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6 Most Flattering Hairstyles for Round Faces - Boost Your Beauty Right Away!

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I love fashion! Hairstyle is so important for women. The right hairstyle can make you look younger, more attractive, and hide imperfections.

Do You Have a Round Face?

Before jumping into six of the most gorgeous hairstyles for round faces, do you actually have a round face? The round face is characterized by roughly the same length as the width of the face. When you look in the mirror, you will see a shape that resembles a circle. Also, round face shapes tend to have very soft curves. Women with rounder faces tend to look younger than their actual age. The face lacks strong angles.

Let's talk about some of the celebrities with this face shape. Miranda Kerr, Ginnifer Goodwin, Selena Gomez, Kirsten Dunst, and Cameron Diaz all have very classic round faces. What do you usually notice about these female celebrities? They often look younger and cuter. That's the good thing about having a round face. However, round faces tend to make you look slightly chubby. Best hairstyles for round faces aim to slim down the face and make it look closer to an oval face.

Long Straight or Wavy Hair Partial Ponytail

This easy, no maintenance hairstyle is perfect for women with round faces. The partial ponytail must add height on the top of the head to flatter chubby faces. Not to worry, this is very easy to accomplish even with straight fine hair. To make the face appear even narrower, tie the ponytail a little bit higher. Next thing you know, people will think that you have the perfectly balanced oval face!


Side Part Long Hair for Round Faces

Do you have a round face and want bangs? It can be slightly tricky for you because bangs tend to shorten the face which is not what you want to accomplish. However, straight long hair with soft side swept bangs will flatter you. Look at the beautiful Emma Stone. This look is perfect for round faces with soft and thin hair texture. Straight long hair will not add any width to your face. When you look in the mirror, you face will look instantly smaller and slimmer.

Ballerina or Messy Bun on Top of the Head!

This hairstyle is so popular among younger women. And when you have a round face, this hairstyle is pretty much made for you. By adding height on top of your head, your face looks longer and slimmer. Since there are no hair on the side of your face, don't worry about this hairstyle adding any width at all. The ballerina bun is slightly more formal. But the messy bun is really causal and shows your beautiful face with very little effort.

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Long Straight Hair Side Part with Volume on Top

Wow! This gorgeous long straight hair side part with volume on top hairstyle is just the perfect hairstyle for round faces. This is a very glamorous hairstyle that makes you look super feminine and pretty. Not only for important events, you can also wear this effortless chic hairstyle everyday. The long straight hair slims down the face even more. For those with fine hair texture, create volume on top of the head with a blow-drier or a little bit of hair gel.


Medium Length Straight Bob

The medium length straight bob is great for round faces. When the length is shoulder long; your face and neck will look longer than it actually is. Most bobs tend to add width to the face, but not this one. This hairstyle slims the face because it is completely straight and frames the round face in a very flattering way. Bob haircuts might not be the most trendy right now, but it is definitely an edgy hairstyle to complement any outfit.


Short Pixie that Actually Flatters Round Faces

Short hair is a little bit tricky for round faces because it tends to add width. However, if you want an edgy short haircut and have a round face, the ultra bold pixie can work for you. You just have to pick the right one. Layering on top is the key. By adding texture and layers on the top of your head, the round face will appear longer than it actually is. Also, keep the sides very short to avoid adding any unnecessary width. This kind of short pixie is perfect for a round face woman with coarse naturally curly hair. When you have thin straight hair, it will be much more difficult to create volume or texture on top of the head. For bold women that sport this short pixie, you are just overflowing with confidence!


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