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Best Contemporary Designer Bags, Buy Good Quality Purses for Under $500!

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I have loved handbags for as long as I can remember. Let me help you pick out your dream bag!

Cuyana - Fewer, High Quality, and Better for the Planet

Priced way below premium luxury brands, the U.S. based Cuyana is a modern clothing and accessories brand that focuses on product quality and sustainability. With so many toxic fast fashion brands out there poisoning the planet, Cuyana is at the opposite spectrum and produces quality products with pollution control in mind. Combining responsible sourcing and waste effluent treatment, you can buy timeless design and well made understated handbags for under $500. The Cuyana leather tote is a permanent item in their collection that is made for work, school and any other causal situation that you can think of. Not a fan of totes, how about Cuyana's saddle bag. This little cute messenger bag is perfect for a minimalist to use everyday.


Strathberry - Loved by Meghan Markle

This brand is crafted in Spain with high quality leather. With a signature metal bar on most of their bags, Strathberry is very elegant and fitting for the Duchess of Sussex. These purses come in a variety of different colors and sometimes a combination of different colors. Many Strathberry bags are also very practical for everyday use because of the shoulder strap. Prices are reasonable for its quality. Most Strathberry purses range from $300 to $800. With the popularity of small purses, you can easily find a small Strathberry bag for under $500.


Yuzefi - Eccentric British Brand

This is a somewhat new British handbag brand that makes their products in Spain. The design is eccentric, bold and modern. Even though this contemporary brand is not that well known among women yet, it is slowly gaining loyal customers on Instagram. The Yuzefi Delila bag reflects the founder's extensive experience and unique approach to design. The most iconic Yuzefi design is a big chain either made of metal or plastic. This bold brand is perfect for a fashion forward woman that is not afraid of statement pieces.


Everlane - Exceptional Quality, Ethical Factories and Radical Transparency

Everlane is not a brand that specializes in handbags. They are a brand that advertises their high quality, simple design, ethical factories and radical price transparency. A breath of fresh air in the fashion industry, they list the cost to produce all items on their webpage. In the last few years, Everlane has grown to a company that offers tee, sweaters, shoes, handbags and other fashion accessories. Aside from ethical production and pricing, Everlane is moving towards more environmentally sound ways to produce their products. One of the ways to improve their environment profile is through offering bags and backpacks that are entirely made of recycled polyester. Many people might not known, recycled polyester is vast improvement compared to virgin polyester.

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Manu Atelier - Stylish Turkish Brand

Founded by two sisters based in Turkey, Manu Atelier is known for its little arrow symbol on their bags. Due to the popularity of small bags, Manu Atelier's most popular style is a small structured bag that is super simple in design. On the other hand, Manu Atelier has other more elaborate designs such as the addition of a flashy metal chain in addition to the leather strap. The cylinder bag is another popular purse by Manu Atelier. It combines cute looks with functionality. Even though the cylinder is a small bag, it can hold all of your essentials easily.


BOYY - Thailand Handbag Brand

Most handbags are either designed in Europe or made in Europe. BOYY has its roots in Thailand with a Thai designer. This is very rare in the fashion industry. And we should really celebrate the inclusion of minority designers in the mainstream fashion world. Crafted from high quality leather, BOYY purses have a buckle in the front as their signature style. It's really nice to take a break from the European oriented handbag world! Let's support other talented designers from developing countries! BOYY retails from approximately $250 to $1000. For less than $500, go for the BOYY small leather tote. This little bag is so adorable and fitting for the current fashion world. Small bags are extremely sought after for all handbags.


Danse Lente - Fun and Functional

A contemporary brand based in Britain, Danse Lente has some of the most unique designs on this list. Have you seen the Danse Lente Phoebe bag? Its design is one of kind. The handle reminds people of spiral notebooks that we all used in school. Best of all, this handbag is also very functional. Fashion bloggers love this bag because it adds serious style to their whole outfit. What's better? The Danse Lente Phoebe is made in a variety of colors that you can pick out the right one to match your style. The Danse Lente Johnny is another sought after style that is very on trend with the current small bag craze in the fashion world.


Staud - USA Goodness!

Staud is a contemporary brand born in the USA. Staud was founded in Los Angeles. This brand is known for its accessible price point and simple design. Their price ranges from $250 to $500. The eccentric LA based brand has many unique bags. Are you a fan of brightly colored or multicolor bags? Then, Staud bags are really good for you. Statement bags usually feature bold designs. It's really hard to pay a steep price for a statement piece from Louis Vuitton. In this case, a statement bag from Staud is lot easier to buy!


Polène - Handbag Brand Loved by Social Media!

This contemporary brand is all over Instagram. Popularized by social media, this newly launched brand (founded in 2016) specializes in handbags that are well made and somewhat affordable. The Numéro Un is the most popular bag made by this brand. The cute little backpack comes in a few sizes for all lifestyles. Aside from the widely recognized backpack, Polène has other understated luxurious leather bags in their lineup. Be sure to check out this brand to save money and look stylish at the same time!

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