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6 Most Flattering, Absolutely Gorgeous Hairstyles for Oblong Slender Female Faces

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I love fashion! Hairstyle is so important for women. The right hairstyle can make you look younger, more attractive, and hide imperfections.

What is an Oblong Slender Face?

Before digging up all of the best hairstyles or haircuts for oblong faces, you must determine if you have this face shape or not. The length of the oblong face is longer than 1.5 times the width of your face. This gives people the impression of a very slender face. Unlike the square face, the oblong face has a curved or pointy jawline. A slender face tends to make you look more mature than you actually are. The goal of the hairstyle is to balance out the oblong face by making it look shorter and more like an oval face.

If you are still not sure about your face shape, let's talk about some of the female celebrities with the oblong slender face. Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler, Maggie Q, and Alexa Chung are all female celebrities with the classic oblong face shape.

Middle Part Hair is Your Best Friend!

You don't want bangs? Don't worry, you don't have to hide your forehead with bangs to shorten your long slender face. The middle part is one of the most flattering ways to style your hair. There are at least three ways you can style your hair when you do the middle part.

  1. Pull the hair tight and tie it into a ponytail. Make sure the ponytail is in the middle or lower part of the head. Widen your narrow face by exposing your ears. This hairstyle makes you look fierce and clean.
  2. Let the middle part hair cover the corners of your forehead and tie the rest into a up-do in the middle of your head. This carefree hairstyle is very easy to do and instantly makes your face appear oval.
  3. Do the middle part with medium length or long hair. Let your hair flow down naturally. Enhance the whole look by adding waves or volume to widen the width of your face. You will look like a goddess with very little effort.

Shiny Long Hair with Waves

Do you want to look glamorous? Only women with oblong and oval faces can pull off this hairstyle. When the hair is shiny, it will draw the eyes to the hair instantly. Your face will look wider visually. Volume is another key component to balancing out an oblong face. Waves never go out of style and universally flatters all women with oblong faces. Sarah Jessica Parker knows this and presents herself as the glamor queen with this classic hairstyle. When the long slender face looks shorter visually, you will actually look years younger as well.


For Younger Women: Wispy Bangs with Volume on the Side

Not a fan of waves or curls? You can also opt for this wispy bangs haircut with volume on the side. When you have a long face and want straight hair, use a blow-dryer to get volume on the side. In fact, many bangs are flattering for the oblong face; the wispy bangs are no exception. You can also opt for blunt bangs that graze your eyebrows or short bangs that expose part of the forehead. Actually, the ultra stylish and cute short bangs are really perfect for you and oval faces only. This type of bangs will visually shorten your face. Even though bangs are not limited to younger women, they really do flatter a younger person. Not that older women cannot wear bangs, there are plenty of fierce oblong face older ladies that look absolutely stunning with bangs.


Long Hair Swept to One Side

Show off your feminine side with this beautiful side swept long hair. Liv Tyler, an actress with the classic oblong face shape, loves to wear her hair to one side. This hairstyle will instantly widen her narrow face. Also, when the hair is swept to one side, all eyes are drawn to her face.


Cute Chin Length Hair

Do you want something a little bit on the shorter side? Volumizing long hair can be high maintenance sometimes, especially when you have straight fine hair naturally. A chin length hairstyle will highlight your face. Draw the eyes to your cheeks and shorten your face instantly. A simple blow dry will volumizing the hair without much effort. This flattering length is so perfect for women with oblong faces. Either center part the hair or add bangs for the chin length hair to look even more amazing. Also, you will look very sophisticated with this hairstyle!


Very Short Pixie for the Boldest Most Confident Women

This bold hairstyle will only good look on women with either oval or oblong face shapes. Consider yourself lucky if you have the long slender face. This very low maintenance haircut is intensely fierce. Although not very feminine, this very short haircut will show off your features. However, before considering this haircut, you need a confident bold personality to rock this style successfully. There are two types of pixie haircuts that are the best for oblong faces.

  1. Very close cut pixie without any added height. This haircut will show off your features. However, this pixie is best for women with harder, more textured hair. When you have fine and thin hair, it will be harder to achieve the perfect look.
  2. A slightly longer pixie with short bangs. This hairstyle is made for oblong slender faces. You will look younger and more beautiful instantly.

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