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Harley Davidson Tattoos

Harley Davidson More Than a Business

Harley Davidson motorcycles, and the brand itself, have become a way of life for many people, and represents, more than anything, freedom.

Consequently, Harley fans are forever looking to express the lifestyle, and one of those choices are to get an image of Harley or its logo tattooed on them.

By far the most tattooed Harley Davidson image is the Harley logo. Yet there are some people that get entire scenarios centered around a Harley motorcycle inked on them.

Usually with the logo will be other elements, usually including American patriotic images like the eagle and the flag. This is because of the fact that Harley, while expanding around the world, is primarily considered a part of Americana.

Even the Harley Davidson name tattooed in interesting fonts is very compelling, underscoring the great respect and admiration fans have for the brand.

Harley Davidson as Tattoo Phrase

We'll start our look at Harley Davidson tattoos with the name itself emblazoned on the back of this Harley fan. The font looks good, and the additional dark and light shadow on the lettering looks great.

Harley Davidson Tattoo Font


Tattoo of Harley Davidson Brand Name

Here is another tattoo of the Harley brand name. I like this one even better than the one above, as the scrolling cursive stands out nicely. The symbols underneath finish off the great looking tattoo.


Harley Tribal Logo Tattoo

Tribal designs look fantastic with the majority of tattoo themes, and that is the case with Harley Davidson tattoos as well. Below is a look at the Harley logo as interpreted through a tribal eye.


Harley Davidson Tattoo with Eagle

This Harley tattoo with the eagle is a good example of the combination of the brand with other brands or themes. The implication is it's an American brand. Note the barbed wire wrapped around the label.

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Harley Davidson Tattoo with Flag and Eagle

For American Harley Davidson fans, the brand is considered to be one that is patriotic, and is expressed with tattoos with the American flag, and as mentioned, an eagle. I like the tattoo below, but the logo may be too strongly and darkly inked in comparison to how the rest of the tattoo is colored and designed.


Couple Riding Harley Motorcycle Tattoo

This is a Harley tattoo design I'm familiar with, and I've always liked the way the hair of the couple is inked to make it appear they're riding at an extremely fast level on the bike. Great look.


Harley Davidson Engine Tattoo

This tattoo of a Harley Davidson engine was a pleasant surprise. It is a fantastic design; full of detail. It's amazing how the designer and/or artist even made it look like the chrome was shining.

There is no doubt it took a long time for the artist to complete this Harley engine tattoo.


Harley Davidson Logo with Skull and Wings

I don't know if this particular Harley tattoo represents something specific, but it definitely has a very cool look. The dark, uniform colors make this a great choice to represent the Harley brand we all like so much.


Harley Davidson Tattoo Back Piece

This full Harley Davidson back piece is fantastic. Too bad when the photo was taken the light was shining in a way that made the detail a little harder to see. Even so, there's more than enough to see how cool this Harley scene is.


Harley Davidson Tattoo Scene in Mountains

The Harley Davidson back piece below has a little bit of everything, and is as good as it gets for an entire scenario. You have the tribal elements at the top middle of the back, and those gorgeous mountains and other scenery as witnessed by the lucky Harley driver. Fantastic. Great design and work.


As you can see, there's no halfway with most Harley Davidson fans who choose to get a tattoo of this lifestyle brand. There's not one of those shown here, or the many I've seen through the years, that I could say were a disappointment. The Harley brand is represented well by the tattoo art that expresses the lifestyle.

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