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Gothic Hats to Kill For

Gothic lifestyles, clothing and interests are fascinating to me, and I always enjoy discovering something else in the genre to write about.

This time we'll look at a bunch of fun Gothic hats, which give you an idea of something like darker Kentucky Derby. As a matter of fact, I've found some hats that were Gothic that were in fact worn at the Kentucky Derby, which is of course known for its wide array and style of hats at the event.

With the Gothic lifestyle being one of liking to push the limits and shock, it was no different with hats. The leading hat style that I found was miniature ones that woman usually enjoyed wearing on the side of their heads. Normally it was a Derby hat with some type of accessory included.

Beyond that it was just about everything goes. There were wide hats, tall hats and tiara's used as head-wear, to name a few.

As with anything Goth, they very fun to discover and look at, and made one wonder if they had the courage to use them as part of their wardrobe.

Gothic Mini Top Hat

Gothic Piercings

  • Gothic Piercings
    Like many things that are Gothic, piercings aren't that different from those getting piercings who aren't Goths. What's different is the overall look which accompanies the piercing. That's the same with Gothic rings, umbrellas, shoes and dresses,...

The first Gothic hat shown is one that I found most typical, as mentioned in the opening remarks, and does look very cool. One funny side thought was I thought the person wearing the hat had a similarity to Boy George. Anyone see the resemblance?

Small, Black Gothic Hat


Gothic Umbrellas or Parasols

  • Amazing Gothic Umbrellas
    In the Gothic lifestyle there is a propensity to show they'll stick to their beliefs and practices even in difficult situations, including continuing to wear dark colors and heavier material, even in hot weather. That lends itself to including an...

Goth Mini Hat

This cute little Goth hat has the appearance of something someone might wear in Colonial America. Ah, a bigger version of course in those days.

I still find it amazing how we can take a theme and totally make it into something else.

Black Goth Hat


Gothic Wallpaper

  • Gothic Wallpaper
    Among my favorite art is digital art, and within that genre, one of my favorites is Gothic wallpaper, which in most cases is very captivating and captures terrific moments, scenes and makes strong statements. I guess you could call it more like...

Gothic Mini Hats Hot in Asian Cultures

Within Gothic hats was a secondary theme, and that was one of Lolita, which is extremely popular in Asian cultures, especially Japanese. Again we have the hat on the side look.

It really looks cute with the lolita look below.

Gothic Lolita Hat


Lace, Feather and Purple Gothic Hat

The very unusual Gothic hat below is difficult to put a label on. It's just what it is, and somehow it works.

It's terrific how the lace, feathers and purple touch combine for the look.

Unique Miniature Goth Hat


Gothic Trench Coats

  • Gothic Trench Coats
    Similar to Gothic shoes and boots, Gothic trench coats work on both men and women, and keep both masculinity and femininity intact. Trench coats have been a key part of Gothic fashion for a long time, but the Matrix films brought them out of the...

Here's a different look for the Gothic Lolita. It's interesting to note the very different clothing the people are wearing with their hats, and how each outfit gives a different feel to it.

Another Gothic Lolita Hat


Gothic Corsets

  • Goth Fashion, Gothic Corset
    One of the must haves for Goth fashion with the ladies is a Gothic corset, as they are among the more popular items for Goth women who really enjoy the vintage clothing of years ago. It's fascinating to see what some women consider one of the more...

Red Gothic Hat

With Gothic usually black, as evidenced above, I thought including this predominant red theme was a nice change. I really love this look; including the hat and the outfit. It really differentiates from the other Gothic hats and outfits.

Red Gothic Hat


Gothic Rose Top Hat

The white Gothic hat with the black rose is very compelling to me. Black roses aren't an uncommon theme in General in Gothic culture, and it really looks fascinating against the background of the white hat canvass.

White Gothic Hat with Black Rose


Gothic Makeup

  • Gothic Makeup
    Goth culture is impossible to identify specifically, because it has a focus on expressing oneself individually and uniiquely, rather than uniformly. That include gothic makeup, which is expressed in numerous ways, as you'll see here.

Western Gothic Hat Themes

One thing I've noticed recently is the migration to western themes among some of those attracted to the Gothic lifestyle. Here is an example of how a cowboy hat is interpreted within those parameters.

But hey, Goths live in the west too.

Black Gothic Cowboy Hat


Gothic Hairstyles

  • Gothic Hairstyles
    Similar to the Gothic lifestyle, it's almost impossible to describe or present hairstyles that you could definitely say was Goth. It seems like the overall Gothic fashion, makeup and hairstyle together gives you the entire Gothic fashion picture and.

As Goth usually embraces a little of everything, and as adherents will tell you, it defies description and includes most elements of society, that is included with Christianity as well, as least those Goths proclaiming they're Christians will tell you that.

Gothic Shoes and Boots

  • Gothic Shoes and Boots
    While Gothic shoes and boots come in a number of styles, one word would describe the vast majority of them - whether men's or women's - and that's 'elevation.' There are different colors incorporated into many goth boots and shoes as well, but,...

Gothic Hat with Chain, Band and Feathers

This is a great looking hat, and the color combination, along with the feather is very appealing. But my favorite in the overall look is that giant bow tie with the white trim. How unique!

I like the wide band around the hat, as well as the chain and feathers

Gothic Hat with Feather


Here is an example of a hat that shocks, and it is definitely all of that. Most probably wouldn't even think of it as a hat. It is definitely something that can't be ignored. Now to find something that goes with it.

Gothic Spike Hat


Now talk about sending a statement with black raven hat below. Not exactly the hat you'll see someone wearing leaving a church service on Sunday morning.

One thing to keep in mind, a long time ago wearing a hat including a bird wasn't all that uncommon, and was part of the fashion of the day. But a raven wasn't one of those birds portrayed at that time.

Gothic Raven Hat


One thing that can be said about the Victorian Gothic hat below is this: it isn't small, as most of the prior hats have been. Now where is that bird that I talked about with the previous hat? This hat style would have fit that theme.

Large Victorian Gothic Hat


Tiaras have long been a part of Gothic culture, and included with wardrobe and makeup below, is a very different look. Because of the lighter colors, I would have preferred a darker or black tiara, as that would have been set off nice with the rest.

Gothic Tiara


I was so getting into this wide variety of Gothic hats that I realized they were adding up to a large number, and so decided to stop here.

This is in reality only a tiny sampling of the types of Gothic hats out there, so I think in the future I'll do a second article on them to display other unique hat designs to look at.


Sable Chronicles on July 26, 2011:

Lovely collection!

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