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6 Most Flattering and Feminine Hairstyles for Women with Square Faces

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I love fashion! Hairstyle is so important for women. The right hairstyle can make you look younger, more attractive, and hide imperfections.

Do You Have a Square Face?

What is a square or rectangle face shape? The square face is characterized by a very strong jawline. The width of the jaws is almost the same as the forehead. When you draw a simple shape of your face, it often looks like a rectangle or square. While this face shape is very flattering for men, it gives people a strong and masculine impression on women. The goal of your hairstyle is to reduce strong angles of the face and soften your strong features.

While the square face is not the most ideal for women, many famous and gorgeous celebrities have this face shape. Think of the famous Angelina Jolie, she has a very classic square shaped face. Also, the gorgeous German model Heidi Klum has a very classic square face as well.

Long Romantic Wavy Hair

Feminine hairstyles are the best for those with square shaped faces. You want to soften the angular features of the your face with soft feminine waves. To make the face even more softer, wear the hair long. Also it's really important to let your hair down to frame the square face perfectly. Volume is another way to soften your face, so blow dry to volumize. If you have a long square (rectangle) face, you can shorten the face by having soft wavy bangs that graze the eyebrows. But if you have a true square face, go ahead and do a side part wavy hair. Overall, wavy hair is really your best friend. This hairstyle is especially easy to maintain for women with naturally wavy hair. It really takes no effort at all.


Multiple Layers of Long Straight Hair

What if you naturally don't have wavy hair or you don't like to get wavy hair? Don't worry, square faces can look just as amazing with straight hair. The key here is to create volume and depth with layers. Keep the hair long and straight. But have the barber cut multiple layers that point inward to frame, flatter and soften the strong angular jawline. This hairstyle will really bring out your feminine features and puts the focus on your beautiful face instead. This hairstyle is easy to maintain for those with natural straight hair and you can wear it everyday.


Side Parted Long Hair with Layers and Bangs

This look is perfect for those with square faces. Layering straight hair is the key for those with square faces. But adding a side part balances a square face even more. With this hairstyle, you will look like the sweet girl next door. A word of advice though, lighter hair works better with this hairstyle. If you have black hair, it might make you look too dark and heavy. But what if you have dark hair and still want to wear this style? Fear not, you can have your hairstylist highlight your hair to "lighten" the whole look. On the other hand, you can go without the bangs and just wear the long hair with layers.

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Curly Volumizing Long Hair

Side parted curly volumizing long hair is very flattering for a woman with square shaped face. This hairstyle is ultra feminine and flatters the square face perfectly. The curly long hair draws attention away from the strong angular jawline. People will notice your eyes and smile a lot more. This hairstyle may be a little bit difficult for everyday. However, you can go for this beautiful style when attending an event or sharing a special night with your partner. Complete this look by wearing a dress, a pair of drop earrings, and some heels to elevate your feminine face to another level.


Chin Length or Slightly Longer Bob

Square faces are quite versatile, you don't have to have long hair to accentuate your natural beauty. Shorter hair can look just as amazing. Several years ago, the bob was everywhere. Even to this day, the bob is still very popular among women. It is not a surprise because there are different types of bobs to flatter most women. So, what kind of bob works best for the square face? A long bob that is either at the chin length or slightly longer is the best option for women with square faces. The hair hides the very angular jawline and makes the face appear oval. Also, when the hair tapers around the chin, it will make the strong jaw area look smaller and more dainty. This versatile hairstyle can be worn for everyday without any significant maintenance. But what about attending an event or going on a special date? Pull some of the hair back to create height at the top of the head. Clip this hair in place at the back of the head with a beautiful clip. Add some slight waves to the hair framing the sides of your face to create the ultimate soft feminine hairstyle. This easy to do transformed bob hair will instantly turn the carefree day look into gorgeous evening hair.


Updo Hairstyle with Some Hair at the Sides

Sometimes you just want to put your hair up. By pulling the hair up completely will reveal your strong jawline. This might not work for women with square faces. However, if you do a messy updo hair and leave a few strands of hair on the sides of your face, your square face will look instantly more refined and feminine. Preferably, the hair on the sides of the face should be wavy. This is an everyday hairstyle that requires almost no effort. And guess what? You are going to look effortlessly chic with the messy updo. During the fall and winter, complete this easy look with a cozy sweater, a pair of skinny jeans and some Ugg boots.



Faith A Mullen on December 17, 2012:

Beautiful choices. I love all these cuts.

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