves are pounding the dirt.

The way the tattoo is designed is also great, with the back of the horse displayed in a lighter shade, while the front, which is exuding power, is expressed in a darker ink, showcasing the awesomeness of the stallion.


Magnificent Tan and Black Horse Tattoo

The final tattoo in this horse tattoo gallery is my favorite, and the quality and majesty of the design pretty much says it all.

And since I prefer dark ink to ink with color, it's especially impressive that the tattoo design has such a positive impact on me.

But what's not to like about it? It includes a terrific brownish, tan color, accentuated by the gorgeous dark marking on the mane, tail, face and bottom part of the legs. It really blends in well with the body color to create the fantastic image.

The face of the horse is also done very well, with the eyes and flaring nostrils being very believable. Great stallion tattoo.

Stallion and Horse Tattoos

That was a great bunch of stallion and horse tattoos, presenting the amazing power, agility and majesty of these stunning creatures.

Any of these would be a good choice for a tattoo, and, depending on your preference, could include a scene in the background as some of them have.

Whether you want that or to focus on primarily on the beauty of the stallion, getting a horse tattoo is definitely a great way to show your appreciation for the wonderful animal.

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