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Cutest Hairstyles for Square Faces ~ from Short to Long

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I love fashion! Hairstyle is so important for women. The right hairstyle can make you look younger, more attractive, and hide imperfections.

Very Short Hairstyle for Square Faces

So you don't like to hide behind your long hair? If you love short hair, show off your chiseled jawline with layered, messy, and feminine short hair! Even though very short hairstyles are not typically suitable for square faces, there are some styles that will flatter your angular features. You have to layer your hair on the top to create depth and soft feminine looks. Making hair slightly messy is also great for square faces. Want more layers and depth? Try to highlight your hair! Also lighter hair color and short hair are really suitable for women with angular jawlines.


Short Hairstyle that Frames the Square Face

Another very flattering short hairstyle for square face is hair that frames your beautiful face. Add feminine big waves to soften the angular features. This short hairstyle is very edgy and really suitable for career oriented women. Let your co-workers know how fierce you are! By framing your face partly with wavy hair, your face will appear slimmer as well. This hairstyle is not only perfect for women with angular jawlines, but also flatters those with wider faces.


Medium Length Bob is Perfect for Square Faces

Are you looking for beautiful medium length hairstyles for square faces? The bob is perfect for you. However, keep the bob on the medium length is the best bet. With straight hair that frames the angular jawline, you will appear more feminine. Also, the square face tends to look more closer to the oval face with this flattering hairstyle. The side part creates length visually. If the length of your square face is also short, this style is really suitable for you. The front is layered to create more volume and asymmetry. This gorgeous hairstyle really flatters women with short and square faces.


Shoulder Length Wavy Hair for Women with Square Faces

This hairstyle is just a little big longer than shoulder length. This length is very easy to manage for women. Either the side or middle part works with this style. The romantic big waves are sure to attract attention from the opposite sex. Wear this gorgeous style for everyday or impress your love on special occasions. This hairstyle works great with professional attire! It can also look amazing with a floral dress for a date night! Best of all, this medium length hairstyle can be any color. Black color for a very sophisticated lady. Go with brown for a girl next door look. Dye it red for a fierce sexy look. Or go blonde to look like a bombshell!


Side Parted Big Waves for Angular Jawlines

Big romantic waves are perfect for square faces. This side parted feminine hairstyle with bangs is good for those with square shaped faces. In most cases, hairstyles with waves are good for angular jawline because it makes angular features appear softer and more feminine. What's even more flattering? Create layers with subtle highlights in the hair. Also, messy long hair is always good for square faces. This creates more depth and make your facial features look even more feminine.

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Straight Long Wavy Hairstyle

Are you tired of wavy hair? Generally, wavy hairstyles flatter those with square faces. But, if straight long is done right, it can also make square faces look amazing. The key with straight hair is also to create layers and depth. Side part is really flattering for those with square shaped faces. However, middle part is okay as well. A simple long straight hairstyle will not be able to bring out your full potential. You can start out straight and then add slight wave right below your ears. With hair framing your face, the angular jawline appears softer and the hair reduces the width of your face. This is really perfect for those with slightly wide face and also square jawline.


Glamorous Wavy Long Hair for Square Faces

Do you want a hairstyle that is perfect for special occasions? With romantic braided wavy hairstyle, square faces appear very feminine and more oval in shape. Create plenty of depth easily with the braided hair. This hairstyle is naturally perfect for those with naturally wavy hair. You can pull the hair from the braid to loosen the braids and make it more messy. When the hair is more messy, you will have depth instantly. Wear this hairstyle for a date night to capture the heart of that special someone!


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