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Fantastic Gothic Rings

Gothic Rings

Gothic rings come in an enormous variety of themes and designs. From those designed for the finger, thumb rings, and armor rings that cover the entire finger. There are also somewhat controversial slave rings, which include a wrist band with a ring or rings extension.

Every type of Gothic symbol is included with the rings. There are the expected skull and skeletons as well as coffins, bats, spiders, studs, and other similar dark themes.

The detail of some many of these rings is outstanding, which include, in some cases, several elements, such as a skull and claw or cross and roman numerals. Somehow they work together great.

Some Gothic rings include color. There are purple coffins, blue angel eyes, and some turquoise added just to look different. Maybe the latter is a western Goth look;-).

When you add the ring or rings to some of the creative dark nails some Goths wear, there is a very compelling feel for the fascinating results.

Gothic Gloves

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Cross Ring

We'll start off our look at Gothic rings with a simple cross ring from Elizabeth & James. If you don't know what company that is, it's the one run by those diminutive sisters Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Gothic Cross Ring from Elizabeth and James


Gothic Trench Coats

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Here is a very cool looking ring of the late Brandon Lee as he looked when playing in The Crow. He is the sun of the late martial arts expert Bruce Lee. Great looking ring. How about those nails?

Gothic Ring of Brandon Lee from "The Crow"


Gothic Makeup

  • Gothic Makeup
    Goth culture is impossible to identify specifically, because it has a focus on expressing oneself individually and uniiquely, rather than uniformly. That include gothic makeup, which is expressed in numerous ways, as you'll see here.

These are a couple of spider rings. They were included to show you can get a ring with the same design, but of different sizes, depending on your personal tastes. I like the smaller thumb spider ring better, but that big one would definitely attract a lot of attention.

Different Sized Gothic Spider Rings


Gothic Eye Makeup

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Gothic rings almost always have some great detail that come with them, and the three shown below are among them. That first one is called an angel eye, while the other two are self explanatory. The bat and purple coffin look great, as does the angel eye.

Various Gothic Ring Designs

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Gothic Tattoos for Women

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As you can see below, there are some Goths that love to fill their fingers full of rings, or include a bracelet with multiple rings attached. These are just too cool. They are a great example of the endless variety you can come up with for Gothic ring design choices.

Gothic Rings and Bracelet Rings


Gothic Wolf Head Finger Ring

A controversial element of the Gothic subculture is the slave part of the lifestyle. It's not a reference to slavery as we know it, but a different type of relationship between people. Some of you may have seen photos of one Goth holding a chain, or what could be called a leash, connected to another. It isn't something acceptable to the general population.

Also controversial is what is called a slave bracelet, where you can see an example below. Outside of what it may represent in the eyes of some people, it is definitely a very nice looking design.

Gothic Slave Bracelet and Ring


Every one of the Gothic ring designs below are ornate and done extremely well. When considering how small these are, it is amazing the detail included. I like all of them, but my favorite is the Gothic bat ring. Those bat wings circling around look really nice.

More Gothic Ring Designs


Although not the style I personally prefer, these Gothic armor rings do look awesome, and the thumb ring is especially cool. The turquoise ring on the bottom adds a different look than most other Gothic rings.

Gothic Armor Rings


There are so many compelling and exciting Gothic ring designs, that I decided to include a few more images than I normally would in one of the articles I write. This final group gives another completely different set of ring designs, including the skeleton sea horse and the studded ring.

Gothic Ring Designs


As you can see, the extraordinary quality and variety of Gothic rings available can be a little overwhelming as to making a decision on what you may want to wear. One thing for sure, whatever choice one may make, you will definitely not lose.

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