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Hairstyles for Brides

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I hope you will find your perfect hairstyle right here.

So, you have purchased the bridal gown of your dreams, along with the perfect bridal veil to compliment your beautiful gown. Your brand new fabulous bridal shoes are tucked away in your closet, just waiting for that special day.

It seems as if the plans for your fabulous wedding are complete, and all is going swimmingly. Now you can get on to the important details. Which would be finding that perfect hairstyle for your wedding day. A hairstyle that will make all that attend your special day sit up, and take notice. After all, you want to look fabulous " from head to toe!" The hairstyle you choose should be a hairstyle that puts the finishing touch to your desired look, the look you hope to portray on your wedding day. After all, it's your day, and you want to look glorious as you walk towards that special man, to take your vows and the photographs that you will someday show your Grandchildren.

Here are a few things to consider as you go about choosing that perfect bridal hairstyle. Will you be wearing a veil or a headpiece? Is your wedding venue at the beach wedding or a formal, in a church? Maybe you are going to say your vows in a garden or your Grandmother's home? Maybe, you don't care where the wedding is being held, you have always dreamed of wearing a veil, and one way or the other you're going to wear that fancy veil. Hey! it's your day, and anything goes. Please consider choosing a hairstyle that not only looks fabulous with your bridal gown but in some respect portrays your personality. After all, you want to be comfortable with your look, at the same time you want your hairstyle to stand out, and be a bit different from your "day- to - day" Hairstyle.

I hope you will have fun browsing all the fab hairstyle photos, and check out my helpful tips. Hopefully, you will find that perfect hairstyle for your very special wedding day. Congratulations, And Have A Joyous Wedding Day!


Bridal Veils are a traditional look for most brides. However, they can pose a problem when it comes to that perfect hairstyle. When choosing a hairstyle to adorn your bridal veil, you have to consider the length of your hair.


Do you have a short hairstyle, and are a bit worried about what type of bridal headpiece will suit your shorter hairstyle? When choosing a headpiece to keep this in mind. Think less is more, a simple headband with perhaps a small birdcage veil might be all you will need or a headband that is simple with perhaps a few well-placed pearls or small crystal jewels A strand of pearls worn as a headband is simple yet feminine. Another option a small flower placed behind the ear, just peeking out from behind the ear.

Dealing with bangs can be a challenge. However, this stylist has built a great look with lots of bangs!


The photo says it all... If your hairstyle has heavy bangs set your veil or headpiece at the back of your bangs. Make your bangs work with your headpiece, not interfere with your headpiece placement.

A short blunt haircut looks great with a shorter veil. keeps the look classic and fresh.


This short blunt cut hairstyle really looks great with the veil. The veil and the length of the haircut fall almost the same length. This gives a great uncomplicated line, very uncomplicated look.

Pulling off a long veil with short hair can be a bit difficult , but not impossible.


So your hairstyle is short, but you love the look of an updo, and you hope to wear a more dramatic long veil. The hairstyle in this photo is a good style that can provide the look of a dramatic updo, without the having the actual longer hair that is as a rule needed for an updo.

Tip: The simple veil works very well with this chic hairstyle. If your hair is short and chic, keep the veil simple, and chic.

This very short hairstyle looks just perfect with this cheeky little veil.


This is a very romantic stylish veil, and looks wonderful with any short hairstyle. - Again the flowers added just enough to this look to make it very special.


Simple and demur


Long Hairstyle For The Brides Special Day...

Such a soft romantic look

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This bride exsudes royalty. - The tiara gives this veil a real look of royalty


The veil gives way to the hairstyle. It shows the hairstyle, while demanding little attention.

This bride has simply beautiful hair.


This bun looks great adorned by this simple veil. It is so chic.


Another Grecian Goddess, but this hairstyle brings it all to the top of the head.


The messy tousled look. This is a relaxed hairstyle, yet it looks so feminine and pretty.


Buns For Brides ....What do you think of the classic bun hairstyle?

YouTube - The Perfect Bun...

Ponytails Are On Trend For Brides.

This look is demur and feminine. The side tousled ponytail looks great adorn by the veil and flower.


How about the classic ponytail, do you love it or maybe not.?

Are You The Kind Of Woman That Loves A Classic Upswept Hairdo?

This is a very Victorian hairstyle. I love how the stylist adorned the creation with small flowers...


The classic tousled cluster of curls. This look is very soft and pretty.


Love These Up-Swept hairstyles , Or Maybe Not ? - Please join in and voice your opinion ...

I Hope you got some ideas for the type of hairstyle for your wedding day...


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