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Best Contemporary Designer Bags, Buy High Quality Purses for Under $500!

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I have loved handbags for as long as I can remember. Let me help you pick out your dream bag!

Coach Luna Shoulder Bag in Signature Canvas

Coach is one of the most well known mid range contemporary designer brands. You will understand why when you browse the Coach website. Most purses fall below $500. Coach purses are reasonably priced for their stylish design and workmanship. You are really getting the bang for your buck with this American brand. Recently, the crescent moon shaped bags are coming back in style from the 90s. Many luxury brands are re-releasing the round hobo bags. Coach followed this with their own Luna Shoulder Bag in the Signature Canvas. What if you love this bag but not the Coach logo? Go ahead and purchase the full leather version of this bag.


Marc Jacobs The Snapshot Bag

The Marc Jacobs Snapshot bag is a stable in the luxury affordable segment. Look at this bag and you will understand the reason instantly. The Snapshot bag is a classic camera bag that is small but can still fit your everyday essentials. With a huge array of colors and color combinations, you will find the one for you. Best of all, this practical little bag comes with a wide canvas shoulder strap that keeps you comfortable all day everyday. What's not to love about this mid range contemporary designer bag? For those that love fashion, Marc Jacobs is not a peculiar name. He was the creative director for Louis Vuitton for over a decade. During his time at the legendary luxury fashion fashion, he collaborated with many artists and fashion designers. Do you remember the Louis Vuitton watercolor and cherry blossom limited edition pieces? It no wonder that Marc Jacobs designed the perfect camera bag for his own fashion house.


Cuyana Modern Saddle Bag

Priced way below premium luxury brands, the U.S. based Cuyana is a modern clothing and accessories brand that focuses on product quality and sustainability. With so many toxic fast fashion brands out there poisoning the planet, Cuyana is at the opposite end of the spectrum and produces quality products with pollution control in mind. Combining responsible sourcing and waste effluent treatment, you can buy this bag with your conscious under ease for less than $500. The Cuyana Modern Saddle bag is a classic saddle bag that is timeless in any closet. Available in black and brown, the Modern Saddle bag will go with any outfit. Best of all, this crossbody bag is practical as well. With a good amount of interior space for your everyday essentials, this is a workhorse bag. In addition, the back pocket is a good feature that can hold your receipts or smartphone. This simple yet classic bag is a true stable in any wardrobe. The saddle bag will never go out of style.


Strathberry East West Mini

The Strathberry brand is contemporary company based in Spain. Although it lacks rich history compared to established haute fashion houses, Strathberry produces finely crafted leather pieces at affordable prices. With a signature metal bar on most of their bags, Strathberry is very elegant and fitting for the Duchess of Sussex, Megan Markle. Most Strathberry purses range from $300 to $800. With the popularity of small purses, you can easily find a small Strathberry bag for under $500. One of them is the Strathberry East West Mini, this adorable little crossbody bag comes in a variety of different colors to suit all wardrobes. Strathberry also releases East West Mini in limited color combinations for different holidays as well. If you are feeling adventurous, go for the Valentine's day East West Mini.


Polène Huit

This contemporary brand is all over Instagram! Popularized by social media, this newly launched affordable luxury brand (founded in 2016) specializes in handbags that are well made and under $500. The Numéro Un is the most popular bag made by this brand. The cute little backpack comes in a few sizes for all lifestyles. Aside from the widely recognized backpack, Polène has other understated luxurious leather bags in their lineup. If you want something a little bit different from traditional silhouettes for handbags, go for the Polène Huit, a bucket bag that is extremely pleasing to the eye. Available in two sizes and many different colors, the Polène Huit is a workhorse and fashion statement.

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Manu Atelier Mini Kesme

Founded by two sisters based in Turkey, Manu Atelier is known for its signature little arrow symbol on their bags. It's all about the chucky chain for 2022's handbag trend. If you dress very simple, a chucky chain on the purse can instantly add interest to your whole outfit. Manu Atelier added a chucky chain both as decoration and functionality to a very simple shoulder bag. Available in two sizes, the Kesme bag takes a simple silhouette to the next level. The smaller Kesme bag is a continuation of the small handbag trend while the larger Kesme is more practical for daily use. Pick the patent leather version to look more modern compared to the traditional smooth leather. If you are tired of the chucky chain, it is removable and you can add this chain to another bag if you want to.


Tory Burch Small Kira Fringe Flap Shoulder Bag

Tory Burch is a well known mid range contemporary designer handbag brand. This brand was first known for its signature Reva flats. Following the ballet flats' popularity, Tory Burch became known for their handbags as well. The best thing with contemporary brands is that they will often have sale events. If you love a purse from Tory Burch and it's over $500, just wait for the sale. You will for sure get the purse at or just under $500. An example is the Tory Burch Small Kira Fringe Flap Shoulder bag. This purse was almost $800 retail. But it just recently got discounted to under $500. This bohemian style shoulder bag is perfect for the spring and summer with all of your light colored dresses. Best of all, the size is big enough for an iPad Pro. So, this purse really packs a punch.


Staud Shirley Leather Bag

Staud is a contemporary brand born in the USA. Staud was founded in Los Angeles. This brand is known for its accessible price point and simple design. Their price ranges from $250 to $500. The eccentric LA based brand has many unique bags. Staud is best known for its rectangular handles. Although many Staud bags are available in the traditional neutral colors such as brown and bag, you can go with a more fun color like pink when buying from a contemporary designer. It's hard to justify an odd color handbag from luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton unless your wallet is extremely deep. Sometimes, fashion is about having fun and bold statement colors can definitely deliver that.


Furla Metropolis Bag

The Furla brand is from Italy. Although many people might think that it is a premier luxury brand, Furla is actually a contemporary mid range designer brand that specializes in highly feminine pieces. The price point is comfortably below $500 for almost all of their bags. The most popular design is the Metropolis bag. This little crossbody purse is available in two sizes and many colors. The bigger version is more for everyday use and can fit all of your essentials plus a little bit more. The smaller Metropolis is great for looking cute on a date. Even though the Metropolis is their most iconic style, Furla offers a wide range of very feminine pieces that every woman will love.


Kate Spade Lucy Lady Leopard Needlepoint Small Crossbody Bag

An article about contemporary handbags must include the brand Kate Spade. This luxury affordable designer has a full lineup of bags that will satisfy all consumers. Do you want the ultra chic round purse that every high end designer has in their collection? Kate Spade has a hard case round purse that looks even better than true luxury designers. The Kate Spade Lucy Lady Leopard Needlepoint Small Crossbody bag is really a statement piece for those that love to experiment with different styles. Aside from round purses, Kate Spade actually has all different silhouettes that you can think of. In addition, Kate Spade is known to do very good sales on their handbags during holidays.


DeMellier The Vancouver

The DeMellier is a contemporary affordable luxury brand based in London. The founder believes in ethical fashion and giving back to the needy. The surprising thing is that this affordable luxury brand makes their handbags in Spain and Italy. At their price point, DeMellier is really a bargain for those that must have European made bags. Take a look at the simple Vancouver bag. Does it look a little bit familiar? It looks similar to the Celine Box and also the A.P.C Grace bag. If you want a classic boxy crossbody bag in leather, the DeMellier is an understated handbag that fits that need. With many different colors available, the DeMellier Vancouver is really for every woman. Go for the burgundy version for a splash of color in your wardrobe!


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