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Harvey Specter's Wardrobe, Ties, and Clothes From Suits on USA

Harvey Specter is impeccably dressed in every episode

Every episode of suits showcases a new suit worn by Harvey Specter. He is as much a character as he is a fashion plate. I would give my right arm for just one of these suits, and I bet if you are visiting this page, you would too.

Harvey wears suits designed exclusively by Tom Ford.

The same designer also created some of James Bond's (Daniel Craig) suits as well.

Every suit is perfect

Every suit Harvey wears is perfectly tailored, nearly form fitting. Sharp and stylish, Harvey is always dressed to a T.

He is frequently driving cars from the Gotham City Car Club. He enjoys the finer things in life.

He is unapologetically male, and willing to take risks, if the reward is worth it.

He is New York City's number 1 closer, and he knows it.

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Who makes Tom Ford?

According to this press release Tom Ford has partnered with Zegna since 2006 to manufacture clothing.

Tom Ford's styles are distinct from Zegna, and while a fair amount of workmanship goes into both of these luxurious lines, Tom Ford's are believed to be even more discriminating.

What would Harvey Wear? - Harvey would wear Tom Ford

These suits just ooze confidence. Each one is hand crafted

What other designers do you like?

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